Android Advisor 43 - 2017 UK

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Android Advisor 43 - 2017 UK
  ANDROID ADVISOR LATEST SMARTPHONES, TABLETS & WEARABLES 43 ISSUE REVIEWED:   NOKIA 5 FROM IDG Google’s Pixel 2 XLPixel 2 & HANDS ON WITH   BEST EVER PHONES:   Google’s October eventAll the news from   +    2  ANDROID   ADVISOR  ã ISSUE 43  ANDROID ADVISOR CONTENTS 27  Nokia 5  34  Cube iPlay 10 41  Lego Boost Creative Toolbox REVIEWS 4  All the news from Google’s October event NEWS 11  Google Pixel 2 20  Google Pixel 2 XL HANDS󰀭ON 41120  ISSUE 43 ã  ANDROID   ADVISOR  3  ANDROID ADVISOR CONTENTS Keep updated with all the latest Android Advisor news, by following us on Facebook 14 What is Google Lens? 46 Exploring Google Assistant’s best features 48 Master Google Photos 55 Transfer everything from an old phone to a new one 61 Update Android on a phone or tablet 72 Use notification dots in Android Oreo 75 Use Cortana on an Android device 79 Move Android apps to an SD card 86   HOW TOFEATURE 6141  4  ANDROID   ADVISOR  ã ISSUE 43  ANDROID ADVISOR NEWS G oogle’s annual hardware event on 4 October didn’t disappoint. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were revealed, as expected, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. The tech giant also expanded the Google Home line-up with not one, but two new smart speakers of various sizes, tweaked its Daydream VR headset, and finally rolled out the Pixelbook – a sleek (and more versatile) successor to its swanky high-end Chromebook Pixel. Plus, a Babel Fish-like rival to Apple’s AirPod earbuds even appeared.Funnily enough, though, the software on these devices almost outshone the hardware itself. Over All the news from Google’s October event Google revealed all sorts of hardware at its Pixel 2 launch, but software was quietly the star of the show. BRAD CHACOS reports
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