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  Adept DeskTop 4.3 Online User Guide June 200 7 Adept DeskTop Online User Guide Welcome to the Adept DeskTop 4.3 Online User Guide. To help get you started, use links below to selected topics. What would you like to do? Connect to a controllerLearn about theUsing Adept DeskTop InterfaceLearn about Adept DeskTop LayoutsLearn about Access LevelsFind information on the following:ãTask Manager ControlãProgram Manager ControlãRobot ControlãTool Transformation ControlãDigital I/O ControlãSwitches and Parameters ControlãSystem Information ControlãVariable Manager ControlãCode Library ControlãFrame Manager ControlãMonitor Terminal ControlãWatch Variable ControlãJog Pendant ControlãKeyword Browser ControlãOperator ControlLook for additional help on the Adept Website     Adept DeskTop 4.3 - Online Help2 Installing Adept DeskTop The following procedures describe pre-installation steps as well as the installation procedures.The Adept DeskTop software for the PC is distributed on CD-ROM. The media contains installation programs to properly install the software on the PC. The following software will be installed:ãMicrosoft .NET Framework 2.0ãAdept DeskTopãHelp Files Before Installing Adept DeskTop Software Before you install Adept DeskTop you must complete the following steps: 1.Install the Adept controller.2.Uninstall any previous Adept DeskTop versions installed on your computer before installing the new version. Installing Adept DeskTop Software To install Adept DeskTop: 1.Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your PC. If Autoplay is enabled, the Adept DeskTop CD-ROM menu is displayed. If Autoplay is disabled, you will need to manually start the CD-ROM. 2.Click Read Important Information. Information about the CD-ROM, the Adept online documentation, and any last-minute release notes is displayed.3.After reviewing the information, click the 'Close' icon in the upper-right corner of the information window to close it.4.Follow the instructions on screen. 5.Do not change the default destination folder to which Adept DeskTop will be installed. After installation, Adept DeskTop can be started from the Start menu bar in Windows.     Adept DeskTop 4.3 - Online Help3 System Requirements To run and use Adept DeskTop Software, the following hardware and software are required. PC Requirements Hardware ã Processor : Minimum: P4 / 1 GHz or higherã Disk Space : 500MB recommended minimumã Memory : Minimum: 256 MB RAM. Your operating system may require more.ã Monitor : SVGA, minimum resolution 800x600ãEthernet card and networking hardware required for Ethernet connection.ãSerial-interface cable required for serial connection. Software ã Operating System (OS) : Windows XP (SP1 or SP2) or Windows 2000 (SP3 or SP4), with latest critical updates for the version of Windows that you are running.ãMicrosoft .NET Framework version 2.0 (included in the Adept DeskTop installer)ãMicrosoft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or later. Necessary for viewing Online help. Controller Requirements ãAdept SmartController   or AIB (amp in base) controllerã V+: version 16.2D3 or higherã MicroV+:  2.1A8 for Adept Cobra i600/800 Network Requirements A fixed IP address is required for both the PC and the Controller. Typically, IP addresses are allocated by your IT department.     Adept DeskTop 4.3 - Online Help4 Configuring Ethernet Communications There are many ways to configure the Ethernet communications for your Adept DeskTop system. You can set up a basic Ethernet installation between one PC and one Adept controller. Or you can set up more complex systems involving multiple PCs and controllers.For complete information on using Ethernet in your Adept system refer to the online documentation in the Adept Document Library on the Adept Website at in the Adept Document Library, go to Software Titles/PC Software and select AdeptWindows. Open the Installation topic to view numerous subtopics on installing and configuring Ethernet and NFS servers.In addition, refer to the Procedures, FAQs, & Troubleshooting section under Quick Links, for topics that include:ãEthernet Troubleshooting GuideãMethods for mounting an NFS DriveãUsing NFS Server with WindowsãUsing Omni-NFS Server with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
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