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Series 1 1. The boundary drawn to separate the Indians from the Americans was called the ______ _______ of 1763. Answer:Proclamation Line 2. Who was the famous Indian who led the rebellion against the American colonists? Answer: Chief Pontiac 3. True or False: To keep the colonists and Indians apart, the British government drew a dividing line down the Ozark Mountains. Answer: False 4. The attacks led by Chief Pontiac are remembered as Pontiac's _______________? Answer: Conspiracy 5. Who won the
  Series 1 1. The boundary drawn to separate the Indians from the Americans was called the ______ _______ of 1763. Answer:Proclamation ine 2. !ho was the famous Indian who led the rebellion a ainst the American colonists#Answer: $hief Pontiac 3.  True or %alse: To &eep the colonists and Indians apart' the (ritish o)ernment drew a di)idin line down the *+ar& ,ountains.Answer: %alse-. The attac&s led by $hief Pontiac are remembered as Pontiacs _______________#Answer: $onspiracy/. !ho won the %rench and Indian !ar# !as it the %rench' the 0n lish or the Indians#Answer: 0n lish  Series 26. !hat was the powerful (ritish Treasury epartment called#Answer: 02cheuer 7. True or %alse: The ta2 imposed on American imports of molasses was called the ______ ______ of 176-.Answer: %alse 4 It was the 5u ar Act of 176-. !ho was the $hancellor of the 02cheuer in 176/# Answer: eor e ren)ille8. !as the ta2 on all American paper documents considered an internal or e2ternal ta2#Answer: Internal Ta219. The ta2 Americans paid on paper documents was called the _______ _________.Answer: 5tamp Ta2 Series 3 11. If an American was cau ht with unstamped papers he or she was ta&en to a court with no ury and no appeals. !hat didthey call that court#Answer: Admiralty $ourt1;. Americans were so an ry at Parliament o)er the 5tamp Act that they formed secret societies to harass (ritish ta2 collectors. !ere they called the 5ons of iberty or the Patriot uard#Answer: 5ons of iberty13. True or %alse: 5ometimes the 5ons of iberty would catch ta2 collectors and co)er them with hot tar and arnish them with feathers.Answer: True 1-. The hatred of the 5tamp Ta2 encoura ed Americans to form a ______ _______ $on ress.Answer: 5tamp Act1/. The 5tamp Act $on ress met in what city# !as it Philadelphia or <ew =or& $ity#Answer: <ew =or& $ity. Series 4 16. The American >non4)otin ? representati)e to 0n land told Parliament that Americans would ne)er tolerate the @internal5tamp Ta2. !ho was our representati)e# Answer: (en %ran&lin 17. True or %alse: Parliament finally relented to American complaints and repealed the 5tamp Ta2 but passed the eclaratory Act which said that Parliament had the ri ht to pass any law it wished concernin America.Answer: True 1. eor e ren)ille was replaced by a new 02cheuer named $harles Townshend who decided to put an e2ternal ta2 on the Americans. !as it a ta2 on imports of lass' lead' paper' paint and tea 4 or 4 a ta2 on rum#Answer: A ta2 on lass' lead' paper' paint and tea.18. The ta2 on lass' lead' paper' paint and tea ta&en to ether with payin for (ritish troops was called either the Townshend Acts or the $onsumer 5taples Ta2 Act..!hich one#Answer: The Townshend Acts;9. The Act that forced some colonies to pay for the e2penses of (ritish troops li)in in those colonies was called the  ________ ________ of 176/.Answer: The (illetin Act  Series 5 ;1. Bow many )otin representati)es did the American colonies ha)e in Parliament# !as it thirteen representati)es or none at all#Answer: <one at all.;;. True or %alse: Americans were upset by the Townshend Acts and the fact they had no say in Parliament. Americans were &nown to proclaim' @<o ta2ation without notification.Answer: %alse >Cepresentation?;3. !as a ship confiscated under the Townshend Acts turned into a (ritish ship of war or was it sold at auction#Answer: 5old at auction.;-. True or %alse: The so called (oston ,assacre happened partly because (ostonians were eerin and throwin thin s ata suad of (ritish soldiers.Answer: True;/. !hen an American ship was sold at auction for )iolation of the Townshend Acts how much of a cut did the ta2 collector  et# !as it D' E' or 1F3#Answer: 1F3  Series 6 ;6 !ho coined the term @(oston ,assacre# !as it 5am Adams or his cousin Gohn Adams#Answer: 5am Adams;7. Americans were )ery upset with the way they were bein treated and decided to create a way to stay in communication with each other while &eepin and eye on the (ritish occupiers. !hat did they come up with#Answer: $ommittees of $orrespondence;. !ho do you thin& the Prime ,inister of 0n land was at the outbrea& of the American Ce)olution# !as it ord <orth or ord Holdemort#Answer: ord <orth;8. !hat was the name of the lar e 0n lish company that not only controlled trade with India' but actually ruled much of India# !as it the Atlantic $harter $ompany or the (ritish 0ast India $ompany#Answer: (ritish 0ast India $ompany39. !ho was the in of 0n land durin the American Ce)olution#Answer: eor e III Series 7 31. The (ritish 0ast India $ompany was in financial difficulty but had an o)er abundance of a product it wanted to sell to Americans. !as it sil& or tea#Answer: Tea3;. The American tea merchants were upset at bein undersold by the (ritish 0ast India $ompany' so they united in protest.!ho led their protest.Answer: 5amuel Adams33. id the bi tea protest occur in Philadelphia' Pa. or in (oston ,ass#Answer: (oston3-. True or %alse: The $olonists who participated in the (oston Tea Party dis uised themsel)es as Pirates.Answer: %alse >,ohaw& Indians? 3/. True or %alse: To punish Americans for the Tea Party' Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts' which closed (oston Barbor and forbade public meetin s in colonial cities.Answer: True 4 Series 8 36. The Intolerable Acts allowed (ritish soldiers to li)e in Americans homes free of char e. This practice was either called ,andatory $ommunity *utreach 4 or 4 Juarterin . !hich was it#Answer: Juarterin 37. Parliament passed an act which stretched the pro)ince of Juebec southward to the *hio Ci)er. !hat was the name of that Act of Parliament#AnswerK Juebec Act3. id the %irst $ontinental $on ress meet in <ew =or& $ity or Philadelphia# Answer: Philadelphia38. The %irst $ontinental $on ress decided to punish 0n land by not importin (ritish oods. It therefore created which one of these# The 0mbar o Act or the <on4Importation Association#Answer: <on4Importation Association.  -9. !ho wrote the inspirin pamphlet $ommon 5ense#Answer: Thomas Paine Series 9 -1. !ho was the commander of (ritish forces in America in 177/#Answer: Thomas a e-;. eneral a es spy networ& told him of a cache of American weapons stored in what ,assachusetts town#Answer: $oncord-3. *n April 1' 177/' the (ritish launched an attac&. They left (oston before sunrise toward their first obecti)e. !as their first tar et e2in ton or was it $oncord#Answer: e2in ton--. Two American dispatch riders raced out ahead of the in)adin (ritish. *ne was ,r. !illiam awes. !ho was the other famous dispatch rider#Answer: Paul Ce)ere-/. True or %alse: The term to describe Americans who stayed loyal to 0n land durin the American Ce)olution was @Ced $oat $ollaborators.Answer: %alse >oyalists?  Series 10 -6. There were two rebel leaders in e2in ton on the day of the (ritish ad)ance. *ne was 5am Adams. !ho was the other leader#Answer: Gohn Bancoc& -7. The $ommander of the (ritish e2pedition a ainst e2in ton and $oncord was $olonel %rancis 5mith. !ho did $olonel 5mith send ahead with li ht infantry# !as it ,aor (urns or ,aor Pitcarin#Answer: ,aor Pitcarin-. !ere the tallest and most able troops in the (ritish Army called Can ers or renadiers#Answer: renadiers-8. True or %alse: !hen ,aor Pitcarin arri)ed at e2in ton' he found armed American )olunteers waitin for him. The )olunteers were called ,assachusetts Can ers.Answer: %alse >,inutemen?/9. True or %alse: The @flash in the pan shot at e2in ton' started a reat war that' fortunately' only in)ol)ed 0n land and America.Answer: %alse Series 11 /1. After the s&irmish at e2in ton did the (ritish soldiers o on to $oncord or retreat bac& to (oston#Answer: *n to $oncord/;. The (ritish did a lot of dama e in $oncord and &illed two Americans. %inally' the Americans made a stand at either the$oncord $ounty 5eat or the <orth (rid e. !hich was it#Answer: <orth (rid e/3. The deadly (ritish retreat down e2in ton Coad is remembered as ______________.Answer: (loody $hute/-. !hat was the term used to describe the shoulder fired weapon used by the (ritish infantry durin the American Ce)olution. !as it @soldiers sorrow' or @(rown (ess#Answer: (rown (ess //. After the battles of e2in ton and $oncord the Americans captured what important fortress on a&e $hamplain#Answer: Ticondero a  Series 12 /6. After e2in ton and $oncord' (ritish reinforcements finally arri)ed. They were led by three powerful officers. !hich of the followin was not one of them: eneral Bowe' eneral $ornwallis' eneral $linton' eneral (ur oyne.Answer: eneral $ornwallis/7. Gust south of old (oston is some hi h round that both armies intended to occupy to achie)e military ad)anta e. Is the hi h round called Plymouth Bei hts or orchester Bei hts#Answer: orchester Bei hts/. (efore either army could occupy orchester Bei hts the Americans du in across from (oston on (un&er Bill and whatother famous hill#Answer: (reeds Bill  /8. !ho was the American commander on (reeds Bill# !as it eor e !ashin ton or $olonel !illiam Prescott#Answer: !illiam Prescott 69. !ho replaced eneral a e when he was recalled bac& to 0n land# !as it eneral $linton or eneral Bowe#Answer: eneral Bowe Series 13 61. !ho was the commander of (ritish forces in $anada in 177/#Answer: uy $arleton6;. %ollowin the (attle of (un&er Bill a 5econd $ontinental $on ress was con)ened in either Philadelphia or <ew =or& $ity. !hich city was it#Answer: Philadelphia63. !ho did the 5econd $ontinental $on ress appoint as the commander of the American Army# Answer: eor e !ashin ton 6-. True or %alse: eor e !ashin ton said: @<ew 0n land is the Ce)olution.Answer: %alse >The Army?6/. The 5econd $ontinental $on ress appointed fi)e enerals to wor& under eor e !ashin ton. !hich name does not  belon in this list of enerals# Artemus !ard' Israel Putnam' Barpo ,ar2' $harles ee' Philip 5chuyler' Boratio ates.Answer: Barpo ,ar2 >A tele)ision comedian of the 18/9s? Series 14 66. $on ress offered licenses to pri)ate ship owners to attac& (ritish ships and recei)e a lar e percenta e of oods confiscated from those (ritish )essels. !hat were those licenses called#Answer: etters of ,arue67. True or %alse: *fficers in the American militia were chosen accordin to a e and the accuracy of their shootin .Answer: %alse6. A two pron ed attac& was launched a ainst $anada led by (enedict Arnold and what other officer#Answer: Cichard ,ont omery68. Arnolds tre& throu h the forests of ,aine was a disaster. ,ost food supplies were lost in the rapids of what ri)er# !asit the ennebec Ci)er or the 5t. awrence Ci)er#Answer: ennebec Ci)er 79. ,ont omery was &illed and Arnold was se)erely wounded while attac&in what maor $anadian city#Answer: Juebec Series 15 71. True or %alse: !ashin tons troops were able to occupy orchester Bei hts' o)erloo&in (oston' before eneral Bowethou ht to do so.Answer: True7;. !here did (ritish eneral Bowe ta&e his (oston army of occupation when he fled !ashin tons uns#Answer: Balifa2' <o)a 5cotia 73. The bac& country immi rants who rushed to help the <orth $arolina o)ernor were called what#Answer: 5cottish Bi hlanders 7-. The 5cottish Bi hlanders were met and defeated by American patriots ust outside of !ilmin ton. !as this en a ementcalled the (attle of !ilmin ton or the (attle of ,oores $ree& (rid e#Answer: ,oores $ree& (rid e7/. !as the 5ecretary of 5tate for the (ritish o)ernment durin the Ce)olution ord eor e ermain or ord Albus umbledore#Answer: ord eor e ermain Series 16 76. (ecause of the defeat of the 5cottish Bi hlanders in <orth $arolina' (ritish commanders $linton' $ornwallis and Peter Par&er decided to attac& what southern coastal city#Answer: $harleston' 5$77. In $harleston' the Americans had prepared for a possible attac& by buildin a fort in $harleston Barbor on what island# Answer: 5ulli)ans Island7. True or %alse: The lo walls of the fort on 5ulli)ans Island were from a species of tree nati)e to 5outh $arolina that could withstand na)al bombardment. They were ood' solid *a& lo s.Answer: %alse >Palmetto o s?
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