(2) Philippine Economic Update 2015 & Beyond

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  Economic Update2015 & Beyond Joey P. Ledesma, PhDPhilippine Business EnvironmentJanuary 15, 2016   The Country’s Basic Fundamentals ã Consistent Credit p!rade sin e 201# $a%ove the minimum investment !rade& ã 50 'illion (ilipinos rea hin! )or*in! a!e ã +( -emian es ã BP+ -evenues ã (orei!n /ourist -e eipts ã DP ro)th mon! the astest in 3E4  sia ã Beni!n n7a8on $partly due to lo) !lo%al pri es&  External Risks ã 3 nterest -ate 9i*es %y the (ederal -eserve $e:pe ted at ;100 %asis points ea h rom 2016 to 201< ã /his ould lead to interest rate hi*es movin! %orro)in! osts up)ard in the Philippines ã lo%al=China E onomi slo)do)n $ ould lead to a slo)er Philippine e:ports to China, the )orld>s 2 nd  %i!!est e onomy ã eopoli8 al -is*s $33, 'iddle East /ensions, China /erritorial Dispute, 4orth ?orea  External Risks (Continued) ã ea*er sian urren ies vs. 3@ $ho)ever, any )ea*ness in the peso e: han!e rate is mi8!ated %y the on8nued in rease in +( -emian es ã Ele 8on related un ertain8es ã Erra8 eather Behavior ã lo%al e onomi slo)do)n ould adversely aAe t demand or +(s ã -is* o a real estate %u%%le %urs8n!
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