Bermuda Triangle

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  Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle  Where is it?  What is it? ã Location of many mysterious disappearances of boats and planes. ã 1854 Bella ã 1872 Mary Celeste ã 1902 Freya ã 1918 USS Cyclops ã 1921 Carroll Deering ã 1925 RaifukuMaru ã 1932  John and Mary  ã 1940 Gloria Colita ã 1945 Flight 19 -5 military planes ã 1950 Globemaster  ã 1953 British York Transport  ã 1955 Connemara IV  ã 1963 Marine SulphurQueen ã 1965 C-119 Flying Boxcar  ã 1968 Scorpion ã 1969 TeignmouthElectron ã 1972 V. A. Fogg  USS Cyclops ã Worst loss of life for the Navy.Over 300 died. ã No evidence of bad weather orenemy combat. ã Ship was in perfect condition.
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