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THE Jew News!! FRANKFURT, GERMANY PRICE=1.00 AUGUST 17,1940 THE LODZ NIGHTMARE THE PEOPLE OF FRANKFURT SUFFER You thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Jewish community than being bullied, called out of their name, and people being prejudice towards them. THINK AGAIN!!!! Now that Hitler has been official elected to power his first order is exclude Jews form the regular society. This means that Jews are being deported to Ghettos and from there to death camps. Yesterday 8/16/1940 the people
    . THE PEOPLE OF FRANKURT ANDOTHER CITIES IN THE LODZGHETTO.   THE  Jew News!! FRANKFURT, GERMANY PRICE=1.00 AUGUST 17,1940 THE LODZ NIGHTMARE You thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Jewish communitythan being bullied, called out of theirname, and people being prejudicetowards them. THINK AGAIN!!!!Now that Hitler has been officialelected to power his first order isexclude Jews form the regularsociety. This means that Jews arebeing deported to Ghettos and fromthere to death camps. Yesterday8/16/1940 the people of Frankfurtwere being deported to a Ghetto inthe Northern section of Lodz.Ghettos are not a place you want tobe. It is a horrible place to beactually. They have low hygiene, alow number of foods; everyone hasto work even the children do inorder to provide money for them toeat. The winters are worst becausethey provide no warm clothes foryou and you have to just try to copewith you have and they would runlow on food. With running low on food everybody couldn’t eat which meant that people were always getting sick and having not enough medicine toprovide for the sick people so they would die. In Lodz they would not let youhave certain things like radios or camera because they did not want to knowwhat ’s going on in the world and why they are doing this and they did not wantyou to enjoy yourself they just wanted you to work and if you refused youwould either die by starvation or, get shot by the Nazis soldiers in patrol.  But if you are lucky and blessed you can stay in Lodz until the war is overbecause from Lodz you were deported to this other place called a death campwhere you either worked or was picked out of a group that was going to begassed and then burned. The death camps were more horrible than the Ghettos.You had to sleep a hundred to a room, you were beaten a lot and you had to walk in death marches. Now thatHitler has total power he is trying tokill all of the Jews and the Jews aretrying to fight back but it is no usebecause Hitler has many moresoldiers than the Jews. THE PEOPLE OFFRANKFURT   SUFFER   FIVE THINGS TO FIND INSIDE THIS PAPER Five things you can find inside this paper is what is happening in Frankfurt, the feature article, the editorial, five importantfacts about the author, and an interview with the character. Also in this article is advertisement and weather report below.WEATHER REPORT: PARTLY SUNNY 68 DEGREESTOMORROW : COULDY 64 DEGREES POSSIBLY RAIN    FREE NEWSPAPER TEMPLATE DELIVERED BY WWW.EXTRANEWSPAPERS.COM] The author of this story isCarol Matas. My name isKaylin Borders and I amreading this book. I have tofirst start off saying that myimpression of this book is just amazed on how theauthor put this booktogether and how he used EDITORIAL: DANIELSSTORY The theme of Daniel’s story is to have courage and learnto fight for survival. Danielin this book had courage torebel against the S.S soldiersand used his survival skills toremain alive during thedeath camp in Auschwitz. HeAnd he his dad did whateverthey could to stay alive inthe ghetto, the death camp,and in the liberation. Heshowed a great example of  the story’s theme. He and he his father were very luckyand blessed to not be killed FEATURE ARTICLE: Through the holocaust times.Even though Daniel lost hismom, sister, uncles,aunts,and cousins he still showedhope that he was going tosurvive and win the war.In libris graecis appetere mea. At vim odio lorem omnes, pri id iuvaret partiendo.Vivendo menandri et sed. Lorem volumus blandit cu has.Sit cu alia porro fuisset.Ea pro natum invidunt repudiandae, his et facilisis vituperatoribus. Mei eu ubique alterasenserit.Ea pro natum invidunt repudiandae, his et facilisis vituperatoribus. Mei eu ubique alterasenserit, consul eripuit accusata has ne. Ea pro natum invidunt repudiandae, his etfacilisis vituperatoribus. Sed ut nunc adipiscing leo porttitor pharetra. Nam dictum.Mauris eu eros. Aenean vulputate dolor quis felis. Etiam accumsan adipiscing massa.Nunc pharetra tortor a odio. Nullam molestie justo. Maecenas eget nunc. Nunc INSERT YOUR ARTICLE TIT  all this information in thisbook. But my opinions onthe events that happen are just why somebody woulddo this. When Daniel andhis family were beingdeported to the deathcamp I felt very sad for himand how he was beingtreated. I also felt sorry forall the Jews that werebeing killed and burnedand gassed alive. This bookmade me think of howfortunate I am and howpeople were getting killedof their religion so I amthankful for who I am.   The theme of Daniels Story INTERVIEW WITHCHARACTER-ME- HI DANIEL HOWARE YOU?DANIEL- I AM DOINGGOOD HOW ABOUTYOU?ME-GOOD I JUSTWANTED TO KNOWWHAT YOUREMEMBER FROM THEHOLOCAUST?DANIEL- WELL THERESALOT BUT I MOSTLY LITTLE ARTICLETITLE PLACED HERE TRY TO REMEMBERTHE GOOD TIMESME- WELL WHATWERE SOME OF THEBAD TIMES?DANIEL- WELL THEWORST WAS THEDEATHCAMPME- WHY DO YOU SAYTHAT?DANIEL- BECAUSEWOULD GET KILLED ATTHE TIME THERE ANDIT WAS SO SAD LITTLE ARTICLETITLE PLACED HERE ME- DID YOU ACTUALLYEXPERICENCE LOSINGSOMEBODY THERE?DANIEL- YES, UMM MYMOTHER AND MY SISTERERIKAME- WELL THANKS FORSHARING THAT WITH US ITWAS A GREAT HONOR FORYOU TO COME AND DOTHIS INTERVIEW WITH MEAND HOPE TO SEE YOUAGAIN .DANIEL- THE HONOR WASTRULY MINE KAYLIN. LITTLE ARTICLETITLE PLACED HERE   Daniel’s story - now available on stores everywhere!!!
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