001 Apu Ir Template for Ir Investigation Report

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Apu Ir Template for Ir Investigation Report
  MINIMUM REQUIREMENT FOR INVESTIGATION, ANALYSIS AND DESIGNREPORT CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDYBackground to the project This should include the identification to the problem situation and the   rationale for carrying out the project, based on review of past research work where the gaps areidentified  Scope and objectives Identify clearly the scope, in terms of the level of challenge. Specifically identify areas / functionalities which will not be considered  Project plan Description of how the project will proceed and how it would be evaluated  CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW “    Analyse the existing literature and give justification as to how your research will fit intothe existing body of knowledge” (CQU Library, 2000) IntroductionDomain Research ã Depending on the area of research ã Contribution to the body of knowledge that is relevant to the research problem, ã How it compares and contrasts with the positions developed by other researchers. ã Similar Systems Technical Research ã Language ã Database ã  Architecture ã Methodology  Conclusions Note: Literature Research materials should be from academic sources, journals, conference proceedings and books as far as possible. Do not merely cite what others are saying about the various aspects / concepts etc but analyse and use what they are saying to justify why you are doing what you are doing as well as how you plan to carry this out. CHAPTER 3: PRIMARY RESEARCHIntroduction Explain which primary research you have considered – justify your reason for theselectionNote: ã For each primary research you have chosen, o If it is questionnaire, survey or interview, list the questions asked, the objective of the question(s), the findings and the conclusions. Also, note that it is not mandatory each question should have a different objective / finding / conclusion.You could have one objective for a couple of questions and hence, have one set of findings with one conclusion. o If it is observation, prepare a checklist of what is to be observed. Include theobjective, findings and conclusions. ã Ensure the questions and checklist are pertaining to the project / what you intend to doand not generic in nature.  ã Supervisors should approve the questions / checklist, before these are used by signing the 2  nd  part of the Ethics Form. Questionnaire / Survey ã Question ã Objective ã Findings ã Conclusion Interview ã Question ã Objective ã Findings ã Conclusion Conclusion Overall conclusion of your primary research based on your objectives – were thesefulfilled? Were your doubts cleared through the findings? What is the impact of the findings onyour overall project aims and objectives? CHAPTER 4: ANALYSIS Reintroduce your requirements / project aims and objectives. Relate how the findings of thevarious research methods applied affected your decision to either retain the requirements or make changes to them. Provide examples from your findings to support your decisions. CHAPTER 5: DESIGNIntroduction Which modeling tool was chosen for this project? What designs will be produced in this chapter?Note: ã Include here appropriate designs to represent the system, the database, the interface,etc. ã For each set of designs produced, provide explanation on what was produced and how it relates to the analysis. ã Ensure the designs relate to the system to be produced  ã  Additional designs that cannot be included in the documentation can be included in theCD instead  CHAPTER 6: CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS What was achieved at the end of the first leg of the project?Were you able to do enough investigation / research with regards to what you want to achieve / do?Were there any gaps in your research, analysis and design – where you may want to further explore and identify/ improve? REFERENCESAPPENDIX ã Log Sheet  ã Gantt Chart  ã PSF  ã Ethics ã Interview/Questionnaire sample (some with answers)  ã Statistics
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