2016 Allegro EMEA Summit_Logistics for Liquids and Solids

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1. Logistics for Liquids & Solids David Bernal 2. Agenda ã  New Func)onality ã  Other Proposed Func)onal Addi)ons Logistics for Liquids & Solids 3. ã …
  • 1. Logistics for Liquids & Solids David Bernal
  • 2. Agenda •  New Func)onality •  Other Proposed Func)onal Addi)ons Logistics for Liquids & Solids
  • 3. •  3rd Party Inventory •  Blend Products •  Intransit Inventory Accounting •  Accounting of Intransit Inventory •  GL only Inventory Adjustment •  Run Out Report using actual Inventory •  Volumetric Commitment Report New Functionality
  • 4. 3rd Party Inventory Objective: tracking total inventory and inventory broken out by each 3rd party, including monthly statements, invoicing, forecasting, profit and loss
  • 5. Blend Products Objective: (1) Pre-defined blend detail in Trade Execution (2) Actualize a ticket for a blended product, option reduce the inventory of input products
  • 6. Accounting of Intransit Objective: (1) account for intransit inventory into inventory accrual process (2) accounting entry made for intransit inventory reversed & rebooked (3) Imbalance between load and discharge
  • 7. GL Inventory Adjustment Objective: Adjust the Quantity and Value of Inventory without touching the Physical Inventory in the application
  • 8. Objective: In Petroleum Blending use Actual inventory & ability to estimate/change the quantities and the delivery dates Run Out Schedule using Actual Inventory
  • 9. Objective: Freight/Storage Pane out of the Scheduling for a Stand Alone Commitment report Volumetric Commitment
  • 10. •  Expected CV/Quality •  Shipment Chain •  FIFO Disagregation Other Proposed Additions
  • 11. Expected CV & Exposure Objective: (1) Expected CV at trade level calculating expected quality adjustment (2) Market exposure based on price basis versus expected/measured quality
  • 12. Objective: Automatically link and report shipment flows Shipment Chain
  • 13. Objective: Disaggregate each cost & commodity price in Inventory Valuation FIFO Disaggregation
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