2017 Germany Cultural Mission Itinerary

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2017 Germany Cultural Mission Itinerary
  Itinerary prepared by City of San Antonio International Relations Office Germany  –  October 25-29, 2017 Benefit to San Antonio: Through the signing of a Sister City Agreement, Darmstadt and San Antonio will jointly support continued efforts to strengthen relations and promote economic cooperation, bilateral trade and cultural and educational exchanges in fields including IT/cybersecurity, heritage tourism, aerospace, biomedical/health care and new energy. Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and the third largest export nation in the world.  Germany is San Antonio’s sixth larges t export destination and numerous German companies are located in the San Antonio area. Germany is a key target country for San Antonio according to the San Antonio Trade and Investment Strategy. The mission allows elected officials to support UTSA’s goal of attaining Tier One status through their focus on outreach to and affiliation with international world-class research institutions. Additionally, the M ayor will highlight San Antonio’s year -long Tricentennial activities and invite Darmstadt and US Consulate officials to promote and visit in 2018. Darmstadt is already working with local cultural organizations (Musical Bridges Around the World and Blue Star Contemporary) to send musicians and artists to San Antonio for Tricentennial activities. Itinerary Thursday, October 26, 2017    Country Overview and briefing by U.S. Consulate General staff members organized by U.S. Foreign Commercial Service in Frankfurt    Tour of Merck Pharmaceutical to include a visit to Innovation Center followed by lunch hosted by Merck Pharmaceutical.    Lord Mayor will take Mayor Nirenberg to a special ceremony to the victims of National Socialism by “the laying of stumbling blocks ‘Stolpersteine’” during the lunch hour.    Round Table dialogue with arts and cultural leaders of Darmstadt with an opportunity to share information about Darmstadt and San Antonio arts and cultural institutions.    Tour and overview of European Space Operations Center    Visit to Entega AG  –   Darmstadt’s Utility Company      Meeting with Darmstadt Chamber of Commerce Industrie- und Handelskammer (Industry and Commerce)    Meeting and overview with Fraunhofer Institute related to Advanced Research.    Visit to a Darmstadt high school to observe presentations by students from 3 different high schools in Darmstadt with Mayor Reißer of Darmstadt Friday, October 27, 2017    Tour and Overview of The Cesah GmbH, the Center of Satellite Navigation Hesse.    Tour and Overview of The Highest initiative. Highest is the startup center of the TU Darmstadt.  Itinerary prepared by City of San Antonio International Relations Office    Tour and overview of the latest Darmstadt business incubator (a joint venture between the Chamber of Commerce and City of Darmstadt) that will open in December.    Tour of the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research    Meeting at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF.    Meeting at the Faculty of Informatics, Technical University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt)    Tour of Monuments of Remembrance: Kappelplatz, Synagogue, Sinti and Roma, and the John F. Kennedy Haus.    Tour of Jefferson-Siedling and Discussion of “Open Door Policy” for refugees      Tour of the Hofgut Oberfeld, a bio-dynamic agriculture and organic farm with presentation by The Hon. Jochen Partsch, Lord Mayor of Darmstadt    Naming Ceremony for a new Darmstadt tram: “San Antonio”    Darmstadt  –  San Antonio Sister City Signing Ceremony    Darmstadt Technical University and UTSA MOU signing    Private dinner hosted by Lord Mayor Partsch and the City of Darmstadt with attendees to include Darmstadt VIP guests and the U.S. Consul General in Frankfurt Saturday, October 28, 2017    Tour of the Darmstadt’s Artist Colony, the Mathildenhöhe, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List for 2019 with overview by its Director , Dr. Philipp Gutbrod accompanied by Lord Mayor Partsch    Visit to University of Incarnate Word European Study Center in Heidelberg. Delegation Members City of San Antonio: 1.   Mr. Ron Nirenberg, Mayor of San Antonio 2.   Mr. Manny Pelaez, Councilman of San Antonio 3.   Ms. Sherry Dowlatshahi, Chief Diplomacy and Protocol Officer 4.   Ms. Skadi Tirpak, Economic Development Manager  San Antonio Chamber of Commerce: 5.   Mr. Michael Lynd, Board Member, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce 6.   Mr. Richard Perez, President & CEO, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce  Civic, Education, Business and Cultural Leaders (in alphabetical order): 7.   Dr. Mauli Agrawal, Provost, University of Texas at San Antonio 8.   Mrs. Sue Agrawal, Non-Profit Representative (Literacy & STEM Education)   Itinerary prepared by City of San Antonio International Relations Office 9.   Mr. Robert Braubach, San Antonio Attorney 10.   Mrs. Paula Gold-Williams, President & CEO, CPS Energy 11.   Dr. Anya Grokhovski, CEO, Musical Bridges Around the World 12.   Mr. Adam Hamilton, President & CEO, Southwest Research Institute 13.   Mr. Phil Hardberger, Former Mayor of San Antonio 14.   Mr. Randy Harig, Chairman of the Board, Texas Research and Technology Foundation 15.   Ms. Kay Harig, CEO, Officesource Ltd. 16.   Ms. Mary Heathcott, Executive Director, Blue Star Contemporary 17.   Mr. Claus Heide, President of Beethoven Maennerchor 18.   Mr. Johnny Hernandez, President & CEO, La Gloria 19.   Dr. Angelika Jansen, Community leader 20.   Ms. Linda Lopez-George, Director, Industry Relations & Strategic Partnerships, Office of the Vice President for Research, UT Health San Antonio 21.   Mr. Eugene Simor, President & CEO, Alamo Beer 22.   Mrs. Neriza Simor, Alamo Beer 23.   Mr. Eddie Williams, Culinary Blogger 24.   Dr. Rene Zenteno, Associate Provost for International Initiatives, University of Texas at San Antonio   Cost of the mission and funding sources:      Mayor Nirenberg and the City ’s  Chief Diplomacy and Protocol Officer will travel to both Israel and Germany during this trip. Their costs will be approximately $10,000 each, which includes airfare, hotel, transportation and per diem for food and misc. costs such as baggage. o   The Mayor’s travel to Israel and Germany will be paid for through the City’s Economic Development Department’s International Initiatives Fund, which is part of the General Fund. o   Travel for the Chief Diplomacy and Protocol Officer comes from the International Relations Office budget, which is funded by the Hotel Occupancy Tax.    Councilman Pelaez and the Economic Development Manager are traveling only to Germany and their costs will be approximately $3,000, including airfare, hotel, transportation and per diem for food and misc. costs such as baggage. o   Councilman Pelaez ’ s travel will be paid through his respective City Council office budget, which is also part of the General Fund. o   Travel for the Economic Development Manager comes from the Economic Development Department’s International Initiatives Fund, which is part of the General Fund.    The City of Darmstadt will cover the costs of ground transportation and Darmstadt will also host most meals.
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