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  a)b)c)d)e)  May 17, 2017Ref:HDBFS/17-18/HRIC97316/Appt/102245Mr. KALAIMANI M,Krishnagiri  Dear KALAIMANI, LETTER OF APPOINTMENT  Further to your application and subsequent discussions for employment, HDB Financial Services Limited (“Company”)is pleased to appoint you as SALES OFFICER on the terms and conditions as set out below. Your Total Salary per annum is set out as attached in Annexure A. All remuneration, benefits and perquisites will betaxed in accordance with the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961 and any other enactments in force from time to time.  Terms and Conditions:  Your duties and responsibilities will be explained to you on your joining the Company. You are initially assigned to our branch at KRISHNAGIRI. The Company reserves the right to change the dutiesassigned to you, transfer you, temporarily or permanently, to any other office / branch, subsidiary or associate of theCompany or to any other place of business of the Company that is in existence or may come into existence at a futuredate, without any detriment to you. The Company further reserves the right to transfer you from one shift to another,depending upon the exigencies of work. You shall devote your whole time and attention to your duties with the Company and will not directly or indirectly,for any part of your time carry on any business or occupation or enter in any capacity, the employment of orassociation in business for profit or otherwise, with any firm, company or person without the prior written consent ofthe Company. You shall abide by all the applicable policies, rules, regulations, procedures and practices of the Company, as may beamended, from time to time and comply with all applicable Laws. Any violation of or failure to comply with or abideby the same shall be deemed to constitute an act of misconduct. You will be responsible for the safe keeping and return in good condition and order, of any properties and / or assetswhich may be entrusted to you by the Company. The Company shall have the right to deduct the money value of allsuch properties and / or other assets from your dues and take such other action as it may deem proper in the event ofyour failure to account for such properties to the Company’s satisfaction.  Page 1 of 5  HDB Financial Services Limited5th Floor, D.J.House,Old Nagardas Road,Near Amboli Subway,Andheri East, Mumbai - 400069Tel. : 022 - 6157 0993Email : hdb.hrcompliance@hdbfs.comWeb : www.hdbfs.comCIN - U65993GJ2007PLC051028 Registered Office Radhika, 2nd Floor, Law Garden Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380 009.  f)g)h)i) j)k)l)m)n)   You shall not, during your employment with the Company or at any time thereafter, discuss, divulge, or makepublic, directly or indirectly, to any individual, firm, company or person of any nature whatsoever, any information,processes, policies, documents, research, development, finances, properties, contracts, methods, trade secrets,transactions, or generally in relation to the business and affairs of the Company (including its subsidiaries andassociate companies) or its clients, customers, employees, management, or business associates, which you mayacquire during the course of, or which may otherwise come to your knowledge or possession during the course ofyour employment with the Company. Upon the termination of this letter of appointment, you will be required to comply with the Company’s exitformalities. If at any time, you are found to be overstaying your sanctioned leave or are absent from work without permission fora period exceeding 5 (five) consecutive days or are found to be habitually absent or are otherwise found guilty ofdishonesty, disobedience, fraud, insubordination, riotous and disorderly behaviour, negligence, indiscipline or anyother act of misconduct (as determined by the Company in its sole discretion), then the Company will be entitled toterminate your services with immediate effect without giving you a notice or salary in lieu thereof. In the event of any allegation of misconduct against you, the Company will initiate disciplinary proceedings againstyou as per its rules in this regard. You will keep the Company informed of any change in your residential address or in any of the other informationpertaining to you as provided to the Company. All communication sent by the Company on the address registered inour records, will be construed as communication served on you. You will retire from the employment of the Company on your completing 60 (Sixty) years of age. It will be necessaryfor you to produce proper proof of your age within 7 (seven) days on receipt of this letter as may be required by theCompany. This letter of appointment shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and any disputearising out of this letter of appointment or pertaining to your employment shall be subject to the jurisdiction of thecourts of Mumbai. You shall comply with the data protection policy of the Company when handling personal data in the course of youremployment with the Company including personal data relating to any employee, customer, client or agent of theCompany or any of its affiliates and you shall promptly report any breaches or anticipated breaches of the same. You consent to the Company, its affiliates processing data relating to you for legal, personnel, administrative andmanagement purposes and in particular to the processing of any “sensitive personal data or information” (as definedin the policies of the Company).The Company may make such information available to any of its affiliates, those whoprovide products or services to the Company or any of its affiliates (such as advisers and payroll administrators),regulatory authorities, potential purchasers of the Company or the business in which you work, and as may berequired by law.You also consent to the Company carrying out the above activities and other similar classes ofactivities prior to, during and after the termination of your employment with the Company, provided that suchactivities are carried out in a lawful manner and for legitimate purposes.  Ref:HDBFS/17-18/HRIC97316/Appt/102245 Page 2 of 5   o)p)q)r)a)b)c)d)   If at any time during your employment you make, develop, discover or participate in the making or discovery of any“Intellectual Property Rights”(as defined in the policies of the Company) relating to or capable of being used in thebusiness being carried on by the Company or any of its affiliates, such Intellectual Property Rights shall be theabsolute property of the Company. At the request of the Company you shall execute all such documents and do allacts, matters and things which may be necessary or desirable for obtaining registration or other protection for theIntellectual Property Rights as may be specified by the Company. You hereby acknowledge and undertake that you do not have and shall not have at any point of time, anyownership, interest, right or title in the Intellectual Property Rights nor will you claim any ownership, interest, rightor title in the Intellectual Property Rights or brand forming part of the business of the Company or any of itsaffiliates. Any variation of the above terms and conditions will not be valid until expressly made in writing by the Company. This letter of appointment (together with all its annexures) shall supersede all prior, oral or written agreements orcommunications, formal or informal, in relation to your employment with the Company. This offer of employment with the Company is valid for a period of 7 (seven) days from the date of this letter ofappointment. As your acceptance to these terms of employment, please sign the duplicate copy of this letter ofappointment in the space provided below and return the same to us within a period of 7 (seven) days from the date ofthis letter. You are requested to join no later than May 31, 2017. Kindly arrange to bring self-attested copies of the following documents along with their srcinals for verification on thedate of your joining : Copy of Educational Certificates and Mark sheets (Xth, XIIth, Graduation, Post Graduation)Proof of date of birth (Copy of driving license, Voter ID, Passport)Duly signed duplicate copy of Appointment LetterCopy of Pan Card and Aadhaar Card (Both documents are required for Salary processing) You will be required to complete the Company's prescribed joining formalities within 3 (three) working days from thedate of your joining and submit the same to the Corporate Human Resources Department for necessary processing ofyour Salary.  Yours Sincerely,For HDB Financial Services Ltd.Ashish GhatnekarHead - Human Resources & Operations AGREED AND ACCEPTED   _____________________________________  Mr. KALAIMANI M  Ref:HDBFS/17-18/HRIC97316/Appt/102245 Page 3 of 5     Annexure A   Ref:HDBFS/17-18/HRIC97316/Appt/102245 Page 4 of 5 Compensation Breakup SalutationMr.NameKALAIMANI MRoleSALES OFFICERGradeG1LocationKRISHNAGIRIReporting toSALES MANAGER - SALES FINANCEDate of OfferMay 17, 2017Annual Compensation Break up HDBFS Monthly Basic48,0004,000HRA24,0002,000Special Allowance8,640720Mobile Allowance6,000500Conveyance Allowance9,600800City Compensatory Allowance6,000500Provident Fund (Employer's contribution)5,760480Gross Salary (A)1,08,0009,000ESIC (Employer's contribution)----(B)4,856Gratuity----------- (C)2,309Total Fixed Compensation (D=A+B+C)1,15,1659,597 Note: This Offer is subject to positive reference checks & CIBIL report check. Youracceptance of the offer will be considered as consent for accessing your CIBILreport.Employee and Employer’s contribution towards ESI will be 1.75% & 4.75%respectivelyYou will be entitled to Performance Incentive Plan as per Company PolicyGratuity is as per “The Payment of Gratuity Act”.You will be covered under Group Personal Accident Insurance as per policy of theOrganization SPECIAL NOTE PAN & AADHAAR are mandatory and have to be provided at the time of joining theOrganization for payment of salary. Please apply IMMEDIATELY for PAN/AADHAARnumber if you do not have the same. I accept the terms and conditions as mentioned in the Appointment letter.My tentative date of Joining will be __________________ _____________________________ _____________________KALAIMANI M Date Ref:HDBFS/17-18/HRIC97316/Appt/102245
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