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MArketing plan
    MARKETING PLAN 2005-2006  M OREHEAD S  TATE U NIVERSITY   M  ARKETING  P LAN  2005-2006 Introduction At Morehead State University, the marketing process is a logical extension of the strategic planning process. Marketing encompasses the continuum from making decisions about which academic  programs  will be offered to providing those programs at a  place  and rate  students are willing and able to access them. The marketing plan of the University outlines critical marketing strategies and the communication   methods  used to assist in accomplishing institutional objectives. Information about academic programs, educational outcomes, delivery methods and tuition policies is found in the University’s strategic plan, strategic enrollment management plan and other key planning documents. Marketing tactics While marketing strategies are developed to help accomplish expected outcomes, key marketing tactics are used to support many of those strategies. One of the basic tactics is utilizing a consistent design for marketing materials, making University messages easily recognizable by the public. Printed promotional pieces, including open house guides, scholarship brochure and scholarship guide, will incorporate this consistent look. Morehead State University will use “ Quality education for every generation ” as the tagline in advertising and on publications. This tagline was developed and is being implemented for the following reasons: ã It focuses on the primary, consistent institutional message of quality academic programs. This claim can be substantiated by academic  programs through success rates on licensure exams, earning and maintaining accreditation, and student success as demonstrated by  professional acceptance rates. ã It fosters diversity. “Generation” has taken on added meaning, and now often refers to groups who have common interests, experiences and  backgrounds in addition to an age cohort. ã It is relevant to traditional and non-traditional student audiences. ã It acknowledges past and present successes by students, faculty and alumni, while implying continued emphasis on quality. The top 25 ranking  by U.S.News & World Report will continue to be incorporated as a consistent element of marketing materials. This further supports the emphasis on quality. Prospective students and parents who visit campus like what they see and are overwhelmingly positive about the experience, especially after meeting with faculty and staff. We will continue to implement “ drive to campus ” tactics focusing on bringing more potential students and parents to campus, as a campus visit is a strong predictor of  Revised 1/31/06 1  M OREHEAD S  TATE U NIVERSITY   M  ARKETING  P LAN  2005-2006 applying and enrolling. Recruitment events, including open houses, will receive significant emphasis. Marketing materials will include a call to action, “Visit us and see what we have to offer you!” The MSU Web site will continue to be a critical tool in effectively communicating with all audiences, and as such will receive special emphasis. The content management system being developed during the past year will launch with updated design, functionality and content. Design of Datatel Web elements will begin this year. A media plan outlining advertising projects designed to support marketing strategies will  be implemented throughout the year. Advertising projects that will be deployed include open house promotion and diversity initiative support. Special emphasis will continue to  be given to promoting the Space Science Center. This initiative continues to have a  positive halo effect on the academic reputation of the entire institution. Marketing plan outline Marketing plan strategies address the following elements: Audiences Reaching audiences includes focusing externally on  prospective students and other key constituencies as well as internally on those providing academic services and student support. Faculty and staff are critical partners in the communication flow. Market analysis  Market analysis provides a foundation for making decisions regarding prioritization and allocation of  promotional resources. Determining external market potential and assessing internal outcomes help guide those decisions. Messages Conveying consistent institutional messages is critical to leveraging limited resources in order to achieve maximum impact. Communicating enrollment goals and expected educational outcomes assists faculty and staff in planning. Communication methods Reaching prospective students requires using different methods at different stages in the decision  process. Mass media and direct marketing are more relevant to building awareness, while personal contacts are critical at the point when prospective students are making a commitment. An overview of the marketing process, depicting the relationships and flow among these elements, is found on the following page.  Revised 1/31/06 2  M OREHEAD S  TATE U NIVERSITY   M  ARKETING  P LAN  2005-2006 Overview of marketing process This overview is not intended to present a comprehensive list. The list of possible subgroups of current and prospective students alone would be extensive. It should illustrate the interdependencies and continuous flow of the marketing process.  Revised 1/31/06 3

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