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Page 1 Dowsing 1) What is dowsing ? Dowsing is simply a sensibility of humans to vibrations or frequencies emitted by other humans,  animals, plants, objects, thoughts, events, even if they are microscopic or macroscopic (sun, universe) or  if they come from the past or the future. As everything that exists in the universe comes from the same  source, it is but normal that there is an influence from one thing on another. This sensitivity can be  transformed in muscular movements (reflex movemen
  Page 1 Dowsing 1) What is dowsing ? Dowsing is simply a sensibility of humans to vibrations or frequencies emitted by other humans,animals, plants, objects, thoughts, events, even if they are microscopic or macroscopic (sun, universe) orif they come from the past or the future. As everything that exists in the universe comes from the samesource, it is but normal that there is an influence from one thing on another. This sensitivity can betransformed in muscular movements (reflex movements), who are able to move a pendulum or a rod.All that exists has what we could call an “unconscious”, a connection with a “non-material” world, andthis “non-material” world is sadly enough almost completely abandoned in our material society.(Western). Those “unconscious” who are all connected together in the non-material world, to somethingwe could call a “collective unconscious”, will allow us to tap into it, and retrieve some usefulinformation.Seen in that way, it is easy to understand that everyone is capable of dowsing. Of course, as everybody isdifferent, some will have more facilities to do it than others, but everyone can adventure in the world of the sixth sense. For a great deal of people, approximately 80%, a pendulum or a rod, or an antenna willdo. Other persons will be more inclined to channeling, meditation, intuition by “feelings”...There are a lot of techniques possible, and there is enough for everyone.Figure 1.1  Page 2Maybe now you will ask the question : If this is all so “natural” as you say, then why did the scientistsnot do research on the subject, to show the people that all this exists, and that they can use this as theywish ?Scientists only accept a theory if they experience it, and that the experiences are reproducible. Thatmeans that they repeat several times the same experience within different groups, and in different places,and if the results are random, or they lack a certain logic (their logic), the theory is rejected or attributedto hazard.There are four objections to that way of seeing things:1) Dowsing is a “living” thing, and as with every living thing, there is a certain behaviour, but it isnot reproducible.2) Dowsing has a spiritual base, so if you apply the pure scientific way of thinking, the research willbe limited and therefore incomplete.3) When you attribute certain results to be “hazardous”, it would be great to first define what ishazard. In the dictionaries : “Hazard : things that happen with a non explainable cause.” So if thescientists cannot explain it, it is the “hazard”. But it is not necessary to reject something wecannot explain. If it works, we can simply use it without having an explanation.(why not ?)4) The last but not the least objection is the following : Do the scientists have the right to find thatdowsing works and make it public ? Unfortunately the answer is NO . Why ? I will just mentionthe invention of the car motor that functions with water, (what in my opinion is already done along time ago) there will be an important lobby (people who make money with oil and fuel) whowill oppose themselves to the project, even if that would resolve 43% of the earth pollution. So itis with dowsing; dowsing can do a lot of good to humanity, but the purpose of the actual societywith the actual governments is not to do good to humanity. (rather the contrary) And for that,money will be spend to discredit dowsing (through the media) to avoid a massive use. (Think of the following : A politician speaks, and you can detect what is a lie and what isn't, or thepharmaceutical industry : you can check the utility of their very expensive drugs, and replacethem by natural ones. (Antibiotics versus nanosilver)..etc)2  Page 3 2) How to begin ? First you have to start the « mechanical » side of the technique. Here I will concentrate on the pendulumbecause it's the most practical technique, and the most discrete.Begin with holding your pendulum above the drawings while asking (in your head – not speak out loud)to follow the direction of the drawing. While doing this, concentrate on the drawing without thinking of something else. (if possible)Fig 2. Fig 3. Fig 4.Fig 5. Fig 6. Fig 7.If, after some trials, the pendulum starts moving and follows nicely the direction of the drawings, thenyou are one of these people who have the possibility that dowsing can or will be part of your life.3  Page 4Of course, the choice of a pendulum who fits you, is important in the beginning. There is a vast choice of pendulums and you will certainly find what you need. The important things to observe while choosing apendulum are the weight of the pendulum, the quality of the chain (wire, cord) and the length of thatchain. By the length of the chain I mean the distance between the pendulum and where you are holdingthe chain between your fingers.A too heavy pendulum will make only little movements, and a too light one will make uncontrollablemovements. With time and exercise, it is possible to have to change your pendulum (usually a heavierone) because your arm is getting used to the practical side, and movements are getting bigger.Concerning the length of the chain, there are no rules defined, the best thing is to “feel” what suits youby holding the pendulum at different heights of the chain. Once the pendulum moves smoothly whileyou are “feeling” as if you had no pendulum in your hand, than that is the correct length of the chain.And about how to hold the pendulum : that's up to you, but the classical manner is between the thumband the index finger, your elbow on the table and your the fingers pointing towards the ground; (seefigure 8) Figure 8Once these movements tested with success , then you can go to the next level which is the mentalconvention.4
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