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Description Copyright © 2008 by Gene Morris All rights reserved. You may not distribute this guide freely without express written permission from Gene Morris. This guide is intended for information purposes only. The author does not imply guaranteed success to those following this guide, nor is he responsible for any results brought about by the usage of the information contained herein. NOTICE ã This lottery picking process is esoteric in nature. ã If you have a history of mental i
  Copyright © 2008 by Gene Morris  All rights reserved. You may not distribute thisguide freely without express written permissionfrom Gene Morris.This guide is intended for information purposesonly. The author does not imply guaranteed suc-cess to those following this guide, nor is he re-sponsible for any results brought about by the us-age of the information contained herein. NOTICE This lottery picking process is esoteric in nature.If you have a history of mental illness, use drugs or alcohol, or use mind altering prescription medication,it is not recommended that you follow this method.This method is not a guarantee that you will win thelottery.USE THIS METHOD AT YOUR OWN RISK. Neither the author nor his contributors shall be held liablefor any improper or incorrect use of the informationdescribed and/or contained herein and assumes noresponsibility for anyone’s use of the information. Inno event shall the author or contributors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages.If you are a problem gambler, you should not attemptthis method .ããããã  IIIWelcome to Dowsing the Lottery  . First off, letme start out by saying that dowsing the lottery isreal! With this method, you may effectively cut the numbers of any given lottery system by at least f  -ty percent. You can potentially increase your oddsexponentially and gain an edge over conventionalmethods. With time and practice, your intuitiveabilities will increase and your ability to success-fully pick winning lottery numbers will becomemore apparent. As a result, you could potentiallywin a lot of money with this method.This method is esoteric in nature and relies onretrieving information via psi functioning. Psi func-tioning is a real talent, like any other talent. Whileit is apparent that some of us are born with a high-er degree of natural ability, such as it is with anyother talent, it is important to emphasize that weall have some ability to some degree. It is impor-tant to understand that time, practice, and dedica-tion is necessary to achieve positive results. And just as it is with any other talent, some will havegreater success in shorter periods of time thanothers. The best way to achieve positive resultsand make effective use of your time is to followthe guidelines outlined in this procedure and takeevery aspect seriously.This guide is meant to enlighten and providethe necessary foundation to carry out the dows-ing process. This guide should be read from Forward  IVwww.DowsetheLottery.combeginning to end. It is important that you do not skipchapters and attempt to start the process prior toreading through the entire guide. Being that this method is esoteric in nature, itis safe to assume that most readers will read thisdocument with a healthy sense of skepticism. Withthis assumption in mind, the author felt it importantto explain the principles behind the method prior torevealing the method itself so as to assist the reader in developing an understanding and acceptance of the process. Structure The rst chapter of this guide is a brief introduc -tion. It describes the ideas and principles behind themethod and provides a condensed outline of the pro-cess.Chapter II deals in theory and touches on the pri-mary mechanisms that drive this method.Chapter III is a very important chapter that talksabout dowsing. This chapter explains what dowsingis, offers a tutorial on dowsing, and explains the ac-tual dowsing process outlined in the procedure.Chapter IV explains a technique called “ground-ing”. Grounding is used to maintain positive controlof emotional energy, which is often felt as anxiety.It is also used for protection. This chapter will offer 
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