2003 Hyundai Coupe Manual

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2003 D R IV I N G IS B E L I EV I N G A010A02A-AAT WARRANTIES FOR YOUR HYUNDAI VEHICLE o o o o o o o New Vehicle 60 Months/60,000 Miles Limited Warranty New Vehicle 120 Months/100,000 Miles Limited Powertrain Warranty (first owner only) Anti-Perforation Limited Warranty Emission Defect Warranty - Federal Vehicle California Emission Control System Warranty (if applicable) Emission Performance Warranty - Federal Vehicle Replacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty NOTE: Detailed warra
  D R I V I N G IS B E L I E V I N G  2003  A010A02A-AAT WARRANTIES FOR YOUR HYUNDAI VEHICLE oNew Vehicle 60 Months/60,000 Miles Limited WarrantyoNew Vehicle 120 Months/100,000 Miles Limited Powertrain Warranty (first owner only)oAnti-Perforation Limited WarrantyoEmission Defect Warranty - Federal VehicleoCalifornia Emission Control System Warranty (if applicable)oEmission Performance Warranty - Federal VehicleoReplacement Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty NOTE:Detailed warranty information is provided in your Hyundai Owner's Handbook. A020A01A-AAT RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAINTENANCE The maintenance requirements for your new Hyundai are found in Section 5. As theowner, it is your responsibility to see that all maintenance operations specified by themanufacturer are carried out at the appropriate intervals. When the vehicle is used insevere driving conditions, more frequent maintenance is required for some operations.Maintenance requirements for severe operating conditions are also included in Section5.  OWNER’S MANUAL A030A05F-AAT OperationMaintenanceSpecifications  All information in this Owner's Manual is current at the time of publication. However, Hyundai reserves the right to makechanges at any time so that our policy of continual product improvement may be carried out.This manual applies to all Hyundai Tiburon models and includes descriptions and explanations of optional as well asstandard equipment. As a result, you may find material in this manual that does not apply to your specific vehicle. HGK037  A040A01A-AAT FOREWORD Thank you for choosing Hyundai. We are pleased to welcome you to the growing number of discriminatingpeople who drive Hyundais. The advanced engineering and high-quality construction of each Hyundai webuild is something of which we're very proud.Your Owner's Manual will introduce you to the features and operation of your new Hyundai. It is suggestedthat you read it carefully since the information it contains can contribute greatly to the satisfaction youreceive from your new car.The manufacturer also recommends that all service and maintenance on your car be performed by anauthorized Hyundai dealer. Hyundai dealers are prepared to provide high-quality service, maintenance andany other assistance that may be required. A050A04A-AAT HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY Note: Because future owners will also need the information included in this manual, if you sell thisHyundai, please leave the manual in the vehicle for their use. Thank you. CAUTION: Severe engine and transaxle damage may result from the use of poor quality fuels andlubricants that do not meet Hyundai specifications. You must always use high quality fuels andlubricants that meet the specifications listed on Page 9-3 in the Vehicle Specifications section ofthe Owner's Manual and which also appear in the Service Station Information on the back coverof the Owner's Manual. Copyright 2002 Hyundai Motor Company. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may bereproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the priorwritten permission of Hyundai Motor Company.
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