10 Point checklist to boost your Magento store

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Is your Magento store running slow? A slow website will gradually convert less traffic which can decrease overall sales. To eradicate that slow performance, we've formulated an easy to-do checklist which covers all the necessary methods to increase your eCommerce store's speed.
  • 1. www.infigic.com
  • 2. www.infigic.com Magento is one of the leading and commonly used open source ecommerce platform. If your Magento store is not correctly optimized, it will run at a snail's pace. Most of the times, even experienced magento developers could miss these preferences to boost the speed and performanceofyour Magentostore forloading thepages more rapidly. Ways to increase your magento store’s performance can range from admin to server or hosting settings. They could be commonly used but can result greatlyforincreasing thepage loadspeed. 2
  • 3. www.infigic.com Below stated checklist will ensure if you missed some important factors that are slowing down your Magento store’s speed. All further mentioned suggestions are general guidelines. Results may vary between different Magento installations. 3
  • 4. www.infigic.com CombineallJavaScript and CSSfilesintoone by compressingthem. Thisreduces thenumberof HTTP requestsmade by websiteto the server. Recommended Alternative:Compressor- minifyJS & CSS #1 JSANDCSSFILES 4
  • 5. www.infigic.com In the admin panel: System> Configuration,Advanced >Developer JavascriptSettings,CSSSettings Set“Merge Javascript”Filesand “MergeCSS” Filesto “Yes”. HOW TO 5
  • 6. www.infigic.com Cache isthe processof storingcertainelementsof aweb page.Enablingcache willtakelesstime to loadpagesbecause temporarydata of that sitewillbe storedlocally. Recommended Alternative:PageCacheextensionby Varnish #2 CACHING 6
  • 7. www.infigic.com In the admin panel: Go to System> Cache Management. Enableall the requiredcache typesfrom thereand press"Submit" HOW TO 7
  • 8. www.infigic.com #3 REINDEXDATA Indexingmakesiteasy forthe systemto search and fetch the requesteddata. Assuch, regularly indexingyour Magento store'sdata willhavea positiveimpacton the overallspeed performance. 8
  • 9. www.infigic.com In the admin panel: Go to System> IndexManagement Selectall indexesand hit “Reindexdata” button. HOW TO 9
  • 10. www.infigic.com Everytimea visitoraccessesa page, Magento hasto pullactivescripts.Youcan solvethisby enablingcompilation. Note: Compilationmustbe disabledevery timeyou updateany themes,extensionsetc. otherwisethey could cause errors. #4 COMPILATION 10
  • 11. www.infigic.com In the admin panel: Go to System> Tools> Compilation. Ifthe CompilerStatus isdisabledthen click on thetop right button “Run CompilationProcess” HOW TO 11
  • 12. www.infigic.com Attributesthat apply to products and categoriesare storedin separatedatabasetables dependingon theirtypes.Flatteningwillput allattributesin one tablewhichwillhave a positive impacton sitespeedespeciallyifit hasmorethan 1000 products. #5 FLATCATALOG 12
  • 13. www.infigic.com In the admin panel: Go to System> Configuration> Catalog Set“Use FlatCatalogCategory”and “UseFlat CatalogProduct” to 'Yes“ HOW TO 13
  • 14. www.infigic.com ETagsarea way for browsersto validatecached components acrosssubsequentvisits.Theycan slowdown a siteservedfroma clusterifthe clusterhasn’t implementedthemproperly. Itisbest to justturn themoff. #6 DISABLEETAGS 14
  • 15. www.infigic.com Youwillneed to disableeTagsfromthe .htaccessfile. Just pastethe above codein your Magento website’s.htaccess and compare theperformance. HOW TO 15
  • 16. www.infigic.com Browsersuseexpiresheadersto determinehow longa page component can be cached. Static components likeimagesshouldhave far-futureexpiresheadersbut allpage components should have expiresheaders. #7 EXPIRESHEADERS 16 EXPIRES HEADERS
  • 17. www.infigic.com Similarto eTagsconfiguration,to activateexpiresheadersfeature,add ExpiresActiveOnand ExpiresDefault"accessplus1 year"in the .htaccessfile. HOW TO 17
  • 18. www.infigic.com GZip compressionisknown to improveMagento’s performance.You can gainmorerapid performanceby editingthistoo inyour store's.htaccessfile. #8 GZIPCOMPRESSION 18
  • 19. www.infigic.com Add the abovementionedcode in your website’s.htaccessfile. HOW TO 19
  • 20. www.infigic.com MySQL configurationoptimizationallowsyou to managethecache sizeand limit. Note: Do thisonly if you haveRAMaround 1GB. #9 MYSQLOPTIMIZATION 20
  • 21. www.infigic.com Adjustthesecache query settingsin your store’smy.cnf file 1. query_cache_type 2. query_cache_size 3. query_cache_limit HOW TO 21
  • 22. www.infigic.com Itwillturn alllogs offso that thesystemneed not wastetimewiththat. However,thismay become disadvantageousatthe timeof troubleshooting.Spare thisoption for the lastonly if the loadingspeedisstillverylowand you aresureto go ahead without logs. #10DISABLINGLOGS 22
  • 23. www.infigic.com In the adminpanel: Go to System> Configuration> Developer>Log Settings HOW TO 23
  • 24. www.infigic.com NEED MORE ASSISTANCE? GO SOCIALWITHINFIGIC We welcome you tocontact Infigic for a free, nohassle magento consultancy. Let’s discuss about your idea, the on going activities, opportunities that work for you and create a master plan to improve your online efforts. 24 Magento Speed Optimization Not sure where to start? We’re always there Contact usvia email
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