Billy Graham the Personal Story of the Man, His Message, And His Mission by Stanley High

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Billy Graham The personal story of the man, his message, and his mission by Stanley High HERE at last is the full, authentic, stirring story of Billy Graham the dynamic evangelist whose amazing, international ministry has been called The phenomenon of the mid-twentieth century. Though only thirty-eight years old, Billy Graham has probably preached, face to face, to more people than any spokesman for Christianity in all history: an estimated 20,000,000. Another 20,000,000 listen to his weekly r
  Billy GrahamThe personal story of theman, his message, and hismission by Stanley High HERE at last is the full, authentic,stirring story of Billy Graham the dynamicevangelist whose amazing, internationalministry has been called The phenomenonof the mid-twentieth century. Though onlythirty-eight years old, Billy Graham hasprobably preached, face to face, to morepeople than any spokesman for Christianityin all history: an estimated 20,000,000. Another 20,000,000 listen to his weeklyradio program The Hour of Decision. Moreastounding still, under his ministry morethan 1,000,000 persons have been convertedand remain, a remarkable majority of them,devout and practicing Christians.Billy Graham is, first of all, the personalstory of the man, of his teen-age beginningsas a preacher; of how today he draws andmoves such vast audiences; of those, fore- TD:II Vmost among them Ruth Bell Graham, his D1U Jwife, who play leading parts in his work.It is also the story, told dramatically and  firsthand, of Billy Graham's Crusades: howthey are prepared for, organized, financedand, even more dramatically, how in scoresof cities across the United States, in Canada,Great Britain, Europe, and Asia, they putreligion on the front page and make it thechief topic ofjnan-in-the-street conversa-McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.New York Toronto LondonBILLY GRAHAMCopyright 1956 by Stanley High, All rights in this book arereserved. It may not be used for dramatic, motion-, or talkingpicture purposes without written authorization from the holderof these rights. Nor may the book or parts thereof be repro-duced in any manner whatsoever without permission in writing,except in the case of brief quotations embodied in criticalarticles and reviews* For information, address the McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., Trade Department, 330 West 42dStreet, New York 36 , New York.Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 56-11952Published by the McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.Printed in the United States of AmericaFor Timwhose giftis an  understandingheart ACKNOWLEDGMENTIt was on assignment as an editor of The Reader's Digest thatI first met Billy Graham at his home in Montreal, North Caro-lina, in May, 1954. Over the two succeeding years, at homeand abroad, my repeated contacts with him and my opportunityto observe, firsthand, his Crusades and their consequenceswere almost wholly due to similar Reader's Digest assignmentsand resulted in five articles which have appeared in that maga-zine.There are many to whom, for help in assembling the ma-terial for Billy Graham, I am indebted: to Ruth and BillyGraham for their wholehearted approval of and cooperationin this undertaking; to Mel Larson for his painstaking research;to members of the Billy Graham Team; to my associates, Doro-thy B. Gardner and Mary Allen Thompson.But my first and, by all odds, greatest indebtedness is toThe Reader's Digest and to DeWitt Wallace, its editor.Stanley HighContentsIntroduction: The Great Succession 11. What Manner of Man? 152. How Can He Be So Sure? 333. As One Having Authority 494. Few Are Chosen 69  5. A Long Way from Palatka 856. Out of the South 1017. The Ruth Graham Story 1178. . . . And Some, Evangelists 1339. It Takes Money 15110. London: Revival Drama 16911. Europe and Asia: The Universal Hunger 187*12. Religion Reaches the Man in the Street 19913. Does It Last? 21714. What Becomes of the Converts? 23315. In the. Wake of the U.S. .Crusades 249< > .. - . <16. Revival in Our Time? 265IllustrationsFollowing page 150The most recent portrait of Billy Graham A characteristic speaking stanceIn Toronto's Coliseum, the first few of nearly 700 per-sons making decisions for Christ Ruth and Billy Graham look over construction of theirmountainside homeGolf his favorite relaxation
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