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  Olympiad books (Redirected from Olympiad Books) Here is a list of Olympiad Books  that have Olympiad-levelproblems used to train students forfuturemathematics competitions.You can discuss here about these books or request newbooks. Let's categorize booksinto Theory books, Problem  books, and Both  books. Contents  [hide]1 Algebra1.1 Inequalities1.2 Polynomials1.3 Functional Equations2 Number Theory3 Geometry4 Combinatorics5 Improve Your Skills With Problem Solving5.1 Algebra5.2 Number Theory5.3 Geometry5.4 Combinatorics5.5 General Problem Solving Algebra Inequalities Secrets In I nequalities volume 1 - Basic Inequalities  - PhamKim Hung . Secrets In Inequalities volume 2 - Advanced Inequalities  - Pham Kim Hung .  Algebraic Inequalities - Old And New Methods  - VasileCirtoaje . Old And New inequalities volume 1  - Titu Andreescu, VasileCirtoaje, Gabriel Dospinescu, Mircea Lascu . Old  And New Inequalities volume 2  - Vo Quoc Ba Can,Cosmin Pohoata . The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class  - J. Michael Steele . Inequalities: A Mathematical Olympiad Approach  - RadmilaBulajich Manfrino, Jose Antonio Ortega, Rogelio ValdezDelgado .  An Introduction to Inequalities  - Bellman, Beckenbach .  Analytic Inequalities  - Mitrinovic . Inequalities Theorems and Formulas  forum. Useful Inequalities  topic. Polynomials Polynomials and Polynomial Inequalities (Graduate Texts inMathematics)  - (Springer) - Peter Borwein - Tamas  Erdely . Geometry of Polynomials  - (American MathematicalSociety) - Morris Marden . Polynomials  - (Springer) - E.J. Barbeau .Solving Polynomial Equations: Foundations, Algorithms,and Applications - (Springer) - Alicia Dickenstein -Ioannis Z. Emiris . Functional Equations Functional Equations and Inequalities in Several Variables  -(World Scientific Publication) - Stefan Czerwik . Lectures on Functional Equations  - (Academic Press) - J.Aczel . Functional Equations: A Problem Solving Approach  - (PrismBooks) - B.J. Venkatchala . Functional Equations and How to Solve Them  - (Springer)- Christopher G. Small . Number Theory Number Theory Structures, Examples, and Problems  - TituAndreescu, Dorin Andrica  - Both  Book (olympiadexamples followed by problems). Excellent  book fornumber theory.  An Introduction to Diophantine Equations  - Titu Andreescu,Dorin Andrica, Ion Cucurezeanu  - Both  Book (olympiadexamples followed by problems). Excellent  book forDiophantine equations. 104 Number Theory Problems  - Titu Andreescu, DorinAndrica, Zuming Feng  - Problem  Book. 250 problems in number theory   - W.Sierpinski  - Problem  Book.  A Selection of Problems in Theory of Numbers  - W.Sierpinski  - Problem  Book. Great  book. The Theory of Numbers - a Text and Source Book of Problems  - Andrew Adler, John E. Coury  - Both  Book(olympiad examples followed byproblems). Excellent  book. Number Theory   - Naoki Sato (nsato)  - Theory  Book. Solved and Unsolved Problems in Number Theory   - DanielShanks  - Problem  Book. Elementary Number Theory (Revised Printing)  - David M.Burton  - It is a nice book for theory building and is low-impact in its approach.  An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers  - Ivan Niven,Herbert S. Zuckerman  - Theory  Book. Elementary Number Theory   - W. Edwin Clark  [free online- download here ] - Theory  Book. Numbers and Curves  - Franz Lemmermeyer  [free online- download here ] - Theory  Book.  Algorithmic Number Theory   - S. Arun-Kumar  [free online- download here ] - Theory  Book. Elementary Number Theory   - William Stein  - [free online  - download here ] - Both  Book (lots of theorems withproblems at the end of each section). Number Theory, An Introduction via the Distribution of Primes  - Benjamin Fine, Gerhard Rosenberger  - Theory  Book. Number Theory for Computing  - Song Y.Yan  - Theory  Book (this book contains computationalexamples/theorems for number theory). Pell's Equation  - Edward J. Barbeau  [level is a little aboveolympiad] - Both  Book (olympiad examples followed byproblems). Geometry 103 Trigonometry Problems  - Titu Andreescu, ZumingFeng  - Both  book (solved examples and approaches +problems). Triangles, Concurrency and Quadrilaterals  - [free online- download here ]. Geometry Unbound   - Kedlaya  - Theory  book - this book isavailable online for download. See here l - Great  book. Famous Problems of Geometry and How to SolveThem  - Benjamin Bold  - Both  book (solved examples andapproaches + problems). Challenging Problems in Geometry   - Alfred S. Posamenter,Charles T. Salkind  - Both  book - Great  book. Elements of Projective Geometry   - LuigiCeremona  - Both  book, again.  Japanese Temple Geometry Problems  - SanGaku  - Problem  book (it contains lots of theorems aboutcircles). Geometric Problems on Maxima and Minima  - TituAndreescu, Oleg Mushkarov, Luchezar Stoyanov  - Problem  book - Great  book. Complex Numbers in Geometry   - I. M.Yaglom  - Theory  book. Forum Geometricorum (A Journal on Classical EuclideanGeometry and Related Areas)  - Authors  - Uploaded by AmirHossein Parvardi .  AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD .  All Volumes First VolumeSecond VolumeThird VolumeFourth VolumeFifth VolumeSixth VolumeSeventh VolumeEighth VolumeNinth Volume This  note by Darij Grinberg Darij Grinberg's  whole site download   - his website  hasa great number of articles/solved problems that you may  use in your Olympiad studying - Great . Geometry revisited   - Coxeter and Greitzer  - Both  book. Problems in Geometry   - Kutepov,Rubanov  - Problem  book. Investigations in Geometry (MathMotivators!)  - Posamentier, Sheridan  - Both  book. Introduction to Geometry   - Coxeter  - Theory  book. 103 Trigonometry Problems  - Andreescu,Feng  - Problem  book - this is a very good book. Modern Geometry with Applications  - Jennings  - Both  book. Geometric Transformations (4volumes)  - Yaglom  - Theory  book. Combinatorics  A Path to Combinatorics for Undergraduates  - Andreescu,Feng . Proofs that Really Count (The Art of Combinatorial Proof)'   - Benjamin and Quinn .  A Course in Combinatorics  - Lint and Wilson . Improve Your Skills With Problem Solving Algebra 100 Inequality Problems Proposed by Vasc and arqady   - Amir Hossein Parvardi . 115 Algebra Problems  - Mohammad Jafari . 100 Nice Polynomial Problems (With Solutions)  - AmirHossein Parvardi . 100 Functional Equations Problems (WithSolutions)  - Amir Hossein Parvardi . Trigonometry Problems Collection  - Amir HosseinParvardi . 567 Nice And Hard Inequalities  - Nguyễn Duy Tùng . Inequalities From 2007 and 2008 Competitions Around TheWorld   - Manh Dung Nguyen .  A Collection of Limits  - Pain rinnegan . Technical Analysis of Three Variable Inequalities  - NguyenDuy Tung, Zhou Yuan Zhe . Number Theory 1220 Number Theory Problems (With Sources)  - AmirHossein Parvardi . Lifting the Exponent Lemma (LTE)  - Amir HosseinParvardi . Solving Diophantine Equations  - lamphong . Several Things About Sum of Squares  - lamphong . Some Own Problems In Number Theory   - mathmdmb . Primitive Roots, Order, and Quadratic Residues  - mathmdmb . Number Theory Marathon Problems  - M4RI0 .
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