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  1/19September 2004 VN920DSP HIGH SIDE DRIVER Rev. 1 Table 1. General Features    CMOS COMPATIBLE INPUT    ON STATE OPEN LOAD DETECTION    OFF STATE OPEN LOAD DETECTION    SHORTED LOAD PROTECTION   UNDERVOLTAGE AND OVERVOLTAGE SHUTDOWN    PROTECTION AGAINST LOSS OF GROUND   VERY LOW STAND-BY CURRENT   REVERSE BATTERY PROTECTION (*)   IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE 2002/95/ECEUROPEAN DIRECTIVE DESCRIPTION The VN920DSP is a monolithic device made byusing STMicroelectronics VIPower M0-3Technology, intended for driving any kind of loadwith one side connected to ground.Active V CC  pin voltage clamp protects the deviceagainst low energy spikes (see ISO7637 transientcompatibility table). Figure 1. Package Active current limitation combined with thermalshutdown and automatic restart protect the deviceagainst overload. The device detects open load condition both is onand off state. Output shorted to V CC  is detected inthe off state. Device automatically turns off in caseof ground pin disconnection. Table 2. Order Codes Note:(*) See application schematic at page 9 TypeR DS(on) I out V CC VN920DSP 16 m Ω 25 A 36 V 110 PowerSO-10 PackageTubeTape and Reel PowerSO-10 ™ VN920DSPVN920DSP13TR  VN920DSP 2/19 Figure 2. Block DiagramTable 3. Absolute Maximum Ratings SymbolParameterValueUnit V CC DC Supply Voltage41V- V CC Reverse DC Supply Voltage- 0.3V- I GND DC Reverse Ground Pin Current- 200mAI OUT DC Output CurrentInternally LimitedA- I OUT Reverse DC Output Current - 25AI IN DC Input Current+/- 10mAI STAT DC Status Current+/- 10mAV ESD Electrostatic Discharge (Human Body Model: R=1.5K Ω;  C=100pF)- INPUT- CURRENT SENSE- OUTPUT- V CC 4000400050005000VVVVE MAX Maximum Switching Energy(L=0.25mH; R L =0 Ω ; V bat =13.5V; T  jstart =150ºC; I L =45A)362mJP tot Power Dissipation T C =25°C96.1WT  j Junction Operating TemperatureInternally Limited°CT c Case Operating Temperature- 40 to 150°CT stg Storage Temperature- 55 to 150°C UNDERVOLTAGEOVERTEMPERATUREV CC GNDINPUTOUTPUTOVERVOLTAGECURRENT   LIMITERLOGICDRIVER   Power   CLAMPSTATUS   V CC CLAMPON   STATE   OPENLOADOFF   STATE   OPENLOADAND   OUTPUT   SHORTED   TO   V CC DETECTIONDETECTIONDETECTIONDETECTIONDETECTION  3/19 VN920DSP Figure 3. Configuration Diagram (Top View) & Suggested Connections for Unused and N.C. PinsFigure 4. Current and Voltage ConventionsTable 4. Thermal Data Note: (1) When mounted on a standard single-sided FR-4 board with 0.5cm 2  of Cu (at least 35 µ m thick).Note: (2)  When mounted on a standard single-sided FR-4 board with 6 cm 2  of Cu (at least 35 µ m thick). SymbolParameterValueUnit R thj-case Thermal Resistance Junction-case Max1.3 °C/WR thj-amb Thermal Resistance Junction-ambientMax51.3 (1) 37 (2) °C/W 1234567891011 OUTPUTOUTPUTN.C.OUTPUTOUTPUTGROUNDINPUTSTATUSN.C.N.C.V CC Connection / PinStatusN.C.OutputInput FloatingXXXXTo GroundXThrough 10K Ω resistor I S I GND V CC V CC V SENSE OUTPUTI OUT CURRENT SENSE I SENSE INPUTI IN V IN V OUT GNDV F  VN920DSP 4/19 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (8V<V CC <36V; -40 °C <T  j <150 °C  unless otherwise specified) Table 5. PowerTable 6. Switching (V CC =13V) Table 7. Input Pin SymbolParameterTest ConditionsMinTypMaxUnit V CC Operating Supply Voltage5.51336VV USD Undervoltage Shut-down345.5VV USDhyst Undervoltage Shut-down hysteresis0.5VV OV Overvoltage Shut-down36VR ON On State ResistanceI OUT =10A; T  j =25°CI OUT =10AI OUT =3A; V CC =6V163050m Ω m Ω m Ω I S Supply CurrentOff State; V CC =13V; V IN =V OUT =0VOff State; V CC =13V; V IN =V OUT =0V; T  j =25 °COn State; V CC =13V; V IN =5V; I OUT =0A101025205 µ A µ AmAI L(off1) Off State Output CurrentV IN =V OUT =0V050 µ AI L(off2) Off State Output CurrentV IN =0V; V OUT =3.5V-750 µ AI L(off3) Off State Output CurrentV IN =V OUT =0V; V CC =13V; T  j  =125°C5 µ AI L(off4) Off State Output CurrentV IN =V OUT =0V; V CC =13V; T  j  =25°C3 µ A SymbolParameterTest ConditionsMinTypMaxUnit t d(on) Turn-on Delay Time R L =1.3 Ω 50 µ st d(off) Turn-off Delay Time R L =1.3 Ω 50 µ sdV OUT  / dt (on) Turn-on Voltage SlopeR L =1.3 Ω See relative diagramV/  µ sdV OUT  / dt (off) Turn-off Voltage SlopeR L =1.3 Ω See relative diagramV/  µ s SymbolParameterTest ConditionsMinTypMaxUnit V IL Input Low Level1.25VI IL Low Level Input CurrentV IN =1.25V1 µ AV IH Input High Level3.25VI IH High Level Input CurrentV IN =3.25V10 µ AV I(hyst) Input Hysteresis Voltage0.5VV ICL Input Clamp VoltageI IN =1mA I IN =-1mA66.8-0.78VV
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