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  ‘Edward Scissorhands’ deconstruction   Titles The titles are all done in different ways such as the one to the right has a black background and white bold eligible writing. The writing moves in slowly diagonally and stays there for a few moments before expanding and fading away. However the titles are also present in completely different way such as instead of having a plain edited back ground these titles are presented in a more interesting way by having the words over the top of objects and places in the scene’s. The titles are also a dark blue colour which creates a cold, dark atmosphere. The writing however is kept throughout the credit which gives the film a professional feel to it. This is a way of intriguing the viewer and making the film seem interesting and creative. Camera shots During the first few minutes of the film we are presented with an establishing shot. The establishing shot sets the scene in the film. In this shot we are presented with a dark old mansion which we would generally see a frightening and creepy which gives the start of the film an interesting unexpected twist as we usually associate old mansions with horror films which is a countertype. However later events show that this film is more of a comedy/romance with elements of horror. Establishing shots are used frequently in this film such as when everyone from the same neighbourhood are all getting into their cars to go to work which  gives the scene a suburban feel, also the fact that all of the houses are the same style and shape which gives the viewer the impression that everyone is identical to one another which is a stereotypical view of society. Which creates a comfortable ‘safe’ atmosphere in this scene which is completely the opposite too the first scene. In this film long shots occur frequently which adds an element of interest, long shots also captures more in one shot which enables you to see the surroundings more clearly and the people. In this scene a long shot is used to show how vulnerable Edward is and how he is not used to human interaction. This shot also can come across as a dark scene to the dark lighting, and the dark figure standing in the corner of the derelict room. , however as he grows more confident that he is safe a mid shot is then shown of him. When characters are speaking to one another during different scenes over the shoulder shots are used which makes a mundane conversation more interesting and enjoyable. Over the shoulder shots are also useful to see how other are feeling about what has been said. Such as in the first 5 minutes of the film Edward and Sue are engaging in a conversation. With the use of an over the shoulder shot we can see that Sue is concerned of Edwards well being and feels obliged to help him out. There are also many close ups in this film which allows you to see how people are feeling they also allow the viewer to have an emotional connection with each individual character. One of the main scenes that use close ups a lot is  when Edward first goes to Sue’s house and is introduced to her family. This is due to the fact that the characters have noticed that he’s different and want to have a closer look at him. We are also presented with a stereotypical scene where all of the women from the neighbourhood gossiping and being nosey. As they want to meet the new stranger in their friends house. Close ups are used for this scene as they allow the viewer to see exactly how each individual woman is feeling which allows the audience to be able to relate to each character Mise-en-scene Right at the start of the film we are presented with low key lighting in the mansion, this adds to the level of uncertainty and enables the viewers to feel unsafe. Low key lighting is also used when we are first introduced to Edward; this is to give off the impression that he is seen as a dangerous character, one of whom cannot be trusted. However later in the film the use of high key lighting is used to the change in how others view him. This is also represented in the use of other characters voice and tones as the trust him more their voices begin to relax and feel more comfortable around him. At the beginning of the film we are presented with areal shot of a suburban colder sac which sets the scene and creates a safe relaxing atmosphere. There’s also sound i n this scene of a woman storytelling, with calming yet eerie sound track. This gives an unexpected twist to the beginning of the film where the atmosphere was dark and dreary. During the middle of the film we are shown a Christmas scene. This is obvious due to the tree in the living area and the elegant decorations. Christmas is also shown in this scene by the characters clothes such as the use of red and white are stereotypical  colours that would be worn on charismas. However we often associate Christmas with happiness and joy. This doesn’t appear to be the case in this scene as neither of the characters look overjoyed, instead they look apprehensive and concerned. This is seen as a counter type as it’s not what you would expect. Through the the film we are presented with this suburban, stereotypical sense of community estate which not creates a close sense of friendship. Editing In this film we are presented with the use of cross cutting, this is where a scene cuts between two separate scenes, which are happening in two separate places at once. This happens while Edward is been driven through the neighbourhood. Cross cutting takes place whilst the two adults are gossiping on the telephone. While Edward is on a television programme being interviewed, he is asked a personal question whether or not he has a love interest, this is where the term ‘cut’ takes place, as there is a close up of Kim, which gives off the impression that she feels similarly about him. The use of this technique allows the viewer to feel involved in the film and allows them to assume what is happening. Cut is the technique that cuts from one shot to another; this tells the viewer a lot about the character. Match on action is used frequently throughout this film, it helps to create the atmosphere within the scene, it also adds to the interest of the film.
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