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e: Basic Concepts of Accounting(AccountingRecordandSystem).pptx
  Accounting Records and Systems (3 rd  and 4 th  Week Assignment) By Alexander H.K.P Kelas F-131 1306356040    Problem 4-2 Transaction Analysis During May 1.The Company Prepaid $14,340 rent for the period May 1- October 31 Analysis : Transaksi ini mengurangi Cash  sebesar $14,340 (cr) Dan menambah  Asset   dari Prepaid Rent   sebesar$14,340 (dr) 2. Sales Discount and allowance were $34,150 Analysis: Sales Discount and allowance adalah hasil dari pengurangan penjualan kotor (gross sale) untuk mendapatkan penjualan bersih (net sales) yang dicatatkan sebagai Expense. Expense bertambah maka, Sales Discount and allowance $34,150 (dr) Lawan dari Sales Discount and allowance adalah Provision for Sales Discounts and  Allowances sebagai liabilities bertambah sebesar $34,150 (cr)  3.A loan for $3,500 at 12 % interest continued to be owed to the company by one of its employees, who made no payment related to this loan during May. Analysis : Pinjaman dari perusahaan untuk bulan mei yg belum dibayarkan , dengan asumsi pinjaman periode 1 tahun, sebesar $3,500 dengan bunga 12 % / tahun   1 % perbulan, Maka Interest Receivable pada Asset bertambah sebesar $35 (dr) (hasil dari $3,500 * 1 %) Interest Income pada Pendapatan lainnya bertambah sebesar $35 (cr)  Problem 4-2 Transaction Analysis During May 4. Depreciation expense was $13,660 Analysis: Transaksi ini Menambah Depreciation Expense sebesar $13,660 (dr) Dan Accumulated depreciation pada asset sebesar $13,660 (cr) 5. Customer paid $2,730 for services they will not receive until sometime in June Analysis: Transaksi ini menambah $2,730 pada cash (dr) Dan menambah Deffered revenue  pada liability sebesar $2,730 (cr) 6.Purchased $172 worth of stamps and used $100 worh of them Analysis : Transaksi ini mengurangi cash sebesar $172 (cr) Menambah Stamp Expense sebesar $100 (dr) Dan menambah Inventory pada Asset sebesar $72 (dr) 7. Allowance for Doubtfull Accounts was increased by $1,350 Analysis: Transaksi ini Menambah Bad Debt Expense sebesar $1,350 (dr) Dan menambah Allowance for Doubtful Accounts sebesar $1,350 (cr) yang akan mengurangi account receivable  Problem 4-2 : Journal for Woodside Company As Of May Date Descriptions Dr (in $) Cr (in $) 1 Prepaid Rent 14,340 Cash 14,340 2 Sales Discounts and Allowances 34,150 Provision for Sales Discounts and Allowances 34,150 3 Interest Receivable 35 Interest Income 35 4 Depreciation Expense 13,660 Accumulated Depreciation 13,660 5 Cash 2,730 Deferred revenue 2,730 6 Stamp Expense 100 Stamp Inventory 72 Cash 172 7 Bad debt expense 1,350 Allowance for doubtful accounts 1,350
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