Cinemagic #19 (1983)

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Nineteenth issue of the glossy revival of the magazine, which instructed readers on how to create movie effects.
  AboVI : The trophies lor I~ 1982CINEMAGIC/SVA Shan FilmSearch await the winners Prior totheawards show a1 Xenon's diseotheque In New 'lbrk City last N ovember 1st.Giant blow·ups 01 bl ack & whi te photos thatllave appeared in past Issues 01 CINEMAGIC and an elght·foot-hlgh blow-up olthl cover 01 CINEMAGIC 116 (the Issuethatannounced the 1981 wlnllllrs) hang Just bi!Ww the viewingscreenCelebrities Maureen Stapleton and Gary Sprln~r were on hand 10 present l he awards . Tum 10 page five lor the story on the 1982 CINEMAGIC / SVA awards show loft , ,,,;t;;;.;;;5i;;; ;;;;o;c;;;;;;:- horror f ilm Ring wOO'IiIn's corpse t hat comes to l if e, AIMrII : EntertainmentEnterprises' latest release, The 'Itl/Iow Ranger tea t ures a blind hobo Who Is trans formed by a magIC rainboW In to a crusaderlor peac e. Right: Bille Films' la t est production, Lord 01 rne ~re- Jands, Is a medieval adventure. See theProducers' Bulletin Board sectionon page 14  ã 1 CONTENTS Editor's Bench __ 4 Awards Night 5 Meet thewinners of this year 'sCINE·MAGICISVA Short Film Search. By John Clayton. Filmmakers'Forum 8 A regular department devoted to readers' commentsand correspon dence about fanlllsyfilmmaking. Cobweb Spinner 10 Spin your own webs with thiseasy to make cob webspinner that gives pro ·fessionalresults. By Matt Greenfield. Producers ' Bulletin Board 14 Latest news ofour readers'production s. High School Werewolf 16 - o behind the scenes on the making of this yea(s C INEMAGICISVA Super·8 First Prize winner : An American WerewoJlin HighSchool. By Joe Carter. ~20 The life and career of pioneer film · maker Georges Melles is chronicledon acab le Tv' retrospective. Issue '19 Grip Kit,,- __ 22 Usefulaccessories for filmmakers . Electronic Special Effects 24 Build your own simplelighting gadgets.Three projects forconstruc· ting a dimmer, achaser and a flasher. By Chris Stevens. Books __ _ 30 Books for filmmakers-valuable sourcesof information and techniqueforthe filmmaker. Cinemagic Market- place 31 Classified advertisi ng and an·nouncements. Front LighU Back Light _ 32 AI MagliocheUirevealsthe magic lindmystery of frontlight/back light anima· tion. ClNEMAG/C II J 93  Issue 19 Publishers NormanJacobs/Kerry O'Quinn Associate Publisher RitaEisenstein Circulation Director RichardBrowne Editor David Hutchison Art Director StevenJ.Plunkett Managing Editor JohnClayton Senior Designer NealHolmes Associate Art Director DianeCook Editorial Contributors JoeCarter Matt GreenfieldAIMagliochettiChrisStevens Designer Denise Lewis Production Assistants JoanBaetzRichard CebekEileen DempseyNorma GarciaAndrea Passe sClaraUrrea Founderof CINEMAGIC Don Dohler Financial Manager JoanBaetz Published by O'QUINNSTUDIOS,INC. 4 75 ParkAve, SouthNew York, NY 10016 ... d.ertl.lng In lo T>IItion' RiteE 'nsteln (212)689,2830 A_ thl .... AI ~1lOCMt1I, wrlO!ItG lor IN Grand Pm, In IN 1981 CINEMAGICIS~A Short fnm s..rtn wt\II hIS 1ilnI , IJiIQ MIIC.Jlu, II., I 1Ig~ /NCI11Ig 01 ~ $101' '1 '\1011 5k11101on _iOn lor ~ onmgllVlwocJ<8g/ll riMIofI sequence k ' £IIIIu MIu/JI. Soo p,!;jJt 32 lorAl' l a.toclt on 1I0Il1- ~bickIIgIIl nn.tJon Cover PhOtO Dy Ma:. Kalblekl 4CiI'lEMAG/C 19 Editor's BENCH But What Does it all Mean ... ? I t's now somem ont hspasttheFourthAnnualClNEMAGIC/SVA Film Search;thefilmshave been returned withscore cardsenclosedand theluckywinners notified. Nowwhat? Of course, thewinners havegottenwhatthey we re supposed to get out of thecon· test-some generously donated merchandise prizes, recognition, visibility, apublic sc reening of their film andpossible future coverageinthepagesofCINEMAGIC.It's the beginning of a trackrecord. It'safirst step towards getting uptobat withthe big leagues. For most of the winnersthatchance at batisstillyearsoff. It will take mu chmore ha rdwork. more filmmaking and good luck.Yourchancesat bat or getting to show your stufftothebigboys or the big break actually dependsmostlyonluck. Whetherornot you strikeout onyour·'bigbreak·' depends mostly on you ... onhowgood you are ... on howgoodwhatyouhave to show is. But what about the vast majoritywhoweren't winners '· thistime around.Well, of co urse,thereisalways next year. But even more important is the fact that therearedozens of other film festivalsandcontestsheld around the United States. Yo ushouldenter as many of them as possible.I think you·1I find that if youare any good at all, your work will be accepted and win prizes in somecontestsand not in others.Why? If it'sa good film,whydoesn't everybody think so. Weill have no answerf or thatone. I am a member of the Stereo Division of the Photographic Society of America.There are maybe a dozen competitions that I enterwith my stereoslidesevery year. Sometimes the judges like themand sometimes they don·t.Agood friend of mine had the experience of havingone of his entries rejectedbythe judges in one co mpetition,but the very next competition he entered the samestereoslide took first place,There is no accountingf or taste, of cou rse, butthere is more to it than that. Some of the thingsthat affectjudgingare: wasyourw ork shown fir st or last. howgood was theworkshown justbefore yours,what arethe personalprejudices of the Judges,what are the phySical conditions of thejudging environment.was theprojectorrunning per· fectly foryour film, was your film the25thversion of thesame tired plot thatthe judgeshad seen thatday, .. ?And so on . Allof these things can makethesame film awinnerone day and a loserthe next. Your only defense againstthis sortof thingis to getyour film out as many tim esas possible. In the longrun, theaverages will even out some of thesevariables.Onething though.Evenintheworst of co nditions ... even though the ju dg es mighthavebeen bored by7hours of mediocre or worse films ... films ofunusualtalent andsrcinality shine through. rve seen it happen timeafter time-the mostbleary·eyed judge perks to fullattention whenanything of unusual quality comesacross on the screen. Ifs astounding how a little bit of srcinalcreativity cantransform an exhausted Judge Into an eager, excited film fan. So,Now, whatdoes all thismean? Simply put: If you didn·t ·make if thistime,but you·re really turned onbyf ilmmaking, .. thennothing can stop you:· -Dav idHutchison CINEMAGIC lopubllsI>W bl monthly byO·QUINN STUOIOS, 1r1C ., 7~ Park.....en..., South.N ... V ..k. NY 10016. Th i ll. 1.~ .19(Vol,,~4,No . I ~ Conlenl i, _ 1983byO ·OUINNSTUOIOS. INC .Allll ghlSr_'.w Reprln,,,..rq>r<>docllon al .ny ,. , .. 1 n pen In whole wlthoul wrlnen . on hom the publ1ohc<s I, .uldly f ,bldden. CINEMAGIC ac· cept. no ~.ib!ll ' y for u ,Ik:lted , . scripts. or other 'Ie.lal, b . II free.. nce submilial ãã eaccom· pelllw by a self· ed<j.nsed. IUImpe<1 en .elope. they wUlboo cOIUIk\ered and. If neee .. .ã eIUlnN. PrO<tu<:u itd ã ,,,lsed al. not .....:e rlly endol>W byCINL'I 'GIC. end any vi ...... ' pr. In edltO'/i,,1 copy. , not necflHrlly._ 01 CINEMAGIC. Subscription ,oteo, '9 . 98 10'/ one yee. ( 01 . Issue. ) dell.ere<! III lhe U.s . Canedo andM, lco, 1<)<<,llIn oubscrlptlon $12. 98 In U.S. fundS only. Ne. Sub. c rlptlon. : send direct!)' \(I ONEMAGIC. cloO ·Qulnn 5t<><lloo. Inc . 41~ P.rk 'vell...,Soulh.1'IewYo.k. NY 10016.NOII/lcaUon of chanlleofaddre .. or rene ãã ..,ndtoCINEJII..GIC, ~.Ipllon Dept. P.O. 80. 142. MI . .... orrls. lL 61054 . Pon .... er: Send orml~79 10CINEJIIA(jIC.P.O. Box 142. MI . M I .IL 61 054 .Printed III U.S .... ãã

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