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Genesis 2 2:1 ‫וַיְ כֻ לּוּ‬ ‫מיִ ם‬ ַ ָ‫השּׁ‬ ַ ‫רץ‬ ֶ ָ‫הא‬ ָ ‫ְו‬ ‫ְוכָ ל‬ ‫באָ ם ־‬ ָ ‫צ‬ ְ : 1 u·iklu e·shmim u·e·artz u·kl - tzba·m : and·they-are-being-mfinished the·heavens and·the·earth and·all-of host-of·them 2:2 ‫וַיְ כַ ל‬ . Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. ‫הים‬ ִ ‫א‬ ֱ ‫בּיּ ם‬ ַ ‫יעי‬ ִ ‫ב‬ ִ ‫שּׁ‬ ְ ‫ה‬ ַ ‫אכתּ
  :12 u·ikluand·they-are-being- m finishede·shmimthe·heavensu·e·artzand·the·earthu·kland·all-of- tzba·mhost-of·them : : . Thus the heavens and theearth were finished, and allthe host of them. 1 :22 u·ikland·he-is- m finishing   aleimElohim  b·iumin· the ·daye·shbioithe·seventh  mlakth·uwork-of·himashrwhichoshehe-didu·ishbthand·he-is-ceasing And on the seventh dayGod ended his work whichhe had made; and he restedon the seventh day from allhis work which he hadmade. 2  b·iumin· the ·daye·shbioithe·seventhm·klfrom·all-of-  mlakth·uwork-of·himashrwhichoshehe-did : : :32  u·ibrkand·he-is- m blessing   aleimElohimath»-  iumday-ofe·shbioithe·seventhu·iqdshand·he-is-making-holy  ath·u»·himkithat  b·uin·him And God blessed theseventh day, and sanctifiedit: because that in it he hadrested from all his work which God created andmade. 3 shbthhe-ceasedm·klfrom·all-of-  mlakth·uwork-of·himashrwhich- brahe-created   aleimElohim  l·oshuthto·to-do-of : : p :42 alethese   thulduthgenealogical-annals-ofe·shmimthe·heavensu·e·artzand·the·earthb·ebra·min·to-be-created-of·them  b·iumin·day-of . These [are] thegenerations of the heavensand of the earth when theywere created, in the day thatthe LORD God made theearth and the heavens, 4  oshuthto-make do -ofieueYahweh   aleimElohimartzearthu·shmimand·heavens : : :52 u·kland·any-ofshichshrub-ofe·shdethe·fieldtrmereieiehe-is-becomingb·artzin· the ·earthu·kland·any-of- oshbherbage-of And every plant of thefield before it was in theearth, and every herb of thefield before it grew: for theLORD God had not causedit to rain upon the earth, and[there was] not a man to tillthe ground. 5 e·shdethe·fieldtrmereitzmchhe-is-sproutingkithatlanotemtirhe-caused-to-rainieueYahweh   aleimElohimolon- e·artzthe·earthu·admand·humanainthere-is-nol·obdto·to-serve-ofath»- e·admethe·ground : : :62 u·adand·humidityiolehe-is-ascendingmnfrom- e·artzthe·earthu·eshqeand·he- c irrigatedath»- klall-of- phnisurfaces-of- But there went up a mistfrom the earth, and wateredthe whole face of theground. 6 e·admethe·ground : : :72 u·iitzrand·he-is-formingieueYahweh   aleimElohimath»- e·admthe·humanophrsoilmnfrom- e·admethe·groundu·iphchand·he-is-blowing And the LORD Godformed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathedinto his nostrils the breathof life; and man became aliving soul. 7 b·aphi·uin·nostrils-of·himnshmthbreath-ofchiimlivesu·ieiand·he-is-becominge·admthe·humanl·nphshto·soulchieliving : : :82 u·itoand·he-is-plantingieueYahweh   aleimElohimgngarden- b·odnin·Edenm·qdmfrom·eastu·ishmand·he-is-placingshmthereath»- . And the LORD Godplanted a garden eastwardin Eden; and there he putthe man whom he hadformed. 8 e·admthe·humanashrwhomitzrhe-formed : : :92 u·itzmchand·he-is-causing-to-sproutieueYahweh   aleimElohimmnfrom- e·admethe·groundklevery-of- otztreenchmdbeing-coveted And out of the groundmade the LORD God togrow every tree that ispleasant to the sight, andgood for food; the tree of life also in the midst of thegarden, and the tree of knowledge of good andevil. 9 l·mraeto·sight  u·tuband·goodl·maklfor·foodu·otzand·tree-ofe·chiimthe·lives  b·thukin·midst-ofe·gnthe·gardenu·otzand·tree-ofe·doththe·knowledge-of  tubgoodu·roand·evil : : :102 u·nerand·streamitzagoing-forthm·odnfrom·Eden  l·eshquthto·to- c irrigate-ofath»- e·gnthe·gardenu·m·shmand·from·there And a river went out of Eden to water the garden;and from thence it was 10 Genesis 2 WLC : WLC_v 1.1 / WLC_tm 1.0 / CHES 2.0 AV © 2008 Scripture4all Foundation -  parted, and became intofour heads. iphrdhe-is-being-partedu·eieand·he-becamel·arboeto·fourrashimheads : : :112 shmname-ofe·achdthe·one  phishunPisoneuahee·sbbthe·one-surroundingath»klall-of- artzland-ofe·chuilethe·Havilahashrwhich- The name of the first [is]Pison: that [is] it whichcompasseth the whole landof Havilah, where [there is]gold; 11 shmtheree·zebthe·gold : : :122 u·zeband·gold-ofe·artzthe·lande·euathe·she  tubgoodshmtheree·bdlchthe·pearlu·abnand·stone-ofe·shemthe·onyx : : And the gold of that land[is] good: there [is]bdellium and the onyxstone. 12 :132 u·shmand·name-of- e·nerthe·streame·shnithe·second  gichunGihoneuahe  e·subbthe·one-surroundingath»klall-of- artzland-of And the name of thesecond river [is] Gihon: thesame [is] it that compasseththe whole land of Ethiopia. 13 kushCush : : :142 u·shmand·name-ofe·nerthe·streame·shlishithe·thirdchdqlHiddekeleuahe  e·elkthe·one-goingqdmtheast-ofashurAsshuru·e·nerand·the·stream And the name of thethird river [is] Hiddekel:that [is] it which goethtoward the east of Assyria.And the fourth river [is]Euphrates. 14 e·rbioithe·fourtheuahephrthEuphrates : : :152 u·iqchand·he-is-takingieueYahweh   aleimElohimath»- e·admthe·humanu·inch·euand·he-is- c leaving·himb·gnin·garden-of- odnEden And the LORD God took the man, and put him intothe garden of Eden to dressit and to keep it. 15 l·obd·eto·to-serve-of·heru·l·shmr·eand·to·to-keep-of·her : : :162 u·itzuand·he-is- m instructingieueYahweh   aleimElohimolon- e·admthe·humanl·amrto·to-say-ofm·klfrom·any-ofotztree-of- . And the LORD Godcommanded the man,saying, Of every tree of thegarden thou mayest freelyeat: 16 e·gnthe·gardenaklto-eatthaklyou-shall-eat : : :172 u·m·otzand·from·tree-ofe·doththe·knowledge-of  tubgoodu·roand·evillanotthaklyou-shall-eatmm·nufrom·himkithat  b·iumin·day-of But of the tree of theknowledge of good andevil, thou shalt not eat of it:for in the day that thoueatest thereof thou shaltsurely die. 17  akl·kto-eat-of·youmm·nufrom·him  muthto-diethmuthyou-shall-die : : :182 u·iamrand·he-is-sayingieueYahweh   aleimElohimlanot-  tubgood  eiuthto-be bc -ofe·admthe·human  l·bd·uto·alone-of·him . And the LORD Godsaid, [It is] not good that theman should be alone; I willmake him an help meet forhim. 18 aosheI-shall-make-  l·ufor·himozrhelper  k·ngd·uas·in-front-of·him : : :192 u·itzrand·he-is-formingieueYahweh   aleimElohimmnfrom- e·admethe·groundklevery-of- chithanimal-ofe·shdethe·fieldu·athand·» And out of the groundthe LORD God formedevery beast of the field, andevery fowl of the air; andbrought [them] unto Adamto see what he would callthem: and whatsoeverAdam called every livingcreature, that [was] thename thereof. 19 klevery-of-  ouphflyer-ofe·shmimthe·heavensu·ibaand·he-is- c bringingalto- e·admthe·human  l·rauthto·to-see-ofmewhat ?-iqrahe-shall-call-  l·uto·himu·kland·allashrwhichiqrahe-is-calling-  l·uto·hime·admthe·humannphshsoulchielivingeuahe  shm·uname-of·him : : Genesis 2 WLC : WLC_v 1.1 / WLC_tm 1.0 / CHES 2.0 AV © 2008 Scripture4all Foundation -  :202 u·iqraand·he-is-callinge·admthe·human  shmuthnamesl·klto·all-of- e·bemethe·beast  u·l·ouphand·to·flyer-ofe·shmimthe·heavens And Adam gave namesto all cattle, and to the fowlof the air, and to every beastof the field; but for Adamthere was not found an helpmeet for him. 20 u·l·kland·to·every-ofchithanimal-ofe·shdethe·fieldu·l·admand·for·Adamlanot- mtzahe-foundozrhelper  k·ngd·uas·in-front-of·him : : :212 u·iphland·he-is-causing-to-fallieueYahweh   aleimElohimthrdmestuporolon- e·admthe·humanu·iishnand·he-is-sleeping . And the LORD Godcaused a deep sleep to fallupon Adam, and he slept:and he took one of his ribs,and closed up the fleshinstead thereof; 21 u·iqchand·he-is-takingachthonem·tzlothi·ufrom·angular-organs-of·himu·isgrand·he-is-closingbshrfleshthchth·neunder·her : : :222 u·ibnand·he-is-buildingieueYahweh   aleimElohimath»- e·tzlothe·angular-organashrwhich- lqchhe-tookmnfrom- e·admthe·human And the rib, which theLORD God had taken fromman, made he a woman, andbrought her unto the man. 22 l·asheto·womanu·iba·eand·he-is- c bringing·heralto- e·admthe·human : : :232 u·iamrand·he-is-sayinge·admthe·humanzaththis-one (f) e·phomthe·onceotzmbonem·otzm·ifrom·bones-of·meu·bshrand·flesh And Adam said, This [is]now bone of my bones, andflesh of my flesh: she shallbe called Woman, becauseshe was taken out of Man. 23 m·bshr·ifrom·flesh-of·mel·zathto·this-one (f) iqrahe-shall-be-calledashewomankithatm·aishfrom·manlqcheshe-was-taken-zaththis-one (f) : : :242 ol-knon·soiozbhe-is-leaving- aishmanath»- abi·ufather-of·himu·athand·»-  am·umother-of·himu·dbqand·he-clings Therefore shall a manleave his father and hismother, and shall cleaveunto his wife: and they shallbe one flesh. 24  b·ashth·uin·woman-of·himu·eiuand·they-becomel·bshrto·fleshachdone : : :252 u·ieiuand·they-were bc shni·emtwo-of·themorumimnaked-onese·admthe·human  u·ashth·uand·woman-of·himu·laand·not And they were bothnaked, the man and hiswife, and were notashamed. 25 ithbshshuthey-are- c shaming-themselves : : Genesis 2 - Genesis 3 WLC : WLC_v 1.1 / WLC_tm 1.0 / CHES 2.0 AV © 2008 Scripture4all Foundation -

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