Corrie Ten Boom

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Corrie Ten Boom
  Corrie ten Boom Cornelia   Corrie ten Boom  (Amsterdam, 15 April 1892 – Placentia, California, 15 April 1983) was a Dtc! C!ristian w!o, alon wit! !er fat!er and ot!er famil# mem$ers, !elped man# %ews escape t!e  &a'i olocast drin orld ar ** and was imprisoned for it+ er most famos  $oo, The Hiding Place , descri$es t!e ordeal+ Early life Corrie ten -oom rew p in aarlem in Amsterdam and was t!e #onest of for c!ildren, $orn to parents Casper (1859–19..) and Cornelia (died 1921 of a cere$ral !aemorr!ae)+ /!e !ad two ot!er sisters, -etsie ten -oom (died 19.. in t!e 0aens$rc  deat! camp) and &ollie (died in 1953)+ er $rot!er, illem ten -oom, was $orn in 188 and died in 19.4 of spinal t$erclosis+ Corries t!ree maternal ants also lied wit! !er famil#+ -ep died in t!e earl# 1926s, of t$erclosis7 %ans died in t!e mid1926s, of dia$etes7 and Anna, w!o too care of t!e c!ildren after t!e deat! of t!eir mot!er, was t!e last to die, in t!e earl# 1936s+Corries fat!er wored as a watc!maer7 a profession t!at s!e followed in $ecomin t!e first licensed female watc!maer in t!e &et!erlands in 192.+ Corrie and !er sister -etsie neer married and !ad lied t!eir entire lies (ntil t!eir arrest) in t!eir c!ild!ood !ome in aarlem+ Corrie ten -oom also ran a c!rc! for people wit! mental disa$ilities, raised foster c!ildren in t!eir !ome, and did ot!er c!arita$le wors+ World War II *n 19.6, t!e &a'is inaded t!e &et!erlands+ Amon t!eir restrictions was $annin a cl$ w!ic! ten -oom !ad rn for #on irls+ 1:  page needed  :  *n ;a# 19.2 a welldressed woman came to t!e ten -oom door wit! a sitcase in !and+ /!e told t!e ten -ooms t!at s!e was a %ew and t!at !er !s$and !ad $een arrested seeral mont!s $efore and !er son !ad one into !idin+ As <ccpation at!orities !ad recentl# isited !er, s!e was afraid to retrn !ome+ ain !eard t!at t!e ten -ooms !ad !elped t!eir %ewis! nei!$ors, t!e eils, s!e ased if s!e mi!t sta# wit! t!e famil#+ =en -ooms fat!er readil# areed+ A deoted reader of t!e <ld =estament, Casper  $elieed %ews were t!e c!osen people, and !e told t!e woman, *n t!is !ose!old, >ods people are alwa#s welcome+ 1:  page needed  :  =!e famil# t!en $ecame er# actie in t!e Dtc! nderrond !idin refees =!e# proided os!er  food for t!e %ewis! refees w!o sta#ed wit! t!em and !onored t!e %ewis! /a$$at!+ 2: =!s t!e ten -ooms $ean t!e !idin place , or de sc!ilplaats , as it was nown in Dtc! (also nown as de -?@? , prononced in Dtc! as $a#a#, an a$$reiation of t!e name of t!e street t!e !ose was in, t!e -artel@orisstraat)+ Corrie ten -oom and sister -etsie $ean tain in refees$ot! %ews and ot!ers w!o were mem$ers of t!e resistance moement, $ein so!t $# t!e >estapo and its Dtc! conterpart+ !ile t!e# !ad eBtra rooms in t!e !ose, food was scarce  for eer#one, de to wartime s!ortaes+ er# non%ewis! Dtc! person !ad receied a ration card, w!ic! was reired to o$tain weel# copons to $# food+=!ans to !er c!arita$le wor, ten -oom new man# people in aarlem and remem$ered a cople w!o !ad a disa$led da!ter+ =!e fat!er was a ciil serant, w!o $# t!en was in c!are of t!e local rationcard office+ /!e went to !is !ose one eenin7 w!en !e ased !ow man# ration cards s!e needed, * opened m# mot! to sa#, Eie, ten -oom wrote in The Hiding Place + -t t!e nm$er t!at neBpectedl# and astonis!inl# came ot instead wasF <ne !ndred+ 1:  page needed    :  e ae t!em to !er, and s!e proided cards to eer# %ew w!om s!e met+ Secret room =!e idin Place in Corrie ten -ooms closet+-ecase of t!e nm$er of people sin t!eir !ose, t!e famil# $ilt a secret room, in case a raid too place+ =!e# decided to $ild it in ten -ooms $edroom7 as it was in t!e !i!est part of t!e !ose, people tr#in to !ide wold !ae t!e most time to aoid detection (as a searc! wold start on t!e rond floor)+ A mem$er of t!e Dtc! resistance desined t!e !idden room $e!ind a false wall+ >radall#, famil# and spporters $ro!t $ildin spplies into t!e !ose, !idin t!em in  $riefcases and rolledp newspapers+ !en finis!ed, t!e secret room was a$ot 36 inc!es (4 cm) deep, t!e si'e of a medim wardro$e+ A entilation s#stem allowed for $reat!in+ =o enter t!e secret room, a person !ad to open a slidin panel in t!e plastered $ric wall nder a  $ottom $oos!elf and crawl in on !ands and nees+ *n addition, t!e famil# installed an electric  $''er for warnin in a raid+ !en t!e &a'is raided t!e ten -oom !ose in 19.., siB people were sin t!e !idin place to eade detection+  Arrest, detention, and release <n 28 Ee$rar# 19.., a Dtc! informant told t!e &a'is of t!e wor t!e ten -ooms were doin, and t!e &a'is arrested t!e entire ten -oom famil# at arond 12F36 p+m+ =!e famil# was sent first to /c!eeninen prison, w!ere t!eir elderl# fat!er died ten da#s after !is arrest+ !ile t!ere, ten -ooms sister &ollie, $rot!er illem, and nep!ew Peter were all released+ Gater, ten -oom and sister -etsie were sent to t!e H!t political concentration camp, and finall# to t!e 0aens$rc   concentration camp in >erman#+ -etsie died t!ere on Decem$er 14, 19..+ -efore s!e died, s!e told ten -oom, =!ere is no pit so deep t!at e >od: is not deeper still+ 1:  page needed  : Corrie ten -oom was released on Decem$er 28, 19..+ *n t!e moie The Hiding Place , s!e narrates t!e section on !er release from camp, sa#in t!at s!e later learned t!at !er release !ad  $een a clerical error+ /!e said, >od does not !ae pro$lemsonl# plans+ =!e %ews w!om t!e ten -ooms !ad $een !idin at t!e time of t!eir arrests remained ndiscoered and all $t one, an old woman named ;ar#, sried+ Life after the war After t!e war, ten -oom retrned to =!e &et!erlands to set p a re!a$ilitation center+ =!e refe !oses consisted of concentration camp sriors and s!eltered t!e @o$less Dtc! w!o  preiosl# colla$orated wit! >ermans drin t!e occpation+ /!e retrned to >erman# in 19.4, and traeled t!e world as a p$lic speaer, appearin in oer siBt# contries, drin w!ic! time s!e wrote man# $oos+=en -oom told t!e stor# of !er famil# and t!eir wor drin orld ar ** in !er $est sellin  $oo, The Hiding Place  (191), w!ic! was made into a film $# orld ide Pictres in 195 starrin %eannette Clift as ten -oom and %lie arris as ten -ooms sister -etsie+ *n 19, ten -oom, t!en 85 #ears old, moed to Placentia, California+ *n 198, s!e sffered two stroes, t!e first renderin !er na$le to spea, and t!e second resltin in paral#sis+ /!e did not reain fnction for t!e remainin fie #ears of !er life, d#in on !er 91st $irt!da# (15 April 1983) followin a t!ird stroe+ Honors ã *srael !onored ten -oom $# namin !er 0i!teos Amon t!e &ations+ ã =en -oom was ni!ted $# t!e Ieen of t!e &et!erlands in reconition of !er wor drin t!e war+ ã =!e =en -oom ;sem in aarlem is dedicated to !er and !er famil# for t!eir wor+ ã =!e Jins Collee in  &ew Kor Cit# named a new womens !ose in !er !onor+ Religious views  er teac!in focsed on t!e C!ristian >ospel, wit! emp!asis on forieness+ *n !er $oo Tramp  for the Lord   (19.), s!e tells t!e stor# of an enconter w!ile s!e was teac!in in >erman# in 19.+ /!e was approac!ed $# a former 0aens$rc camp ard, w!o !ad $een nown as one of t!e crelest+ /!e was relctant to forie !im, $t pra#ed t!at s!e wold $e a$le to+ =en -oom wroteFEor a lon moment we rasped eac! ot!ers !ands, t!e former ard and t!e former prisoner+ * !ad neer nown >ods loe so intensel# as * did t!en+/!e also wrote (in t!e same passae) t!at in !er postwar eBperience wit! ot!er ictims of &a'i  $rtalit#, it was t!ose w!o were a$le to forie w!o were $est a$le to re$ild t!eir lies+ /!e appeared on man# C!ristian teleision prorams discssin !er ordeal drin t!e olocast and t!e concepts of forieness and >ods loe+/!e re@ected t!e doctrine t!at some asserted, of Pre=ri$lation 0aptre, and wrote t!at it was wit!ot -i$lical fondation+ /!e $elieed t!at sc! a doctrine left t!e C!ristian C!rc! ill prepared in times of reat persection, sc! as in C!ina nder ;ao Ledon+ /!e often oted a faorite sa#in of !er sisterF =!ere is no pit so deep t!at e >od: is not deeper still+
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