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anomalous. Abnormal, irregular, departing from the usual. aspersion. A damaging or derogatory statement. castigate. To punish severely; to criticize severely. demagogue. A leader who exploits popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power. ennui. Boredom;
anomalousAbnormal, irregular, departing from the usualaspersionA damaging or derogatory statementcastigateTo punish severely; to criticize severelydemagogueA leader who exploits popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain powerennuiBoredom; Weariness and dissatisfaction from lack of occupation or interest immutableUnable to be changed; constantsinecureA position requiring little or no work; an easy jobsurreptitiousStealthy, secrettransgressTo go beyond a limit or boundary; to sin, violate a lawtransmuteTo change from one form to anotherbizarreExtremely strange, unusual, atypicalbrusqueAbrupt, blunt, with no formalitiescajoleTo coax or persuade through flattery or artifice; to deceive with soothing thoughts or false promisescontriveTo plan with ingenuity, invent; to bring about as the result of a scheme or plandisabuseTo free from deception or error, set right in ideas or thinkingfettera chain or shackle placed on the feet, anything that confines or restrainsheinousVery wicked, offensive, hatefulinsurgentOne who rebels or rises against authority; rising in revoltmegalomaniaA delusion marked by a feeling of power, wealth, talent, etc.; far in excess of realityvicariousexperienced by one person in place of another
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