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offer letter
  1.2.3. Warm Welcome 15/04/2013 Mr Pankaj Kumar Applicant ID : 155313  Sub: Letter of Appointment   Dear Mr Pankaj Kumar   We are pleased to make an offer of employment on behalf of Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd(hereinafter referred to as 'Sasken'  or the 'Company'  as the context may require), on the following terms andconditions:   Designation: Senior - Software Engineer   Band: E2   Date of Joining :13 May 2013   Location: Hyderabad   Reporting Manager: Sasi kumar Adusumilli   Total Compensation: Your Total Compensation will be Rs. 744196 per annum. The salary structure isdescribed in the Salary Stack Up Sheet (Annexure-1)   Your individual remuneration is a matter purely between yourself and the company and has been arrived at thebasis of your job, skill specific background and professional merit. We expect you to maintain this informationand any changes made therein from time to time as personal and confidential.   Other Benefits: You will be eligible for the following:Leave, holidays and working hours as applicable to your category of employees and location ofposting.Perquisites, if any, as applicable to your category of employees and/ or based on functionalrequirements as determined by the companyMedical Insurance coverage and Group Personal Accident Insurance coverage. Sasken encouragesall employees to opt for Sasken Mediclaim Policy mandatorily. We also encourage employees toensure that they have their immediate family covered under the policy. Employees may be allowed toopt out of the insurance cover for themselves, if they provide proof of their coverage under otherMediclaim Insurance Policy. The Insurance premium may vary each year and will be communicatedto the employees during the renewal of the policy. 1Printed for Mr Pankaj Kumar by Humera KhanumPrinted On April, 15, 2013  4.Participate in the company Provident Fund Scheme as per the rules and policies applicable to yourcategory of employees. Working Hours : Being a result oriented company, we believe in flexible timings. Though the official timings arebetween 9.00 am and 6.00 pm , your timings are adjustable. However, we would like you to be availablebetween 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, as most of the business meetings are scheduled during these hours. Howeverthe company expects every employee to put in minimum of 40 hours per week and attend official meetings. Wehave a five day work week but the office is open on Saturdays and Sundays, in case you plan to work.   Probationary Period: You are initially appointed on probation. The period of probation shall be for 6 monthsfrom the date of your reporting for duty. The Company reserves the right to extend the probationary period, atits sole discretion if your work and progress are not found satisfactory. The company as its discretion mayconfirm your service at any time during the course of or at the end of probationary period initially fixed orsubsequently extended. You will, however, continue to be on probationary till your services are confirmed inwriting. During the probationary period, your services are liable to be terminated by either party, withoutassigning any reason by 15 days notice or payment of 15 days salary in lieu of notice.   Increment and Promotions: Your growth and increase in salary will depend solely on your performance andcontribution to the Company. Salary increases are ordinarily given as per the Company Salary Revision cycle.   Retirement Age: You shall retire in the normal course from your services of the company on attaining the ageof superannuation that is on the first working day following your 60th birthday or earlier if you are found to bemedically unfit.   Termination / Notice Period: We hope your association with us will be a very long one. However, thisassociation may be terminated by either party by giving two month’s notice. However, in the event of willfulneglect of your duties, breach of trust, gross indiscipline, any other serious dereliction of duties or othermisconduct that may be prejudicial to the interests of the company, the company has the discretion to terminateyour services forthwith or with such notice as it deems fit and without any notice pay whatsoever. Saskenreserves the right to pay or recover salary in lieu of notice period. Unauthorized absence or absence withoutpermission from duty for a continuous period of 5 working days, shall result in the loss of your lien onemployment. In such case, the Company shall be entitled to terminate your employment forthwith.   Travel: You are liable to undertake travel on company work for which you will be reimbursed travel expenses asper the company policy applicable to you.   Transfer: You are liable to be transferred in such capacity as the company may from time to time determine toany other location within or outside India, department, function, establishment, or branch of the company orsubsidiary, associate or Affiliate Company, either in existence or which may come into existence. In such casesyou will be governed by the terms and conditions of service applicable to the new assignment. Pursuant to any business arrangement, including but not limited to, a sale of assets, merger, takeover,acquisition, or hive-off, the Company may also transfer you onto the rolls of another entity and you shall agree 2Printed for Mr Pankaj Kumar by Humera KhanumPrinted On April, 15, 2013  for such transfer. Medical Fitness: By accepting this offer there is an implicit confirmation by you that you are medically fit toeffectively perform the job for which you are employed or for any other assignment that may be given to youfrom time to time. You may be called upon, to undergo medical examinations, as the management may deemnecessary. In the event the examination reveals any ailment including any physical or mental impairment) that(1) prevents or hinders you from performing your assignment effectively or (11) could put the health of the otheremployees at risk, the same shall be a reasonable ground to discharge your services with immediate effect,without any compensation or notice.   Conflict Of Interests: You are required to engage yourself exclusively in the work assigned by Sasken andshall not undertake any independent or individual assignments (whether the same is Part time or full time, in anadvisory capacity or otherwise) directly or indirectly, with or without compensation, without the express writtenconsent of the Sasken Management. The consent may be given subject to any terms and conditions that thecompany may think fit and may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Company.   Confidentiality: Upon reporting to work, you will be required to execute a Confidentiality Agreement in favourof the Company and/or its customers (the 'Confidentiality Agreement'). In the event of breach by you of thisconfidentiality provision and/or the provisions of the Confidentiality Agreement, while in the services of theCompany or thereafter, the Company will be at liberty to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you. Further you shall not, during the employment, improperly use or disclose any proprietary information or tradesecrets of any former employer or other person or entity and shall not bring onto the premises of Company, itsaffiliates or parent company or utilize for any purpose in connection with their respective business, anyunpublished document or proprietary information belonging to any such employer, person or entity unlessconsented to in writing by such employer, person or entity. As an employee you will have access to the confidential information of the Company and to the valuable tradeand business connections belonging to the Company, which are essential to the continued success of theCompany. The disclosure of any such confidential information or exploitation of such trade or businessconnection otherwise than to the benefit of the Company would do serious damage, financial and otherwise toits business. Therefore you shall not without the prior written consent of the Company during your period ofemployment and for a period of two years after the exit, whether alone or jointly with, or as principal, partner,agent, director, employee, or as consultant, directly or indirectly be engaged in any executive or technicalcapacity in any business concern which shall be in competition with any of the businesses carried on by theCompany as on the date of exit, for whatever reason.   Intellectual Property Ownership: You hereby agree that any idea, invention, design or discovery, and any intellectual property rights arising therefrom, whether conceived or made by you alone or with others, during the employment (whether during thecourse of your normal duties or other duties specifically assigned to you and whether during normal workinghours or using the facilities of the Company or otherwise) which relate to the business of the Company or not,are the property of the Company and you hereby assign any such rights which srcinal vest in you to the 3Printed for Mr Pankaj Kumar by Humera KhanumPrinted On April, 15, 2013  Company and unconditionally and irrevocably waive all moral rights in the same.If you conceive or make or are involved in developing any such idea, invention, design or discovery and anyintellectual property rights arising there from, you will immediately disclose all information concerning the sameto the Company (but otherwise keep the same confidential) and at the Company’s request assign (and doeverything necessary to assist in the assignment of) your intellectual property rights in the same in any jurisdiction worldwide to the Company without receiving payment. You hereby agree to enter into a detailed intellectual property assignment agreement, with Company and/or itscustomers, when requested by Company.   Company Property: You are expected to use the Company property including tools, software, hardware, laptops office and otherequipments, household goods and utensils with due care and diligence. You may be liable to compensateCompany for any loss or damage the Company may incur as a result of damage or destruction to the Companyproperty arising out of your negligence or misconduct. Upon termination of the employment for any reason, you shall immediately return to the Company all property,including, but not limited to, laptops, documents, papers, records, accounts, specifications, catalogues,drawings, lists, correspondence, keys, visiting cards, security passes or the like relating to the Company'sbusiness which is in your possession or under control and you must not take copies of the same without theCompany's express written authority.   Change in Personal Data: You will keep us informed of any change in your residential address, your civilstatus, and educational Professional Qualification. In the event of any change in the data or informationprovided by you at the time of joining the company, you will immediately update all such information in theonline employee information sheet so as to keep all records updated and accurate at all times. Any noticerequired to be given to you shall be deemed to have been duly and properly served if delivered to youpersonally or sent by registered post to you at your address, as recorded with the company.   Statement of Facts: It must be specifically understood that this offer is made based on your proficiency on thetechnical / professional skills you have declared to possess as per the application, and on the ability to handleany assignment / job independently anywhere in India or overseas. In case, any information furnished by you inyour application or during the selection process is found to be incorrect/false/ misleading, and/or if it is foundthat you have suppressed any material information in respect of your qualification or past experience, or yourperformance is not up to the mark or falls short of the minimum standards set by the Company, the Companyreserves the right to terminate your services anytime without notice or compensation in lieu thereof. You covenant that as at the date of joining Company you will not be under any obligation, restriction or duty,whether express or implied, to any third party which might or will adversely affect your ability to enter into thisemployment or which might or will prevent or restrict you wholly or in part, from performing the duties herein.   4Printed for Mr Pankaj Kumar by Humera KhanumPrinted On April, 15, 2013
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