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  CG8010 October 4, 2007 – Rev. 0.30 YT Data Sheet 品 名 POWER SUPPLY SUPERVISOR WITH PWM CONTROLLER   奇高料號 CG8010 版   本 Rev 0.30 日   期 October 4, 2007 頁   數 8 頁   發文日期 2007/10/05    CG8010 POWER SUPPLY SUPERVISOR WITH PWM CONTROLLER October 4, 2007 – Rev. 0.30 datasheet YT 1 PIN CONFIGURATION (Top View) The CG8010 is designed with a pulse-width-modulation control circuit and a complete power supervisor for use in the switched mode power supply . It contains various functions, like under voltage protection (UVP), over voltage protection (OVP), power good output (PG) and ON/OFF control (REM). UVP(Under voltage protection) function is for +3.3V, +5V, +12V outputs. OVP(Over voltage protection) function is for +3.3V, +5V, +12V and PT is for extra protection input. PG(Power good signal) is a safe operation signal to inform the external parts. REM(Remote on/off) is used to control the SMPS on/off. The REM control signal has the on/off transferred debounce–time. FEATURE ■  3-channel under voltage protection (UVP) ■  3-channel over voltage protection (OVP) ■  1-channel extra protection (PT) ■  1-channel sense input to control the PG (SEN) ■  Remote on/off control function (REM) ■  Dual output for push-pull operation (OP1/OP2) ■  Soft start capability by external capacitor (SS) ■  VCC under voltage lockout ■  16-Pin dual in-line package ■  Pb-free Package are available ORDERING INFORMATION   ORDER NUMBER Package Shipping Top Marking CG8010DX16 DIP-16 (Pb-free) Tube CG8010DX16 REFERENCE APPLICATION CIRCUIT POS NEG COMP VCC SEN PG SS REM V33 V5 V12 PT GND RT OP1 OP2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 161514131211109  CG8010 POWER SUPPLY SUPERVISOR WITH PWM CONTROLLER October 4, 2007 – Rev. 0.30 datasheet YT 2 PIN DESCRIPTION Pin Symbol Type Function 1 V33 I OVP, UVP for +3.3V 2 V5 I OVP, UVP for +5V 3 V12 I OVP, UVP for +12V 4 PT I Extra protection input 5 GND - Ground 6 RT - Oscillation frequency setting resistor 7 OP1 O PWM output1 8 OP2 O PWM output2 9 REM I Remote ON/OFF control input 10 SS - Soft start function setting capacitor 11 PG O Power good signal 12 SEN I Sense signal input 13 VCC I Supply voltage 14 COMP O Error amplifier output 15 NEG I Error amplifier (-) input 16 POS I Error amplifier (+) input FUNCTION BLOCK DIAGRAM  CG8010 POWER SUPPLY SUPERVISOR WITH PWM CONTROLLER October 4, 2007 – Rev. 0.30 datasheet YT 3  ABSOLUTE MAXIMUN RATINGS PARAMETER MIN MAX UNITS Supply Voltage VCC -0.3 7 V Input Voltage V33,V5,V12,PT,REMB,SEN,POS,NEG -0.3 7 V Output Voltage OP1,OP2,PG,COMP -0.3 7 V Operating Temperature Range T O  -20 +85 o C Storage Temperature Range T S  -65 150 o C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS  ( For VCC=5V and Tj=25  o C )  PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITSOver Voltage Protection (OVP- V33,V5,V12,PT) OV33 3.8 4.1 4.4 V OV5 5.8 6.2 6.6 V OV12 4.4 4.6 4.9 V Over voltage threshold PT 1.23 1.28 1.33 V Noise debounce time Tg.ov 510 us Under Volatge Protection (UVP- V33,V5,V12)  UV33 1.7 1.9 2.2 V UV5 2.7 3.0 3.3 V Under voltage threshold UV12 2.1 2.4 2.7 V Noise debounce time Tg.uv 120 us PG check under voltage delay time Td.uv 180 280 380 ms Soft Start (SS)  Sink current Isink RT=100 K Ω  15 uA Source current Isource 310 uA VCC Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) Start-up voltage 4.2 V REM Input Pin (REM) High level input voltage V IH  1.8 V Low level input voltage V IL  0.7 V REM delay time Td.on/off 40 ms Power Good (PG) PG delay time 180 280 380 ms SEN voltage threshold 0.68 V Sink current Ipg.sink VPG=0.2V 10 mA Output load resistor Rload 0.5 1 2 K Ω  PG internal pull high resistor Rpull.up 5 K Ω   Oscillation Frequency PWM frequency Fosc RT=100 K Ω  70 75 80 KHz Error Amplifier (POS,NEG,COMP)  Reference voltage Vref Vneg 2.40 2.45 2.50 V Open loop gain Avo 75 85 dB Unity gain bandwidth BW 0dB 1 MHz Power supply rejection ratio PSRR 45 dB Total Device Supply current I CC  REM = 5V 6 mA

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