EDUC 4274: P/J Mathematics

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EDUC 4274: P/J Mathematics. Week Two----Session 1. Week 2: September 16 – 20-- S3 Session Overview …. Read Chapter 1 Yet?... Look especially at “teaching developmentally” and “pedagogical content knowledge” Interdisciplinary Development: Math and ... Quick Review: Math and Literature
EDUC 4274: P/J MathematicsWeek Two----Session 1Week 2: September 16 – 20-- S3Session Overview…
  • Read Chapter 1 Yet?...
  • Look especially at “teaching developmentally” and “pedagogical content knowledge”
  • Interdisciplinary Development: Math and ...
  • Quick Review: Math and Literature
  • Interdisciplinary second look:
  • Connecting math with history
  • Assignment development-
  • Group assignment 3: topic and date
  • Big Ideas and the Ontario Curriculum
  • Next Class: What’s Coming Up...
  • P/J Math Week 2 Class 1Into the Details…
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge: “Teachers’ knowledge of the mathematics they are teaching in light of how students might think about the mathematics” (Small, ch. 1, p. 13).
  • Making Connections: Math and ---
  • QUICK! – Three things we might do with Math Curse!
  • A Trip Back in Time: “Roped In”
  • “The rope”
  • Its characteristics
  • Volunteers
  • What triangle types can you make?
  • A practical history
  • A website of interest:
  • P/J Math Making Connections...
  • Here’s some of what Small (2013) has to say about “making Connections” (pp. 28-29)...
  • The notion of connection is fundamental to all new learning, whether in mathematics or other areas.
  • It may be connections between some mathematical ideas and other ones;
  • It may be connections between mathematical concepts and everyday life experiences;
  • It may be connections between what is learned in math and what is learned in a different subject in school.
  • Any and all connections are helpful for students to make sense of new ideas they encounter.
  • P/J Math Making Connections...
  • And here’s a bit of what the Math 1-8 Ontario Curriculum has to say on the topic...
  • The development of skills and knowledge in mathematics is often enhanced by learning in other subject areas.
  • Teachers should ensure that all students have ample opportunities to explore a subject from multiple perspectives by emphasizing cross-curricular learning and integrated learning... (p. 26).
  • Cross-curricular: separate subjects, but making use of relationships between them.
  • Integrated: two or more subjects’ expectations within a single activity, lesson, or unit.
  • P/J Math Week 2 Session 1
  • Assignments—Getting Assignment 3 clarified
  • A group development and presentation assignment
  • Specified begin and start dates (7 weeks)
  • 8 specified topics for 7 groups (see assignment)
  • You form your own groups
  • I’m recommending random draw for
  • Topic
  • Date
  • Other approaches?
  • Brief discussion now; next class (Wednesday) we need to have groups, topic, date all selected
  • P/J Math Big Ideas and the Curriculum:Mathematical Processes
  • Two sources (need 45 minutes):
  • Marian Small’s Chapter 2
  • Math Curriculum 1- 8, pages 11-17
  • Be able to retrieve it
  • Small Groups: 7 groups of 4 and 5 (32 people)
  • Refer to text and to curriculum document
  • You will need chart paper and markers
  • 15 minutes maximum
  • Post, Share & Discuss
  • P/J Math Big Ideas and the Curriculum:Mathematical Processes ... 2
  • Seven small groups (Report just the essence!)
  • 1: Big Ideas (Small – ch. 2) (who has text??)
  • “What are Big Ideas?” Give 2, 3 examples only
  • 2: Processes: Problem Solving (keep brief)
  • 3: Processes: Reasoning and Proving AND Connecting
  • 4: Processes: Reflecting
  • 5: Processes: Selecting Tools and Computational Strategies (brief)
  • 6: Processes: Communicating
  • 7: Processes: Representing
  • P/J Math Week 2 Session 1
  • Next session:
  • Finalizing Assignment 3 details
  • Additional Ministry Resources
  • A focus on Problem Solving
  • An introduction to Teaching through PS (TTPS)
  • Geometry as a context (a short refresher)
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