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Blackbook Craigslist
  cc Disclaimer/LegalNoticesDisclaimer/LegalNotices: Thisproductis for informationalpurposes andrepresents theviewsandopinionsof theauthor.Theauthormakesnorepresentationswithrespectto warrantyof theaccuracyof theinformationhereinor noguarantees onhowmuchmoneyan individualcanearnfromthetechniquesintheprogram.Theauthordoes notacceptanyresponsibilities or liabilities fromtheuse of this informationbutwedoourbest to providehighqualityandaccurateinformation.opyright! ##$ trade %&$.com raigslist 'lackbook  Why Craigslist? Craiglist is the 7 th most visited website in the world (Yahoo!is currently first) and it was officially launched in 1995.Craigslist receives close to 1 billion views er month andhas cost newsaers comanies millions of dollars in lossrofit and it#s easy to see why. Craigslist has invented ane$tremely imortant rare and valuable mar%etlace and itis one of the many e$amles of how the online world is  changing the offline mar%et. &nother e$amle is online toyswhich ut many 'oys r us stores out of oeration. Craigslistis the maor classified site for eole loo%ing for ust aboutanything ranging from aartments to getting dates. t#ssuccessful because*   ts easy to use    +ree which is always a heler    ,o ads- well banner ads  irect communication with seller and buyerYou can ost a ob for free anywhere on Craigslist e$cet in,Y /& and 0an +rancisco anywhere else is oen game. 'odo the ostings in these areas are very reasonable and thatis because Craigslist is very suortive for nonrofit causes.Craigslist is li%e e2ay but it offers more ersonal servicesand also allows eole to sell without listing fees. t#s also agreat lace to find any local service roviders that you mightneed such as lawyers and accountants./i%e most oulated websites it gives you the ability to tryand mar%et your roducts because of the wide range of audience there.  li%e to use mysace and craigslist as anadditional stream of traffic lus income every now and thenbut these shouldn#t ma%e u all of your mar%eting lan these ust should be an e$tra free stream of traffic.Craigslist url* htt*33www.craigslist.org3Craiglist forum* htt*33forums.craigslist.org3You can#t sam so ma%e sure to read the rules before uming on board ust li%e you would for any other networ%online. 2e creative and thin% of ways that you can advertiseyourself without aearing to be samming. Craigslist hasall of the maor cities and states in the 40 and it also has aton of international territories so this can be useful foranyone. owever it does have a good deal of scammers onthere so be careful. 'he scams are very similar to the ones  on e2ay.'he most common scenario is if you#re selling a roduct someone from a different country will contact you aying amuch larger amount then what you re6uested and will as%you to wire bac% the money to their account. hen you doso you ust gave them your money and won#t hear fromthem again.ere are a list of rules and eti6uette for craigslist*htt*33www.craigslist.org3about3rohibited.items.html8o here to find out more about craigslist or to addressanymore concerns you may have*htt*33www.craigslist.org3about3 You can also start your own classified community forFREE here:  uic! earch Engine #ptimi$ation tric! 0ince craigslist has so much traffic it is a nice  6uic% way toget inde$ed in the search engines usually within a day in:0,. hat you do is ost a classified ad in the 0+ 2ay areaof craigslist. hy the 0+ 2ay area; t has the most traffic tomy %nowledge and it has a very high <= ran%ing which isanother lus. hen you ma%e your classified ad ma%e sureto ut your lin% so that the search engines can sider itwhich will hel you get inde$ed rather 6uic%ly. n order forcraigslist to read your url it must include this synta$* http:// when osting a url because that is the only synta$that will read lin%s.You should be in the :0, search engine within the ne$t dayand should see some good things with this elementarytactic.
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