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RRU 4415
    Radio 4415 The macro Radio 4415 is a 4T/4R radio with 4x40W output power. As part of the Ericsson Radio System portfolio Radio 4415 has best in class design when it comes to radio performance and power efficiency for wide area 3GPP radio products. Radio 4415 has by use of its small and smart dimensions support for a wide range of mounting scenarios and provides a pioneering flexibility within its product segment with the One-bolt Installation. With Radio 4415 Ericsson evolves the macro radio part of the portfolio to become even more flexible and making it easier than ever to make small and efficient single and multi-band macro radio installations. The Radio 4415 should preferably be located near the antenna and can be located up to 40 km from the baseband unit. A fiber optic cable can be used to connect the Radio 4415 to the baseband unit and several radio units can be connected in a cascade or star configuration. Radio 4415 provides support for  AISG TMA and RET towards the antenna system. GSM, WCDMA and LTE is supported with up to 8 carriers on both GSM and WCDMA as well as up to 75/100 MHz FDD/TDD LTE. Four duplex (TX/RX) branches provide in-built support for MIMO, antenna calibration and TX/RX diversity.    Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson SE-164 80 Stockholm, Sweden Telephone +46 8 719 0000 28701-FGC 101 2846 Rev B © Ericsson AB 2015 Optional installation equipment for wall and pole mount is available. To support AC installations there will be optional Power Supply Units (PSU). Optional external monitor ports for selected bands provide measurements of the output power. Technical Specification Radio 4415 FREQUENCY BANDS Bands: 3GPP FDD/TDD bands HW CAPACITY Carrier capacity GSM: Up to 8 carriers in MSR Carrier capacity WCDMA: Up to 8 carriers Carrier capacity LTE FDD/TDD: Up to 75/100 MHz IBW FDD/TDD: Up to 75/100 MHz 20 MHz for GSM and LTE 1.4/3 MHz carrier MIMO: Yes, 4T4R Output power: Up to 4 x 40 W INTERFACE SPECIFICATIONS  Antenna ports: 4 x 4.3-10 (f)  Antenna calibration: SMA (f) External Antenna Line Device: RET 2.0, using DIN 8 or over the antenna port. AISG TMA & RET support CPRI: 2 x 2.5/5/10 Gbps (exchangeable SFP modules) Optical indicators: 5 Maintenance button: 1 External alarms: 2 (using DIN 14) or optional fan unit Field ground: Dual lug MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Weight: 20 kg Volume: 17 liter Mounting: Rail, wall and pole mount Fans needed when mounted in non-vertical direction ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS  Power Supply: -48 VDC (3-wire) ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS Normal operating temp.: -40 °C to +55 °C (cold start at -40 °C) Environment: Outdoor class with IP65
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