Being A Social Entrepreneur

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1. My Name is Rich and I am a serial socialpreneur 2. Hands On China About Us: Our Mission: Hands On China’s mission is connecting people – both locals and foreigners…
  • 1. My Name is Rich and I am a serial socialpreneur
  • 2. Hands On China About Us: Our Mission: Hands On China’s mission is connecting people – both locals and foreigners in Shanghai who want to become involved as volunteers in community activities with local charities who need assistance. How We Work: 1) Coordinates volunteer opportunities for active professionals, according to their availability and personal interests 2) Support project partners with direct donations, fundraising planning and execution, community project design/implementation 3) Design and manage a variety of community relations programs for private sector partners in Shanghai – CorpWorks!
  • 3. Collective Responsibility About Us: Building solutions that offer long term benefit to civil society requires a platform that engages multiple stakeholders through different mediums Multiple Actor Platform Supporting Civil Society • Understanding Issues from multiple viewpoints • Facilitating open and honest conversations • Building, managing, and measuring programs • Developing stakeholder trust • Implementing Scale Multifaceted Platform • Web based knowledge base/ platform • Shanghai/ Beijing/ Chengdu Events • Proprietary Research and Consulting Services
  • 4. Cleaner Greener China About Us: Sustainability is more than solar panels, polar bears, and hybrid cars Cleaner Greener China is a web based platform to highlight the real world economic and environmental sustainability issues we face. •Urban Planning •Water and Land Management •Manufacturing & Materials •Food & Agriculture •Transportation •Consumerism •Policy •Energy Goals Are Simple: •Extract, Compile, and distribute and distribute knowledge •Highlight policies and solutions that will have the greatest impact •Educate and engage the masses on the issues faced •Match Make
  • 5. What is a Socialpreneur?
  • 6. I have No Idea! … But here is why I do it Developing platforms that bring positive change to the world is AWESOME Migrant Student Photography Program • To build the long term photography and art program that enabled • growth and development of student interests • Built confidence through accomplishment • To develop teacher capacity and encourage retention • Now up to 60 students Hands On Chengdu Community Flowers • Deploy shipping container community centers • Training Centers, Children’s libraries, medical clinics • 10 year equipment lifetime • 2 centers in process
  • 7. I have No Idea! … But here is why I do it I work with people who are AMAZING • Selfless • Passionate • LOVE THEIR JOB
  • 8. I have No Idea! … But here is why I do it To accomplish AMAZING things that help others
  • 9. I have No Idea! … and here are some reasons not to do it. 1. You are looking to get rich 2. You are looking for something to “hold you over” 3. You are looking for people to Thank you 4. You are looking for people to understand … and last, but not least SE is not Twitter. not EVERYONE should be doing it
  • 10. How Can You Become One?
  • 11. Seriously.. Are You Ready? Step 1: Remove your Blinders and Get Engaged Step 2: Follow your passion and research the issues. Step 3: Develop a plan, put up a site and print name cards Step 4: RUN!!!!! Step 5: KEEP RUNNING Step 6: Stabilize, Invest, Develop Capacity, and Scale Out Step 7: RUN!!!!! Step 8: KEEP RUNNING Step 9: Stabilize, Invest, Develop Capacity, and Share Step 10: Go back to step 6… and repeat
  • 12. What Will it Take to Succeed?
  • 13. Developing Stability Qualities of Successful NGOs/ SE organizations: 1. Program and issue focus that is clearly defined– Doing the same thing, well, over and over again 2. Focusing on programming strengths, and develop partnerships Don’t Do EVERYTHING unless you have to. 3. Capable staff who are able to manage and sell programs Key to survival, stability, and scale 4. INVEST INVEST INVEST Spend the money early and achieve gains later!!!
  • 14. Vision and Planning Vision and Planning: Key Issue: Keeping focus, Staying on Track, and Knowing when to make changes Do we start fresh or do we improve other offerings on the market? Vision • What are you looking to accomplish? • Who are you looking to help? • What is your REAL value add? Planning • What will it take to accomplish your goals? • What are the short term/ long term steps to achieving those goals • Do you have the capacity to reach those goals already/ Where are the gaps? • How well have you done in the past and how can you improve?
  • 15. Programs vs. Projects Programs vs. Projects Key Issue: Moving past projects and into programs Projects are: • Short timeline/ clear definition in nature • Require significant planning with little long term benefit • Have clear result/ measurable with limited potential impact • Opportunity for “splash” – press, public awareness, education, etc • Can be funded through one-off / one-donor Programs are: • Long term in nature with preparation time/ infrastructure that can be leveraged • Opportunity for “scale” – creation of platform for building out/ up • Requires long term vision, planning, and staffing • Deeper level of long term impact possible • Long term funding plan/ vision in place before kickoff
  • 16. Capacity Development Capacity Development: Key Issue: Creating an organization that is bigger than one person and can survive the transfer of leadership The Achilles heel of many organizations • Requires Strong Vision and Commitment to organization • Initial start up conditions should not exist long term • Move towards developing talent – No expats, Halfpats, or ABCS • Requires Funding • Investing in local staff, small office, and computer equipment, and memberships • Conference participation • Requires Trust and Being able to Let Go
  • 17. Stability and Scale Stability and Scale: Key Issue: Creating a program base that grows in size, in frequency, in issue or in geographic terms Bringing it all together, stability can be achieved, but don’t get comfortable… Stability • Organizational funding, programs, and people are stabilized at current level – stars aligned • Organization is not overly dependent on a single donor, a single program, or single person • Processes are in place to improve efficiency and protect against unexpected shocks Scale • Taking the next steps to increase program size, scale, and geographic reach • Building programs extensions , new programs , and new partnerships • Finding new ways to assist outside of own organization – training others
  • 18. Get Engaged and Be The Change!
  • 19. Get Engaged Learn More : Collective Responsibility www.collective Cleaner Greener China Get Engaged: Hands On China Hands On Shanghai Hands On Chengdu Hands On Hong Kong Follow my Tweet! Collective Responsibility @chinaCSR Cleaner Greener China @greenerchina Hands On Shanghai @handsonshanghai Hands On Chengdu @handsonchengdu
  • 20. Contact Us Richard Brubaker Founder and Managing Director
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