9mm Bullet Hose (Practical Scrap Metal Small Arms Vol.8)

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All the info you need to make a 9mm fully automatic bullet hose. Can also be heavily modified to suit your needs.
  By Professor Parabellum  Introduction The following lightweight and highly compact machine pistol design is quick to manufacture and contains a low number of components. It's minimalist layout incorporates a single receiver piece to house all components, doingaway with the use of any pins or bolts to retain it's trigger grouping. These features result in a sleek and refined appearance, contrasting with the majority of weapons of this type.   Specs:Operation: Openbolt, blowback Cartridge: ! #!mm Capacity: $%rds Overall length: $&!mm Height: ##&mm   without mag %(#mm with) Barrel Length: (.*+ Weight unloaded: #.(# kg Top- The lack of any e ternal cocking handle further amplifies concealability while it's large port opening ensures reliable ejection.It's small sie allows it to fit comfortably into a standard pistol bag. /onstructed in it's most concealable form very little protrudes, keeping a slim profile. 0 design feature employed to ma imie concealability is the inclusion of a single wide port ontop allowing for the bolt to be cocked without an e ternal handle in the same manor as the 12 3$ 4rease 4un. The standard use of # #5%+ receiver tube and $56+ lock collars allow for ease of lamination of internal components without using a lathe.7ot to miss out on the availability of modern high tech synthetic polymers, a section of rubber bicycle handlebar grip was incorporated to serve as a comfortable and e pedient palm rest.8or legal reasons, the demonstration prototype pictured was constructed as a nonfiring dummy replica. It contains a blocked and destroyed dummy barrel and it's dummy bolt features no provisions for a firing pin. This document is intended purely for academic study purposes only  .  isassembled: Components: Magazine, Receiver, Barrel assembly, Sear, Trigger, Bolt assembly, Bolt retaining tab, Recoil spring,nd plug, Retaining bolts ! #$ Cut!a ay vie :
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