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Advocate Charitable Foundation Conference. Board Development: Recruit, Engage and Transform. Kathleen O’Connor Corporate Vice President September 12, 2012. Objectives. Review the purpose, responsibilities and life cycles of boards
Advocate Charitable Foundation ConferenceBoard Development: Recruit, Engage and TransformKathleen O’Connor Corporate Vice President September 12, 2012Objectives
  • Review the purpose, responsibilities and life cycles of boards
  • Understand the ideal composition of your board and identify opportunities to strengthen this important leadership team
  • Discuss resource development and fundraising expectations and why it is an important component of service
  • Session Outline
  • Board basics
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Analyze
  • Identify
  • Inform & Assess
  • Recruit
  • Orient & Engage
  • Board engagement in philanthropy
  • Board transformation
  • Advocate Leadership Bodies
  • Advocate Healthcare Board
  • Advocate Charitable Foundation Board
  • Development Councils
  • Governing Councils
  • Board Development: Recruit, Engage and TransformI. Board Basics Boards – What Are They Good For…Strategy: To give the organization direction, establishing its vision, mission and valuesOversight: To provide oversight, especially in financial matters, to ensure accountabilityParticipation: To ensure the organization has the resources it needs to do its workBasic Board Responsibilities
  • Determine the organization's mission and purpose
  • Provide proper financial oversight
  • Ensure adequate resources
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability
  • Ensure effective organizational planning
  • Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance
  • Enhance the organization's public standing
  • Determine, monitor and strengthen the organization's programs and services
  • Source: BoardSourceTypical Board Structure & Committees
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • At Large Members
  • Source: BoardSourceImportant Committees MatureStagnantAdolescentStart-upDefunctBoard LifecycleIncreases policy, oversight and fundraising role.Expands, diversifies, formalizes structure.Continually assesses performance and composition, roles responsibilities and structure to stay effective.Board relinquishes its operational role and focuses on advice, oversight and long-term planningA Board can avoid this stage if it learns to adapt to new circumstances and opportunitiesA healthy organization will work to stay at “Mature” stage to avoid “Defunct” statusBoard plays hands-on role in oversight and managementBoard Development: Recruit, Engage and TransformII. Recruitment strategy Maintaining an Effective Board
  • Analyze
  • Identify
  • Inform & Assess
  • Recruit
  • Orient and Engage
  • 1. Analyze
  • Analyze current board size and composition by developing a board matrix focusing on the following:
  • Review committee structure and committee descriptions
  • Finalize election process and board contracts
  • Ensure appropriate succession planning
  • Compare board activity to peer groups
  • Determine areas of weakness
  • What Funders Want to Know About Your Board
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Support mission
  • Personal involvement
  • Solid partnership between board and CEO
  • Financial support and 100% contribution
  • Board Member Diversity and Talent
  • Committee
  • Board Development
  • Finance
  • Programs/Operations
  • Fund Development
  • Leadership/Board Experience
  • Leadership Experience
  • Board or Corporate Governance
  • Nonprofit Board Experience
  • Fundraising (Potential and Activity)
  • Significant Philanthropic Influence
  • Corporate Board or Affiliation
  • Foundation Board or Affiliation
  • Significant Wealth Indications
  • Donor to Organization ($XX,000+)
  • Prospect for Organization ($XX,000)
  • Willing to Serve on Event Committee
  • Willing to Host/Cultivate
  • Willing to Open Doors/Introductions
  • Willing to Participate in Solicitation
  • Demographics
  • Constituency/Affiliation
  • Community
  • Corporate
  • Small Business
  • Government/Public Sector
  • Skills/Experience
  • Accounting
  • Applicable Sector Experience (Healthcare)
  • Development
  • Finance/Budgeting
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Law
  • Marketing/PR
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Board Composition Evaluation Tool2. Identify
  • To fulfill the organization’s mission and long-range goals and objectives, a board must seek qualified candidates in all areas that can help the organization succeed
  • Establish a pipeline of candidates
  • Current supports
  • Event participants
  • Community leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Conduct research
  • Qualify candidates
  • 3. Inform & Assess
  • Have an up-to-date Board Nominee Orientation Manual for use in preliminary briefing meetings with Board prospects
  • Explain board roles and responsibilities and expectations
  • Rely on a standard cultivation process by encouraging potential prospects to serve in key volunteer roles to assess their diligence and gauge their ability and strengths
  • Check references
  • 4. Recruit
  • Strategize best approach
  • Clearly define the role and commitment
  • Make the ask
  • Recruitment tools
  • ProfileProspect Identification with Nominating or Trustees Committee Research Current DonorsResearch Corporations/ FoundationsResearch New ProspectsCreate 2 lists: Current Donors and New Prospects. Include 3-line Bio. For top 50.Trustee/Nominating Committee reviews list. Rank List. Share with BoardIs this a good candidate?Do you know him/her?Can you contact him/her?Create Prospect Profiles for top candidatesSchedule cultivation meeting with prospectsFrom Identification to Scheduling the Meeting5. Orient & Engage
  • Develop a systematic method for on-boarding new Board members:
  • Provide new board members with a Board member handbook
  • Provide an Orientation Presentation two to three times per year
  • Establish working relationships with new members and design their particular roles
  • Immediately appoint new Board member to serve on at least one active Committee of the Board
  • Continue to educate Board members about the Board Development activities
  • Designate a Board member to manage new Board Relationships
  • Introduce new Board member at next event
  • Board Development: Recruit, Engage and TransformIII. Board engagement in philanthropy Board Engagement in Philanthropy
  • Attend
  • Advocate
  • Explain
  • Introduce
  • Invite
  • Invest
  • Thank
  • WorkBoard Member Giving
  • Industry Standards
  • 46% of charities have 100% board giving
  • Boards average 74% participation
  • 64% of charities require contributions from board members
  • 100% board giving should be an expectation
  • The give-and-get commitment
  • Source: BoardSourceWhy are Board Members the Best Fundraisers?
  • Board members are the volunteer group closest to the organization
  • They are one of the strongest voices for the organization
  • Their participation in fundraising efforts send a clear signal of commitment
  • They bring credibility to the solicitation process
  • Roles to Play in the Major Gift ProcessThe ABC’s of Major GiftsBoard Development: Recruit, Engage and TransformIV. Board TransformationBoard Transformation
  • Best led from the inside
  • Requires a champion
  • Starts with understood roles and guidelines
  • Restate/reprioritize purpose
  • Recruit for transformation
  • Retirement is a natural part of this process
  • Requires ongoing attention to maintain
  • Boards and Fundraising: Good to Great Ask These Questions..
  • What is our mission?
  • How do we further it?
  • Do we have the leadership to achieve it?
  • Do we have the resources to fund it?
  • Are we equipped to raise the needed resources?
  • Are we protected?
  • What would we do with $1 million dollars?
  • What is our/my role?
  • Board Giving Essentials Questions
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