EDRMS Implementations : Case Study & Business Case Comparison iCognition Pty Ltd Presenter: Nigel Carruthers-Taylo

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EDRMS Implementations : Case Study & Business Case Comparison iCognition Pty Ltd Presenter: Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Managing Director. ACCC Case Study. iCognition won a tender for a ‘ TRIM Interface ’ for Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)
EDRMS Implementations:Case Study & Business Case ComparisoniCognition Pty LtdPresenter: Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Managing DirectorACCC Case Study
  • iCognition won a tender for a ‘TRIM Interface’ for Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)
  • Single portal to access and manage ALL information
  • Implementation of an Enterprise Information Solution (850 staff in 9 sites nationally)
  • Centralised virtual environment
  • ACCC’s VisionEmailArchiveEmailStoresRegionalFile ServersCentralFile ServersIntranetExisting EDRMSLine-of-business SystemsACCC’s VisionEmailArchiveEmailStoresRegionalFile ServersCentralFile ServersNew EDRMSIntranetExisting EDRMSLine-of-business SystemsVirtual EnvironmentAn Enterprise Information ImplementationAutomated capture of ALL emails(Diem Email Capture)EmailStores‘DORIS’ Interface(Diem Portal)DocumentsStaffNew ‘items’User is reminded to Store into TRIMNew EDRMSIntranetDocument is deleted after 3 days‘Scratch Space’ for drafts(My Documents + Diem Folder Monitor)Items and Documents Can be accessed via DORIS Line-of-business SystemsVirtual EnvironmentOthers have enterprise info management
  • Australian Crime Commission
  • same as ACCC except no auto email capture
  • only a few units exempt
  • Catholic Education Office Canberra-Goulburn
  • admin documents only
  • network drives restricted
  • HR documents next
  • This approachChange management issues
  • migrating all documents
  • ‘browse’ vs ‘search’ paradigm
  • access to other applications
  • “You’re going to capture ALL my documents & emails??!!”
  • So, is the change worth it?CIOLets compare it using this method.....
  • EDRMS cost-benefit analysis for 500 staff
  • 5 year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model
  • Quantify costs and benefits where appropriate
  • Unquantifiable benefits identification
  • Major risks and issues
  • EDRMS business case options
  • Records Management implementation
  • enterprise-wide (available on all desktops)
  • only capture corporate records
  • Business-specific implementation
  • business unit or business process specific e.g. Ministerial or claims processing
  • Enterprise Information implementation
  • enterprise-wide
  • capture all, or the majority, of documents and records
  • Option 1: Records Management (RM) implementation
  • Most common implementation type
  • Existing business processes and information stores
  • Register document when ‘finalising’, approving, emailing or archiving documents, or creating vital records.
  • RM implementation 5 year TCORM implementation 5 year benefitsProductivity & efficiency savingsNon-quantifiable benefits & issues
  • Reduction in compliance risks
  • Filing time and ‘wait time’ reduction
  • Staff can continue existing business processes.
  • Records repository only contains relevant information
  • 30-70% usage means many records are missing...
  • Option 1:RM implementation findings
  • Quantifiable analysis is ‘line ball’
  • benefits minus costs = $445,000
  • Net Present Value (NPV) = only $184,000
  • benefit/cost ratio = 1.09
  • Non-quantifiable benefits are the key
  • compliance issues
  • business efficiencies
  • Large organisations’ NPV would improve if:
  • project staffing costs kept to minimum level
  • majority of staff have access.
  • Option 2: Business-specific implementation
  • Common in private industry
  • Claims or investment processing
  • Used in government
  • Ministerial or executive correspondence
  • Cost-benefit influenced by % staff using solution.
  • Business-specific costs & benefitsCosts and benefits similar to Option 1 RM Implementation except for:
  • Reduced licences, implementation and support costs
  • Narrower focus results in reduction of efficiencies and savings.
  • Option 2:Business-specific findings
  • Quantified analysis is negative
  • Net Present Value = minus$309,000
  • Internal rate of return = minus0.16
  • Investment cost is high for a limited scope
  • Only consider this option for strong non-quantifiable business cases
  • client service improvement is critical
  • responses to key stakeholders or clients must be faster and more effective.
  • Option 3: Enterprise Information Implementation
  • Agencies such as ACCC, ACC & CEO
  • Very few staff are exempt; 100% utilisation (or close)
  • All documents in EDRMS
  • Limited/no access to other info repositories
  • Reduce existing file servers.
  • Enterprise info implementationcosts & benefits
  • Higher costs for migration, technical and business services, and change management
  • Productivity & efficiency benefits are appreciably higher
  • Compliance risks significantly reduced
  • but draft & ephemeral info in system
  • Storage growth reducing
  • Progress toward ‘Green IT’ .
  • Enterprise info implementation costs & benefits
  • Minister Tanner presents Computers Off
  • certification to ACC CEO Mr John Lawler APM
  • “The [Enterprise Information] solution was a major contribution to the ACC decommissioning 71 file servers” ACC CTO
  • Option3:Enterprise info implementation findingsQuantified analysis result is significant
  • net present value = $2,437,000
  • benefit/cost ratio = 2.00
  • internal rate of return = 1.66
  • In conclusionEnterprise Implementation is a clear winner ...An order of magnitude better!But...
  • Change management process is significant
  • organisational commitment
  • strong support
  • transition processes
  • ‘intuitive’ interface essential.
  • Very large or disparate organisations
  • explore other implementation options
  • logistical effort required
  • seek maximum solution coverage
  • Thank you‘EDRMS Business Case White Papers’available:
  • http://www.diemsolutions.com/contact-us/
  • Long version with full details
  • Shorter version for Executives & Managers
  • www.diemsolutions.com
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