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  What is the CIBIL TransUnion Score? The CIBIL TransUnion Score is a 3 digit numeric summary of your credit history. The Score is derived by using the details found in the “Accounts” and “Enquiries” sections on your Credit Information Report (CIR) and ranges from 300 to 900. The closer your Score is to 900, the more favourably your loan application will be viewed by a credit institution. The Score plays a critical role in the loan approval process. What does my Score mean? An individual’s Credit Score provides a credit institution with an indication of the ”probability of default” of the individual based on their credit history. What this means in simple English is that the Score tells a credit institution how likely you are to pay back a loan (should the credit institution choose to sanction your loan) based on your past pattern of credit usage and loan repayment behaviour. The closer you are to 900, the more confidence the credit institution will have in your ability to repay the loan and hence, the better the chances of your application getting approved. What are the major factors that affect my Score? There are 4 major factors that affect your Score. These are described below:  1 Late payments or defaults in the recent past:   Your payment history has a significant impact on your Score. Hence, if you have missed payments on any of your existing loans, over the last couple of years, your Score is likely to be negatively affected because it indicates that you are having trouble servicing your existing obligations. 2 High utilization of Credit Limits:  While the balances on your loans will only reduce over time as payments are made, you must be diligent about making timely payments on your credit cards. While increased spending on your credit cards may not necessarily negatively affect your Score, an increase in the current balance on the card over time is an indication of an increased repayment burden and may negatively impact your Score. It’s always prudent to not use too much credit. 3 Higher percentage of Credit Cards or Personal Loans (commonly known as Unsecured Loans) on your CIR:  A higher concentration of home loans or auto loans (commonly known as Secured Loans) is likely to be more favourable for your Score than a large number of unsecured loans. Although unsecured loans offer easy access to finance, it’s also by far the most expensive form of credit. More the number of unsecured loans with high utilization, larger are the payments resulting from its high rate of interest. 4 Seeking Excessive Credit:  If you have made many applications for loans in a short period of time or have recently been sanctioned new credit facilities, a credit institution is likely to view your application with caution. This behavior of seeking excessive credit indicates that your debt burden is likely to, or has increased and you are less capable of honoring any additional debt, leading to a marginal impact on your Credit Score.It is important to note that while these Scores are not viewed negatively by a credit institution, some credit institutions’ credit policy prevents them from providing loans to an applicant with Scores of “NA” or “NH” (applicants with no credit track record). Hence, you may have better chances applying for a loan elsewhere. UNDERSTANDING YOUR CIBIL TRANSUNION SCORE What does it mean when my Score is “NA” or “NH”? A Score of “NA” or “NH” is not a bad thing at all. These Scores mean 1 of 3 things:a) You do not have a credit history or you do not have enough of a credit history to be scored, i.e. you are new to the credit systemb) You have had no credit activity in the last couple of yearsc) You have all add-on credit cards and have no credit exposure  ©COPYRIGHT 2015 CREDIT INFORMATIONBUREAU(INDIA)LIMITED. ALL RIGHTSRESERVED.For more information, please visitour website To log a Dispute, please 2|2Page You now have accessto CIBIL MarketPlace! Now applyforloan and creditcard offers(basisyourcrediteligibility)from participating banks& financial institutionsin justaclick. ACCOUNTTYPEDATEREPORTEDOCCUPATION CREDIT CARD30-11-2011SALARIED INCOMEFREQUENCYINCOMEINDICATOR --- Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited INASSOCIATIONWITH DUN& BRADSTREET ANDTRANSUNION CREDIT INFORMATION REPORT DATE:08-03-2013 EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION  (MEMBERNAME)(ACCOUNT TYPE)(ACCOUNT NUMBER)(OWNERSHIP)  DATES  DATE OPENED/DISBURSED 06-05-2010 DATE OFLAST PAYMENT 11-02-2013  DATE CLOSED - DATE REPORTEDANDCERTIFIED 18-02-2013  ACCOUNTSTATUS  CREDIT LIMIT 60,000 RATE OFINTEREST 41.40  SANCTIONEDAMOUNT 55,079 REPAYMENT TENURE -  CURRENT BALANCE 16,610 EMIAMOUNT -  CASHLIMIT 36,000 PAYMENT FREQUENCY MONTHLY  AMOUNT OVERDUE - ACTUAL PAYMENT AMOUNT 2,500  COLLATERALSTATUS  VALUE OFCOLLATERAL - SUIT FILED/WILFUL DEFAULT -  TYPE OFCOLLATERAL - WRITTEN-OFFSTATUS - WRITTEN-OFFAMOUNT(TOTAL) - WRITTEN-OFFAMOUNT(PRINCIPAL) - SETTLEMENT AMOUNT -  PAYMENTHISTORY (UP TO 36 MONTHS)  PAYMENT START DATE 01-05-2010 PAYMENT ENDDATE 01-02-2013 DD-MM-YYYYDD-MM-YYYY DAYSPASTDUE(No.ofDays)orASSETCLASSIFICATION (STD, SMA, SUB, DBT, LSS)     IFIC TD, SMA, - ENT AMOUN  E DATENT DBT, - - T(TOT- (PRINC 01-0-LY,00 MONTHYEAR  DECNOVOCTSEPAUGJULJUNMAYAPRMARFEBJAN 2011000000000000 XXX 2010 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 000000000 XXX 2009 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSTDSTDSTD MEMBER NAMEDATEOF ENQUIRYENQUIRY PURPOSEENQUIRY AMOUNT VAISHCOOP 25-10-2011 PERSONAL LOAN 50,000 IOB 23-10-2010 PERSONAL LOAN 1,00,000 HDFC BANK  09-10-2010 PERSONAL LOAN 5,00,000 FICCL 13-09-2010 PERSONAL LOAN 40,000 BARCLAYSFINANCE 08-09-2010 PERSONAL LOAN 10,000 DENABANK  10-08-2010 AUTOLOAN(PERSONAL) 15,00,000 RANK  19-04-2008 PERSONAL LOAN 2,00,000 BARCLAYSBANK  12-03-2008 PERSONAL LOAN 2,50,000 BARCLAYSBANK  12-03-2008 PERSONAL LOAN 2,50,000 AXISBANK  18-10-2007 CREDIT CARD 10,00,00,000   ACCOUNT INFORMATIONENQUIRY INFORMATION 10 CREDIT CARD5546370220384934INDIVIDUALCITIBANK  Figures indicate the percentage of consum-ers, who were sanctioned loans during last 1 year and falling in a particular score band at the time of loan application.For example-57.6% of loan applications approved in the last 1 year were for consum-ers who had a credit score > =800 Your CIBIL Credit Information Report (CIR) is a record of your credit payment history compiled from information received from banks and financial institutions. The purpose is to help loan providers make informed lending decisions basis your credit history, quickly and objectively. A healthy Credit Report can get your loan approved faster and often, at better terms. This section provides you with details regarding the enquiry made by the lender for your credit application such as name of the lender, date of the application, the type of loan and its size.Your addresses, telephone, mobile numbers and email addresses as reported by lenders appear here.The address category explains whether the address is a residential address, official address, permanent address or temporary address as reported by the lender. Up to 4 addresses and email addresses are provided. CREDIT INFORMATION REPORT DATE:18-01-2015CONTROL NUMBER:780,420,020 NAMEDATEOF BIRTHGENDER ABC07-11-1980MALE ADDRESS1CATEGORYSTATUSDATEREPORTED -16-05-2013 ADDRESS2CATEGORYSTATUSDATEREPORTED  NOT CATEGORIZED NOT CATEGORIZED NOT CATEGORIZED- ADDRESS3CATEGORYSTATUSDATEREPORTED - ADDRESS3CATEGORYSTATUSDATEREPORTED -04-08-201211-06-201011-06-2010 IDENTIFICATION TYPENUMBERISSUEDATEEXPIRATION DATE INCOME TAXIDNUMBER (PAN) (e) A123456789--PASSPORT NUMBERB1236789-- CIBIL TRANSUNION SCORE ©COPYRIGHT 2015 CREDIT INFORMATIONBUREAU(INDIA)LIMITED. ALL RIGHTSRESERVED.For more information, please visitour website To log a Dispute, please 1|2Page You now have accessto CIBIL MarketPlace! Now applyforloan and creditcard offers(basisyourcrediteligibility)from participating banks& financial institutionsin justaclick.   ORYSTAS - EXP -   YourScore   Figuresindicate %ofall newloanssanctioned during last 1 yearfalling in thisScore band. PERSONAL INFORMATIONCONTACT INFORMATION CITIZENCOMULUND,WEST,MUMBAIMAHARASHTRAA/5 NEELKANTHRAJDOMBIVILI, EASTMUMBAIMAHARASHTRAC/5 NEELKANTHASHISHDOMBIVILI, EASTMUMBAIMAHARASHTRAOFFICE ADDRESSC/5SHIVAJIMAIDANSHANTINAGAR, KANDIVALI, EASTMAHARASHTRA (e) INDICATESTHE VALUE PROVIDED BYBANKWHEN YOU APPLIED FORACREDIT FACILITY. Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited INASSOCIATIONWITH DUN& BRADSTREET ANDTRANSUNION CONSUMER DISPUTE REMARKS ICICIBANK LA123456789ACCOUNT DOESNOTBELONGTOME18-05-2015HDFC BANK PL12345678923CURRENT BALANCE ISWRONGLYMENTIONED20-05-2015 MEMBER NAMEACCOUNTNUMBERDISPUTEREMARKDISPUTEREMARKSREMOVALDATE This section reflects your credit score, which is widely used by loan providers to evaluate loan applications. An individual’s CIBIL TransUnion Score ranges between 300-900, and is calculated basis the information in the “Accounts” and “Enquiry” section of the credit report. The closer the score to 900, the more confidence the loan provider will have in your ability to repay the loan and hence, the better the chances of your application getting approved.This section has your Name, Date of Birth andGender as reported to CIBIL by the members.Identification lists your identification detailsas reported by the members. Your Income Tax ID (PAN), Passport, Drivers Licence and Voter ID, that have been reported by the lenders will appear in this section. Personal Information: Data received through an Enquiry: The symbol’(e)’ next to any of the details in your report indicates that the value is provided by lender when you applied for a credit facility. Employment Information: This section contains information on youroccupation and income (At the time of opening credit facility) as reported by the lender for a particular credit account. Account Information: The most important section of your CIR, this section contains the details of your loans and credit cards. It contains the name of the lender/s, the type of credit facilities (home loan, auto loan, credit card, etc), the account number/s, whether single or jointly held, when each account was opened, date of the last payment, loan amount, current balance, amount overdue (if any) and most importantly, a month on month record of up to 36 months of your payments. A red band on the left of a report section indicates that the section is under dispute and will be removed when the dispute is closed. Upon closure, the disputed informa-tion may or may not be changed as per confirmation received from the lender.Consumer Dispute Remarks are special remarks that can be added by you from a pre-defined list. These remarks will be available on your report for a year and will be displayed whenever your report is accessed by the credit institution/s or by you. Consumer Dispute Remarks:

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