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Sect religious study
  130 Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies 1(2), 2013 Errata The following are a list of corrections for Volume 1, Issue 1, of the  Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies. All corrections listed here have been made in the electronic versions. From the following article, Anderson, Cory, and Joseph Donnermeyer. “Where Are the Plain Anabaptists?” Pp. 1-25. …the the following correction is noted: o   Pg. 5, Table 1: The final line was excluded and should read “…and/or linguistic differences.” From the following article, Donnermeyer, Joseph. Cory Anderson and Elizabeth Cooksey, “The Amish Population: County Estimates and Settlement Patterns.” Pp. 72-109. …the following correction is noted: o   Pg. 83, Table 1. Estimate for baptized members per church district and young adults / non- baptized children per church district for settlements three to five years old is reversed. It should be 35 for baptized members and 68 for non-baptized members. From the following article, Petrovich, Christopher. “Realignment and Division in the Amish Community of Allen County, Indiana: A Historical Narrative.” Pp. 167-96. …the following corrections are noted: o   Abstract: The following line, “It then provides a historical narrative of the events that led to a  New Order Amish schism in 2005…” should have the year corrected to “2004.” o   Pg. 169, paragraph four: The “(1)” designation with reference to Figure 1 should apply to the entire Amish community as it first existed, not “Old Order Amish in Allen County, 1860s-1909.” o   Figure 1, box 11 treats the Charity Church and Allen County Christian Fellowship as separate entities. As Charity is the affiliation of Allen County Christian Fellowship, “…the Charity Church and…” should be removed. o   Pg. 174, paragraph two: The following: “…several bishops organized meetings with fellow church leaders and parents of the youth in an attempt to promote stronger moral behavior  before baptism…” should conclude with “…stronger moral behavior before and especially after  baptism.”  131 Detailed Style Guide for Articles Published in the  Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies The editors welcome manuscripts for a first review that may not conform to the below specifications. However, upon acceptance or revise and resubmit, it will be the author(s) responsibility to bring the manuscript into conformity. Reference guidelines generally follow that of the  American Journal of Sociology.  Authors may use the Chicago Manual of Style  (Turbian) footnote structure when the AJS style would force an inorganic fit, though a bibliography is still required using the below formatting. The style guide may be updated periodically. BIBLIOGRAPHY Book:  Nolt, Steven, and Thomas J. Meyers. 2007. Plain Diversity: Amish Cultures and Identities . Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. Article: Cronk, Sandra. 1981. Gelassenheit: The Rites of the Redemptive Process in Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite Communities.  Mennonite Quarterly Review  55(1):5-44. Chapter from an edited volume: Olshan, Marc, and Kimberly D. Schmidt. 1994. Amish Women and the Feminist Conundrum. Pp. 215-29 in The Amish Struggle with Modernity , edited by Donald Kraybill and Marc Olshan. Hanover, NH: University Press of New England. Master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation, or unpublished paper: Brock, Caroline. 2010.  An Integrated Household Economics Approach to Decision-Making:  Dairy System Choice among Organic, Amish, Graziers, and Conventional Farmers in Wisconsin . Doctoral dissertation in Environment and Resources. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Conference Presentation: Anderson, Cory. 2012. Why Have the Amish Survived? Presented at the annual conference of    the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.  November 9-11, 2012. Phoenix, AZ. Directory: Miller, Devon (ed.). 2011.  Amish Mennonite Directory 2011.  Millersburg, OH: Abana Books. Website: Wesner, Erik. (n.d.). “Do Amish Eat Pork?”  Amish America . Retrieved October 2, 2013 (http://amishamerica.com/do-amish-eat-pork).  132 Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies 1(2), 2013 Web-based Journal: Graybill, Beth. 2010. “Chasing the Bonnet: The Premise and Popularity of Writing Amish Women.”  Journal of the Center for Mennonite Writing  4(2):1-6. Retrieved September 14, 2011 (http://www.mennonitewriting.org/journal/2/4/bonnet-fiction). Audiovisual media: Graham, Ludo. 2007. Trouble in Amish Paradise . British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). CITATIONS One author: (Crowley 1978) Two authors: (Janzen and Stanton 2010) Three authors: (Donnermeyer, Anderson, and Cooksey 2013) Four or more authors: (Loewen, et al. 1996) Page citations: (Kraybill 2001, 226-27) Multiple citations, listed by year from oldest: (Crowley 1978; Loewen, et al. 1996; Kraybill 2001, 226-27; Janzen and Stanton 2010; Donnermeyer, Anderson, and Cooksey 2013) FORMATTING FOR SUBMISSIONS Double space Use tab to indent paragraphs Use paragraph indent for block quotes COPYEDITING STANDARDS YES NO Period and quotes … “word.” … “word”. Comma to separate sentence from beginning clause In this paper, we study… Consequently, more than half… Since the church started, they… In this paper we study… Consequently more than half… Since the church started they… In-text vs. block quote Block quote over 35 words. Indent block quotation [No quotes] [Quotes] Quotation end …I said” (Dan Martin). …I said.” (Dan Martin) Comma before quotes Martin says that the Dan church “is the place to be.” Martin says, “The Dan church is the place to be.” Commas and places …Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is… …Lancaster, Pennsylvania is… Commas in series One, two, and three One, two and three Many items …fixing their meals; mending their socks; and reading, writing, and playing with friends. …fixing their meals, mending their socks and reading, writing and  placing with friends.  Detailed Style Guide 133 Abbreviations U.S.A. USA  Numbers: commas 1,000 1000  Numbers: spelled out …nine, 9.5, ten, 11, 12, 13… …9, nine point five, 10, eleven, twelve, thirteen, …  Number to number Eight to 12 16 to 64 8 to 12 16-64 Percents …nine percent, 9.5%, ten percent, 11%, 12%... …9%, nine point five percent, 10%, eleven percent, twelve  percent… Percent to percent Four to six percent of the… … around 4% to 12%... … around 57% to 75%... Suffixes of numbers Eighth grade education …seventeenth century… 8 th  grade education …17 th  Century… Dates October 8, 2009 Oct. 8 th , 2009 / 8 October 2009 Tables/Figures In Table 1, we see… In table one, we see… Two citations (Me 2010; You 2010) (Me, 2010, You, 2010) Directory …the  Amish-Mennonite Directory 2012  shows that… …the directory shows that… ...the 2012 Directory shows that… Citing a directory (use editor’s name if available) (Miller 2012) (Abana Books 2012) Publications / internet The Budget   and Facebook   The Budget and Facebook Slashes Bread / butter / cheese Bread/butter/cheese Quotes “He told me, ‘Go!’,” she said. “He told me “Go!”,” she said. Capital letters The bishop and Minister Yoder Bible / Biblical / Biblically scripture / scriptural / etc. Amish church Sunday school Happy Mennonite Church internet The Bishop and minister Yoder  bible / biblical / biblically Scripture / Scriptural / etc. Amish Church Sunday School Happy Mennonite church Internet Anabaptist titles used in conjunction Lancaster is an Amish / Mennonite settlement. The Beachys are a type of Amish-Mennonite. Anabaptist / Mennonite Lancaster is an Amish-Mennonite settlement. The Beachys are a type of Amish Mennonite. Anabaptist-Mennonite German words Ordnung and  Rumspringa Ordnung and rumspringa U.S. vs. United States Use “United States” as a noun and “U.S.” as an adjective.
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