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HYBRIDOMA TECHNOLOGY ã Hybridoma technology for the production of monoclonal antibodies (MABs) has contributed significantly to aquaculture. ã Monoclonal antibodies are being employed in disease, pathogen classification, epidemiological analysis and development of vaccines. ã Hybridoma technology is a technology of forming hybrid cell lines (called hybridomas) by fusing a specific antibody-producing B cell with a myeloma (B cell cancer) cell that is selected for its ability to gro
  HYBRIDOMA TECHNOLOGY  ã  Hybridoma technology for the production of monoclonal antibodies (MABs) has contributedsignificantly to aquaculture. ã  Monoclonal antibodies are being employed in disease,pathogen classification, epidemiological analysis anddevelopment of vaccines. ã  Hybridoma technology is a technology of forminghybrid cell lines (called hybridomas ) by fusing aspecific antibody -producingBcellwithamyeloma  (Bcell cancer) cell that is selected for its ability to grow intissue culture. ã  The antibodies produced by the hybridoma are all of asingle specificity and are therefore monoclonalantibodies (in contrast to polyclonal antibodies ).  ã  The idea of a  “magic bullet”  was firstproposed by Paul Ehrlich. ã  In the 1970s the B-cell cancer multiplemyeloma was known, and it was understoodthat these cancerous B-cells all produce asingle type of antibody. ã  This was used to study the structure of antibodies, but it was not yet possible toproduce identical antibodies specific to agiven antigen.  ã  Production of monoclonal antibodies involving human  – mouse hybrid cells was described by Jerrold Schwaber in 1973. ã  The invention was conceived by Prof. Pieczenik, with Prof. John Sedat, and produced by Kohler and Milstein. ã  Kohler, Milstein and Jerne in 1975; who shared the Nobel Prize in Physilogy or Medicine in 1984 for the discovery. ã  The key idea was to use a line of myeloma cells that had lost their ability to secrete antibodies, come up with a technique to fuse these cells with healthy antibody-producing B-cells, and be able to select for the successfully fused cells.
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