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Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers  Put the lines into the correct order:  Try to steal your mind's elation   It's Californication  Dream of silver screen quotations  Psychic spies from China  Little girls from Sweden  And if you want these kind of dreams    2. Complete the gaps with a/an/the/­  It's _____ edge of the world  And all of western civilization  _____ sun may rise in _____ East  At least it settles in _____ final location  It's understood that _____ Hollywood  sells Californica
  Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers 1.   Put the lines into the correct order: a.   Try to steal your mind's elationb.   It's Californicationc.   Dream of silver screen quotationsd.   Psychic spies from Chinae.   Little girls from Swedenf.    And if you want these kind of dreams 2.   Complete the gaps with a/an/the/- It's _____ edge of the world And all of western civilization _____ sun may rise in _____ East At least it settles in _____ final locationIt's understood that _____ Hollywoodsells CalifornicationPay your surgeon very wellTo break _____ spell of agingCelebrity skin is this your chinOr is that _____ war your waging[Chorus:]First born unicornHard core soft pornDream of CalifornicationDream of Californication 3.   Put the lines into the correct order: a.   Be my very own constellationb.   It's Californicationc.   Marry me girl be my fairy to the worldd.    A teenage bride with a baby insidee.    And buy me a star on the boulevardf.   Getting high on information 4.   Match the sentences: Space may be the final frontierCobain can you hear the spheres And Alderon's not far awayBorn and raised by those who praiseEverybody's been thereControl of populationSinging songs off station to station And I don't mean on vacationBut it's made in a Hollywood basementIt's Californication[Chorus] 5.   Complete the gaps with a/an/the/- Destruction leads to _____ very rough roadBut it also _____ breeds creation And earthquakes are to _____ girl's guitarThey're just another good vibration And tidal waves couldn't save _____ worldFrom CalifornicationPay your surgeon very wellTo break _____ spell of agingSicker than the restThere is no testBut this is what you're craving  1.   What is this song about?The song is mainly about the dark side of Hollywoodand the export of culture through the movie industry. The songbegins Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind's elation. Kiedis says in his book   Scar Tissue   that he got theinspiration for the lyric from when he was in New Zealand and he heard a woman on the street ranting about therebeing psychic spies in China. The track also makes references to topics such aspornography( hardcore soft porn )andplastic surgery( pay your surgeon very well to break the spell of aging ) and even somepop culturereferences includingNirvanasingerKurt CobainandDavid Bowie( Cobain, can you hear the spheres singing songs off   Station to Station  ? ),  Star Wars   ( andAlderaan's not far away ), and  Star Trek    ( Space may be thefinal frontierbut it's made in aHollywoodbasement ). 2.   Have you ever dreamt to be a Hollywood star? What is your opinion about Hollywood? 3.   Would you consider having a cosmetic surgery? Why (not)? If so, in which cases? 4.   Why are cosmetic surgeries so popular in some countries, like the USA and Brazil, and not so popular in others, likeJapan and China?
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