Importance of seo in web development & designing

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Let’s have a look at relation between SEO and a website designer. To be very honest a website designer should be very much skilled at the SEO methodology. Then only a designer can excel in his career.
  • 1. Importance of SEO in Web Development & Designing
  • 2. Search Engine Optimization is the word. It can make a lot of difference to your business. Commonly referred to as SEO this technique can lead more number of visitors to your website. Getting a higher ranking in search results users are more likely to visit the websites displayed on the first page. This will not only help the sales but also help the brand building of your company. Users will certainly appreciate if their search is answered promptly. Practically nobody takes effort to scan all the pages of search result be it Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. SEO is categorised under off page and on page. Let’s have a look at it. On Page SEO: Off Page SEO
  • 3. Why Website Designer must know about SEO before he/she start web designing? Let’s have a look at relation between SEO and a website designer. To be very honest a website designer should be very much skilled at the SEO methodology. Then only a designer can excel in his career. A lot of people have failed to build up a good career in spite being creative in their field.
  • 4. Is there any website pre-launch checklist for SEO ?
  • 5. Yes it’s very important for a Website Designer to have a check list. We have made it easy for you. See the list below. •Content: It’s very important to check with spellings and grammar before you launch your website. Readers are smart enough to point out the mistakes and this may reduce traffic on your website. Apart from that it will also hamper your reputation. •W3C: World Wide Web Consortium is the full form!! Make sure your website is compatible on most of the browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and many more.. You never know which browser the end user may actually use. •SEO: You need to ensure that the SEO is in place. The meta data is updated and includes on all pages and posts. You should also be sure that site is visible from all search engines. Remember SEO is the key to your website, so be careful before the launch. •Sitemap: It’s a list of pages of website available to crawlers and users. It is typically organized in a hierarchical order. It can be a document used for planning tool of website or either a webpage listing various pages on website.
  • 6. •Google Search Console: This term may be new for few as it was earlier known as “Google webmaster”. It allows you to optimize visibility of your website and also check the indexing status. •404 Pages: You may have come across the 404 error quite often while surfing the internet. It suggests that the user has not typed the URL correctly. This client side error may also mean that the page has been moved or even removed. •Legal page: It’s always better to have a separate legal page where all the policies and disclaimers of the company are displayed. It can play a big role if any legal conflicts from users. Have a SME (Subject Matter Expert) review before you upload it. •Contact: If you have a contact page with a form to fill in test it before making it live.
  • 7. •Navigation Menus: Have a testing for navigation with a dummy user. Have feedback and work over the loop holes if any. •Links: Check with all the links in your content. Be sure it leads users only to desired destination and does not mislead them. •Loading Speed: Check for the loading speed. If it takes more time it needs to be solved immediately. Loading speed can affect website traffic.
  • 8. Some SEO friendly CMS for web development Wordpress development: It’s a free and open CMS. It’s based on PHP and MySQL. It also has an advanced paid version. Drupal development: It’s also an open and free source and is written in PHP. It was formerly known as Drupal Core. Joomla development: It is based on a model–view–controller web application system that can be utilized autonomously of the CMS. It’s also an open and free source.
  • 9. Conclusion SEO plays a major role in your business journey. As we suggest do your homework and be the master of your skill.
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