Artisan Home Crafters Rezoning - Wright Ave and Roxboro Rd

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Artisan Home Crafters Rezoning - Wright Ave and Roxboro Rd
    Page 1 MEMORANDUM MEETING OF: August/07/2013 DISTRICT/COMMITTEE: Planning Commission SUBMITTING DEPARTMENT: CommunityDevelopment   ISSUE/AGENDA ITEM TITLE: Rz13-06: Artisan Home Crafters, LLC, C/O Roberts & Daughdrill, P.C.; Request to Rezone 2.16Acres Located 1107, 1111, and 1115 Wright Avenue; 1977 and 1987 E Roxboro Road, AtlantaGa 30324 from R-NCD to R-60 to Build 10 New Single Family Detached Homes BACKGROUND/SUMMARY:   Location Map   E.1Packet Pg. 47  Rezoning Ordinance (ID # 1124) Meeting of August 7, 2013Page 2The site is currently comprised of four (4) single family home sites, built over the pre-existing lotlines. Only three of the homes are still in existence, as the fourth home fronting Wright Avenuewas recently demolished by the applicant -the house was abandoned and presented multiple codeviolations. The total area of the proposed rezoning boundary is 2.16 acres. Currently zoned R- NCD (Residential Neighborhood Conservation District), the lots are located on the south side of Wright Avenue, and the east side of East Roxboro Road. The site is surrounded by single-familydetached homes immediately adjacent, zoned R-A8 to the north (across Wright Avenue), R-NCDto the east and south, and R-85 to the west (across East Roxboro Road).These proposed lots are located inside the boundary of a master planned development which in2008 was rezoned to R-NCD. That planned development was intended to assemble all theresidential properties located south of Wright Avenue, west of North Druid Hills Road, north of Goodwin Road and east of East Roxboro Road, for the construction of 41 single familyresidences. To date, the property assemblage has not been completed and there has been nodevelopment of the site toward completion of the plan.Despite the four home sites being built across multiple lot boundaries, the lot lines themselveswere never officially dissolved, and still exist today. Therefore, no new lots are proposed to becreated as a function of this development, and instead the pre-existing lots are planned to beutilized for the new construction.The applicant, Artisan Home Crafters, LLC, is seeking to rezone the site from R-NCD(Neighborhood Conservation District) to R-60 (Single-family Residential District) to constructten (10) new single family homes, for a proposed development density of 4.62 dwelling units per acre. The homes intended to be built on the existing lots will be compliant with R-60 zoningstandards for setbacks and building height, but the pre-existing lots themselves are non-conforming for being too narrow (generally 50 feet wide). SITE PLAN ANALYSIS  The submitted site plan indicates the demolition of the existing three homes on the lots, to allowfor the construction of ten new homes. Five of these new homes will face East Roxboro Road, but will rear load from a shared driveway on Wright Avenue, with no driveways on EastRoxboro Road. The remaining five homes will front on Wright Avenue. Of those homes, thehome furthest west, closest to the shared access driveway, will also take access from thatdriveway, while the other four homes on that street will all have direct and paired access onto E.1Packet Pg. 48  Rezoning Ordinance (ID # 1124) Meeting of August 7, 2013Page 3Wright Avenue. Lot 13, the corner lot, will require a development variance to the corner lotsetback requirements in the R-60 zoning district to be built as drawn.All the lots on which the homes are proposed are non-conforming for lot width in the R-60zoning district, and the lots facing East Roxboro Road will also be non-conforming for lot area, but they are pre-existing lots, not new lots, and can be built upon, so long as they do not violatesetback or lot coverage codes. The lots measure generally 50 feet wide and vary in depth from134 feet to 252 feet. ADJACENT LANDS ANALYSIS Direction Zoning Current Land Use Current Density Future Land Use North R-A8 Single familyresidential, detached3.7 DU/Acre SuburbanEast R-NCD Single familyresidential, detached4.9 DU/Acre SuburbanSouth R-NCD Single familyresidential, attached4.9 DU/Acre SuburbanWest R-85 Single familyresidential, detached2.1 DU/Acre Suburban REVIEW STANDARDS AND FACTORS1. Whether the zoning proposal is in conformity with the policy and intent of theComprehensive Plan. This property is listed on the future land use map in DeKalb County’s Comprehensive Plan 2005-2025 as ‘Suburban Character’ and is within close proximity to‘Traditional Neighborhood’ and ‘Town Center’ character areas.   The Comprehensive Plandescribes the Suburban Character Area as an area where typical types of suburban residentialsubdivision development have occurred and where pressures for the typical types of suburbanresidential subdivision development are greatest . The Plan indicates that the intent of theSuburban Character Area is to recognize those areas of the county that have developed intraditional suburban land use patterns while encouraging new development to have increasedconnectivity and accessibility. The proposed density for areas of this type is up to 8 dwellingunits per acre as described in the Plan policy .  2. Whether the zoning proposal will permit a use that is suitable in view of the use anddevelopment of adjacent and nearby properties? It appears that the one-family detachedresidential use planned for this area is entirely consistent with the policy intent of the Plan, as   E.1Packet Pg. 49  Rezoning Ordinance (ID # 1124) Meeting of August 7, 2013Page 4the Plan forecasts residential uses in this region of the city, and makes accommodations for homes to be built at no greater a density than eight units per acre. 3. Whether the property to be affected by the zoning proposal has a reasonable economicuse as currently zoned? It appears that the current zoning on the subject property allows for economic use. It appears that the 2008 conditional site plan has constrained the development potential of the site. 4. Whether the zoning proposal will adversely affect the existing use or usability of adjacent or nearby property? The proposal is to build single family detached infillhousing, which is exactly the same land use pattern that surrounds the project on all sides. Itdoes not appear that the zoning proposal will adversely affect use or usability of nearby properties. 5. Whether there are other existing or changing conditions affecting the use anddevelopment of the property which gives supporting grounds for either approval ordisapproval of the zoning proposal? DeKalb County’s 2005 - 2025 Comprehensive LandUse Plan indicate s this property, and all the property within proximity to this as an “Area Requiring Special Attention - Rapid Development/Land Use Change”, which may provide support to the requested change. 6. Whether the zoning proposal will adversely affect historic buildings, sites, districts, orarchaeological resources? There are no such known historic buildings, sites, districts or archaeological resources identified, or known by staff, to be on or near this property. 7. Whether the proposal will result in a use which will or could cause an excessive orburdensome use of existing streets, transportation facilities, utilities or schools? EastRoxboro Road is a well-traveled thoroughfare through this part of the city. The applicant has proposed that the homes fronting East Roxboro Road take access from a shared driveway off of Wright Avenue, the more minor of the two intersecting streets, thereby eliminating thevehicle interaction between these homes and the busier street frontage. Even so, theBrookhaven Public Works Director has requested conditions of approval which would becommiserate with these new homes being constructed. Most notably, sidewalk should beconstructed along East Roxboro to tie into the sidewalk directly across Wright Avenue, to thenorth. Also, street lights should be established along Wright Avenue, as well as replacementcurbs, and shoulder clearing for traffic visibility and pedestrian refuge. The City Engineer’s office has no objections to the plan as submitted.  Brookhaven Police staff note that this project should have no impact on current policeservices and would not require any additional personnel.   E.1Packet Pg. 50
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