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While ABM isn't new, many of the modern technologies that make it more accessible, scalable and repeatable for B2B organizations are. Watch this #LLS16 webinar where Act-On team executives will share insights to help you kick start your ABM programs: http://dg-r.co/2blBYeW
  • 1. #LLS16 Rethinking Funnel Metrics: Why Companies Are Shifting From Tracking Leads To Engaging Accounts SPONSORED BY:
  • 2. #LLS16 Follow This Webinar On Twitter #LLS16 Demand Gen Report: @DG_Report Brian Anderson: @G3Brian Act-On Software: @ActOnSoftware Janelle Johnson: @janelle_johnson Adam Mertz: @adammertz
  • 3. #LLS16 From TOFU to MOFU to BOFU to Close www3.demandgenreport.com/lls16
  • 4. #LLS16 About Demand Gen Report • Tracking strategies and solutions in lead generation and marketing technology since 2007 • Daily news and analysis, special reports, original research and live events • Newsletter reaches 40,000 readers • Additional resources at: demandgenreport.com/resources @DG_Report http://linkd.in/DG_Specialists
  • 5. #LLS16 Questions, Tweets & Resources Submit your questions here Download today’s resources Join the conversation #LLS16
  • 6. #LLS16 Panelists MODERATOR: Brian Anderson News Editor Demand Gen Report Adam Mertz Sr. Director of Product Marketing Act-On Software @adammertz Janelle Johnson Sr. Director of Global Segment Marketing Act-On Software @janelle_johnson
  • 7. Account-Based Marketing: B2B Gets Its Hot New Thing B2C and B2B are not converging; marketing to businesses remains a unique discipline with its own language, goals, and tactics.
  • 8. B2B companies market to, sell to, and service, accounts – not leads.
  • 9. Understanding ABM: What You Need to Know in a Nutshell
  • 10. 200% more revenue from marketing efforts 300% increase in close rates What’s so great about Account-Based Marketing?
  • 11. Despite the fact that 31% of respondents say that their company is practicing ABM, only 20% say they have a clear understanding of what it is. Source: Act-On Account-Based Marketing Survey 2016 Real Account-Based Marketing Insights
  • 12. 2 organic searches 1 Facebook interaction So what exactly is ABM? 1 webcast 2 website visits 1 Linkedin interaction 2 email views1 white paper download 1 email click through
  • 13. The Two Most Common Forms of ABM PROACTIVE TARGETING 1.
  • 14. The Two Most Common Forms of ABM REACTIVE TARGETING 2.
  • 15. Kickstarting your ABM Program Choose target accounts Create detailed personas at these accounts Define messaging and create content per personas Determine best channels per persona Measure success at the persona and account levels Set clear business goals
  • 16. Focus areas for long-term success with ABM • Building brand awareness • Generating demand • Expanding customer relationships • Scale your ABM efforts by using the right marketing technology • Leverage inbound and outbound marketing tactics
  • 17. Brand Awareness Link buyer behaviors and data across a single account view • Monitor account-based activity across the web • Identify most interested organizations within defined strategic accounts • Distinguish key influencers within an organization
  • 18. Brand Awareness ABM Examples Leveraging Martech View key influencer behavior in a filterable, unified timeline View account-level scoring based on total account contact activity
  • 19. Demand Generation Easily create account-based campaigns to improve nurturing and engagement • Deliver personalized buyer and account experiences • Create micro-campaigns for strategic accounts • Utilize CRM Account data for campaign segmentation
  • 20. Demand Generation Examples Leveraging Martech Quickly create micro-campaigns based on account attributes Drill into most active targeted accounts to view the most engaged contacts
  • 21. Expand Relationships Expand total lifetime value across accounts • Personalized, on-going customer communication and education • Targeted micro-campaigns for cross- selling/up-selling accounts • Create advocate building and activation campaigns
  • 22. Expanding Relationships Examples Leveraging Martech Personalize customer comm’s based on Account attributes Create cross/up-sell account groups and campaigns using CRM data
  • 23. Inbound & Outbound - Incorporating Into your ABM Strategy
  • 24. (Source: Demand Metric Research Report) 84% of marketers use inbound and outbound tactics.
  • 25. Inbound is a Terrific Strategy for the Discovery Stage of Your Buyer’s Journey
  • 26. The Rest of Your Buyer's Journey Requires Incorporation of an Outbound Strategy
  • 27. Example Scenario: Inbound + Outbound tactics Inbound: Company tweets to promote an industry-specific blog post Prospect clicks on tweet, reads post Prospect clicks on blog post CTA – link to gated IT eBook Prospect fills out form to get eBook asset Prospect now gives permission for contact Outbound: Behavior-triggered thank you email sent with IT-centric copy Behavior-centric nurture email sent – webcast related to IT eBook Company sends prospect a trial offer – prospect accepts trial Sales follows up on the trial and provides industry case study
  • 28. Content Marketing should be targeted and educational, versus broad and sales-centric INBOUND Content Marketing
  • 29. Integrating Inbound with Outbound You need permission to engage with prospects on an ongoing basis. • Every Inbound CTA should have a dedicated landing page • Conduct A/B testing to improve your conversions
  • 30. OUTBOUND – Email Marketing Email is ranked the #1 preferred communication channel by consumers. • Behavior-triggered emails • Automated email programs/nurturing
  • 31. OUTBOUND – Behavior Triggered Email What is it? • Trigger an email based on an action (or lack of action) • Let your audience self-identify • Use digital body language to find your messaging sweet spot
  • 32. OUTBOUND – Nurture Email Programs What is it? • Nurturing is an automated email program that encourages prospects to interact with your brand. • Nurturing allows you to send highly targeted messages by segmenting based on data you are collecting. Bad Lead Warm Lead Qualified Lead
  • 33. In Summary Focusing marketing efforts on key target audiences maximizes ROI ABM can be hard to implement, but the right tools can make it easy ABM can be valuable across your brand, demand and expand efforts
  • 34. #LLS16 Q&A / Panelists MODERATOR: Brian Anderson News Editor Demand Gen Report Adam Mertz Sr. Director of Product Marketing Act-On Software @adammertz Janelle Johnson Sr. Director of Global Segment Marketing Act-On Software @janelle_johnson
  • 35. #LLS16 Join Us In-Person Feb. 20-22, 2017 www3.demandgenreport.com/LLS16http://b2bmarketing.exchange
  • 36. #LLS16 Thank You For Attending View & Share #LLS16 On-Demand www3.demandgenreport.com/lls16
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