(1885) A Short Treatise on Head Wear, Ancient & Modern

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1885 - R.Dunlap & Co., New York, N.Y.
  mmm ;m ^. ^ It  f V ) > Copyrighted, 1885, By R. DUNLAP & CO. l.OCKWOOD Press, 126 & 128 Duane St.. New York.  R SHORT TREATISE ON HEAD^WEAR ANCIENT /IND ja§DEl^N> ILLUSTRATED BY Waller' p.. QocsMr, \ THE HE:N'Rr FRAJ^CIS du POJVT fVI^rrERTHUR MUSEUM LIBRARIES  ^ ]Tea3 ^ear, 3^ncient an3 Mo3epn. J^RACING the history of man as far back as we can jP under civilized conditions of life, we find that in one form or another he has made use of some artificial con- trivance to protect his head. Nature, in her bounty, seems to have provided in part against the necessity of the hat, by giving to the head a thick and abundant covering of hair, but, instead of con- sidering this as an indicationthat the head required no other protection, mankind seems rather to have regarded it as a hint to keep this most important part of the body well covered. The hat being the most conspicuous article of dress, andsurmounting all the rest, it is only natural to find that from the earliest times special care and attention has been given to its adornment — showy plumes, rare jewels and rich bands of gold and silver being used at different pe- riods to decorate it. Its form and frequently its color have also been made to designate the rank and character of the wearer: As the Monarch by his crown, the Cardinal by his red hat, which betokens his readiness to spill his blood at any time for the sake of Christ, and thecourt fool by his cap with bells. In
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