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June 24, 2010 A US Airways Employee Publication Issue 269 Back to Baton Rouge US Airways resumed daily nonstop service from CLT to Baton Rouge, La. (BTR) Thursday after a seven-year hiatus. Customers traveling from the capital of the Bayou State now have access to more than 120 domestic and international destinations through CLT, where US Airways has expanded its service to 612 peak-day departures. Wholly owned US Airways Express carrier PSA Airlines will operate three flights a day year-roun
  US Airways resumed daily nonstop service rom CLTto Baton Rouge, La. (BTR) Thursday ater a seven-yearhiatus. Customers traveling rom the capital o the BayouState now have access to more than 120 domestic andinternational destinations through CLT, where US Airwayshas expanded its service to 612 peak-day departures. Wholly owned US Airways Express carrier PSA Airlines will operate three ights a day year-round using 50-seat CRJ-200regional jets. Chuck Allen , CLT-based director, Government Affairs andCommunity Relations, told customers, government ofcials andmembers of the media at Thursday’s inaugural ight event, “Inaddition to allowing greater travel access for Baton Rouge-areacustomers, US Airways customers from North America and beyond will now have service to the capital of the Bayou State.”BTR is the second domestic destination to return to service thisyear from CLT; service to Melbourne, Fla. (MLB) resumed Feb.11 after a 12-year hiatus. Flights to Paris – Charles de Gaulle(CDG) resumed in April 2009 after an eight-year hiatus. June 24, 2010Issue 269A US Airways Employee Publication 0 INSIDE 2Q Chairman’s deadline is June 30 . . . . . . . . . . . . page 2I Make US Fly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 3Frequently Asked Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 5 CLT by the Numbers 6,394 employees612 peak-day departures135 non-stop destinations Back to Baton Rouge  PSA Airlines’ inaugural BTR ight crew (left to right) First Ofcer   Daniel Offermann  , Capt.  Brendan Tierney and Flight  Attendant   Daphne Arthur . The last six weeks have been particularly busy ones for CLT.Since May 13, US Airways has added new nonstop service toRome (FCO), Ottawa (YOW), Puerto Vallarta (PVR) and LosCabos (SJD), MLB and BTR from its largest hub. And in Dec.2009 we began our rst-ever service to South America with dailynonstop ights to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GIG).On June 7, Charlotte Douglas International Airport was awardedthe prestigious Eagle Award from the International Air TransportAssociation (IATA). The award comes under the “Best Airport”category. Eagle Awards honor air navigation service providers(ANSPs) and airports for outstanding performance in customer satisfaction, cost efciency and continuous improvement – which is great news for the 40,000 US Airways customers whoy from, to or through CLT each day. Continuing growth in CLT Managing US Airways’ largest hub is a big job, butsomebody’s gotta do it. That somebody is VicePresident, CLT Hub, Terri Pope. Learn how Terri gother start in the airline business and some of thelessons she’s learned along the way during hercareer on the home page of Wings.  2 Did you know eighty-our percent o US Airwaysemployees occupy a rontline position? That’s about26,000 people who, everyday, contribute to the sae andreliable operation that our customers depend on. Butcertainly with that comes stories o increible eort anddedication. Know someone who ts that description? Then nominate himor her for a second quarter Chairman’s Award. The Chairman’sAward is US Airways’ most important recognition program, as itrecognizes employees who demonstrate behaviors or accomplishtasks that go above and beyond the normal responsibilities of their positions.The deadline for nominations is June 30 and no doubt thereare stories to be told of truly outstading job performance.Consider in the second quarter alone there were more than100,000 scheduled mainline ights across our route map — helprecognzie the Herculean efforts that made running a safe andreliable operation possible. 2Q Chairman’s deadline is June 30 Are you following US Airways on Twitter? If so, you probablysaw some teasers this week about epic deals and giveaways thatwe’re going to offer US Airways followers starting next Monday.Why are we doing this? As more people embrace web-enabledmobile devices, usership of online communities like Twitter willgrow. This promotion (unfortunately, not available to employeesand their families) will help create some buzz about our airlinein this medium.Twitter is unique in that it’s built to be a medium for what’shappening now. For example, Twitter recently saw a record3,000 tweets sent in one second during Game 7 of the NBAFinals last week. Twitter says they routinely see about 65 milliontweets a day. That’s a lot of conversation – and that includesconversation about US.If you’re on Twitter, you can follow @USAirways and@USemployees, a feed just for employees.So why aren’t we on Facebook? We’re not there just yet – Facebook is more personal than Twitter but we’d like to growthere, too. And don’t forget that we’ve got a YouTube channelwith some fun stuff: http://www.youtube.com/usairways. Tweet deals aheadNews at your fngertips Get company newssent straight to yourPDA!Sign up on the homepage of Wings (wings.usairways.com)  by clicking the“subscribe” button.It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!1. Enter your name and email address.2. Select your publications of choice.3. Submit!  A group of PHL Customer Service agents was selected for  pooling their money together to help a stranded elderly passenger in a wheelchair. Learn more and nominate someone on Wings!(Community > Awards> Chairman’s Award)  3 Vice President, Reservations and Customer Service Planning, Kerry Hester held town halls for INT Reservations agentsthis week.Kerry discussed some of the tools that are coming soon to Resagents (see last week’s  AboutUS  for details!), how US Airwaysis performing and the industry as a whole, and took questionsfrom employees. In the INT   S  h u  t  t  e  r  b  u  g  s I am compelled to write this and feel remiss in not doingso sooner. I must thank, from the bottom of my heart, thecockpit crew of Flight 2602 on March 16 from CLT toPensacola, Fla. (PNS).It was with heavy heart that I started my journey that day tosee, for the nal time, my precious father, retired US AirwaysCaptain Robert Figuly, who was embarking on his own journey. He was dying.I must admit, ashamedly so, being the daughter of a pilot, myanxiety level was sky high (OK, that wasn’t meant as a pun, but it does work!), for I had not own in close to 20 years.I brought on board with me my favorite picture of Dad. Hein his beloved USAir captain’s seat, so handsome, looking back at the photographer, eyes sparkling with pride, thatinimitable, quirky grin he was so known for appearing justaround his mouth. He exuded such love for his craft, suchrespect for his profession.   I was shown to my seat, and debated if I should approachthe ight attendant with my request. I stared into my Dad’seyes, and made up my mind to do so. I asked if she would please ask the Captain a favor from me. I requested that theCaptain allow ‘Dad’ in the cockpit for one more ight. I think it surprised her. I returned to my seat, awaiting the verdictfrom the front of the plane, or security! I was escorted to thecockpit; Dad was in! Dad’s picture was placed right by thethrottle! Captain Kenneth Yoder and First Ofcer ShukriElkhayyat were eager to accommodate. Their sincerity wasso heartfelt and I was overwhelmed by their kind words.I hoped with all my heart that I arrived in time to relay myexperience. Dad was coherent and listened intently as Irecounted my story. He wept with gratitude. Dad passed twodays later, lovingly brushing my hands away from his, as hecontrolled the plane to his nal destination.Safe landing, Dad..........S. Figuly Colbert We’re all busy running high loads this summer but it’s good to remember each traveler is on a unique journey.The following letter serves as a good reminder toalways see the reason behind each person’s trip...thisMesa ight crew did just that and as you’ll read, their kind gesture will never be forgotten.  From left to right,  Kerry Hester  , Agents Vergie Hart  ,  Bryan Rogers  ,  Deborah England  and Supervisor   Karen Owen .  Recently, US Airways’ Employee Resource Group (ERG)Spectrum participated in Philadelphia Pride. The ollowingletter was sent to the ERG’s executive sponsor, SuzanneBoda, sharing the group’s participation. Dear Suzanne,I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts in supporting US Airways Spectrum’s participationin the Philadelphia Pride parade and festival on June 13. Withoutyour assistance and support, the event would never have beensuch an amazing success! It is a testament to our ability to achieveunbelievable heights by the impressive network of employeesacross all departments. We were proud to see folks from Customer Service, Fleet Service, Maintenance, Flight Operations, InFlightServices, Administrative support, management and, of course,family members and friends.   Approximately 40 employees along with their friends and lovedones joined us in the celebration. The parade route stretched 13 blocks through the city to Penn’s Landing where the festival took  place. Our division in the parade included a catering truck, van,truck with sound equipment, and employees alongside distributingin-ight snacks and bottles of water.Our group was a phenomenal hit – US Airways won the judge’saward for “Best Business” in the parade! At the festival, theUS Airways booth was also extremely popular – a rafe was heldfor several prizes donated by generous organizations (both insideand outside the company), and a prize wheel allowed everyone towin a smaller gift with the US Airways logo. What a wonderfulopportunity to advocate diversity and promote the US Airways brand.You were denitely missed and we made sure to set the bar highfor next year! We are already planning for Philadelphia Pride 2011with the goal of making next year’s event even more spectacular.With your continued support, I am sure this objective will be met.Warm Regards,Dan PearsonSpectrum President 4  June is National Saety Month, which is an annual publicawareness campaign organized by the National SaetyCouncil (NSC). It serves as a call to action or employersand other organizations to help reverse a dramaticnational increase in accidental injuries and deaths. In 2009, US Airways incurred more than $9 million in aircraftdamage. While this is a large expense, US Airways actuallyhad the fewest number of damages in 2009 compared to other airlines.This includes damage to aircraft engines, tail section,fuselage and wings.Please use caution when operating all ground service equipmentaround the aircraft. Following all policies and procedures willensure your safety and the safety of those working around you.At the time of publication, US Airways had eight aircraft damageincidents during June.Keep an eye out for a future  AboutUS  with a focus on reducingaircraft ground damages. Remember to focus on the task at handand use situational awareness to avoid these costly damages and potential injuries. Saety month: Spotlight on aircrat ground damages Learn more about ERGson Wings.   PHL shows its pride 2009 Aircrat Damage Costs   $4,593,353engine$735,440 tail $1,378,816fuselage$1,096,430 slide $531,748wing

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