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its a committee report by corpuz
  COMMITTEE REPORT AN ACT IMPOSING THE PRISON LABOR PROGRAM IN NATIONAL PRISONS OF THE PHILIPPINES.  As Reported by Stephen Corpuz  On: Labor and Employment, October 3, 2017 Title : An act imposing the prison labor program in national prisons of the Philippines. Brief Description : This bill seeks to give the income of the prisoners from their labor to their families and increase the Agricultural and Industrial production sector. Sponsor  : Stephen Corpuz   Committee Activity : Committee on Labor and Employment Majority Report : That this bill must be studied further for amendments therefore it was moved to lay it on the table. It was taken up from the table and was moved for the period of amendments. Based on the deliberation the Majority concluded that this bill is not sufficient to serve the purpose of its intentions. The majority decided not to pass the bill.   Aira Mindanao raised a clarification that regards to Section 8 (b), that people who are subjected to any psychological disorders are not eligible to be imprisoned.   Response of the author: The author suggested removing Section 8 (b).   John Lawrence Emata asked the author that regards to Section 8 (a) if he also includes those people who are sentenced to life imprisonment.   Response of the author: The author answered that those people who are subjected to life imprisonment is also under the said provision.   Rickdel Del Rosario asked for the mechanisms of Section 8- Limitations.   Response of the author: The author responded that those includes the people who committed heinous crime and sentenced to a reclusion perpetua and life imprisonment but still can take part of the program. 60% of their income will be allocated to the family of the prisoner and 40% will go to the Bureau of Corrections for the funding of the reformation program for the prisoners. He also explained that there shall be no monetary allowances are given to the prisoners. Minority Report : Do not pass.   That it must not pass the committee level because there are existing programs such as this in the Bureau of Corrections. Committee Decision Report : The Committee decided not to pass the said bill because the bill will not be fully able to serve its intentions because of lack of sufficiency. The committee tried to retain the essence of the bill to serve its intentions through thorough deliberation but no amount of amendments can retain it. Therefore with No opposition to the non-passage of the bill the committee decided that the bill will not be sponsored by the committee.   Background : In a developing country that small in geographical scale but is populous, crime rate tends to be high. Some people in the poverty line are illiterate, and has no means of applying themselves to work. So, some of them commits criminal deeds because that's the only source of living that they know. Some of them gets away of their crime, some gets imprisoned. High crime rate means that there are many cases filed in precincts. People guilty of their crime means they get imprisoned. And if there are many prisoners, it means that penal institutions become congested. It's a fact that food supplies in prison facilities are not enough to accommodate a large number of prisoners. Also, prison cells are too congested to accommodate all the prisoners, in result of that, the prisoners sleep in floors, and in places that are not supposed to be a place of sleeping or resting. Given that they don’t deserve any comfort in life for the crimes that they did, but it's still the role of the penal institution tip provide the basic needs of the prisoners while in their custody.   In 2001, about 35,000 inmates were fighting for space in jails supervised by the bureau. Today, the number has jumped to 69,500. Over congestion also brutalizes life in penitentiaries and in provincial jails. The projected populations of national prisons administered by the Bureau of Corrections, an agency of the Department of Justice and the jails maintained by the provincial governments must be as dreadful. 1  Prisoners also find time to keep themselves busy. There are programs in the Bureau of Corrections that provides skills training, recreation, work and livelihood program for the prisoners ’  skills enhancement. Most of the Penal Institutions in the Philippines has Penal Farms. These penal farms are intended for the prisoners' work, obviously in crop production and farming. The prisoners are given allowances for their personal expenses inside the facility. But, is there an assurance that they won't use the 1   money they earned for unethical purposes like gambling and such things that are unlawful? They are given fifty pesos allowance per day, and five hundred pesos per month of work. Given that there are recreational program which also serves as a rehabilitation program for them, I still think that they should not be given a daily allowance. In coming up with the “Prison Labor Bill , the main problem is where to distribute the income? What would be the source of the budget for the income? And lastly, Does it require all prisoners to participate? All of the questions will be answered in the bill. In the United States of America, Penal labor is sometimes used as a punishment in the U.S. military. It is stated penal labor is allowed by the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This form of legal slavery is only allowed when used as punishment for committing a crime. The 13th Amendment states that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.   2  On 2016, Senator Richard Gordon proposes the use of the penal labor in the Philippines. He stated that the prisoners, even if in confinement, may be productive and can be used as an addition to the labor force. They could plant trees on denuded mountains so that floods could be prevented. They could also desilt rivers or they could fix damaged irrigation canals or systems to improve crop production in the country. They could be given allowances for the community work , Senator Gordon said. 3 The prisoners can also work for the reforestation of mountains, especially in landslide and flood prone areas. The Senator believes that by the use of prison labor, inmates may reformed very well before being released into the society in the same time, they are 2  3   contributing in fixing the problems of the government. A production of vehicle license plate can also be launched for the prisoners. With this proposal, the prisoners can be a productive in the penal institutions before their reintegration. With the proposal of Senator Gordon, I think that prisoners at work can be a great help in the agriculture and industrial sector. With the current problem that the prisons and jailhouses are experiencing, which is congestion, I think that they can generate funds for the renovation of the prison. With the renovation of prisons, the prisoners can be accommodated and it will lessen congestion. This bill doesn’t violate any provisions in the constitution. It does not require the prisoners to take part on the Prison Labor Program. The Prison Labor Program will only be mandatory when the prisoners is on the part our process of Rehabilitation before reintegration to the society. The Government must use any means to promote the agricultural and industrial sectors. A worker earns money from the work they have done, but in this case, the prisoners will not directly receive their income to prevent them form committing any crimes that is money- based. To prevent this kind of acts, the “Prison Labor   Bill will distribute the income to the families of the prisoners and the Bureau supervising the penal institutions. References:   ––––––––––––––––––––––  
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