Ethiopia Criminal Code TIP 2004

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Ethiopia Criminal Code TIP 2004
  EthiopiaProclamation No.414/2004THE CRIMINAL CODE OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATICREPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA Article 596.- Enslavement. (1) Whoever:a) forcibly enslaves another, sells, alienates, pledges or buys him, or trades or traffics inor exploits him in any manner;or  b) keeps or maintains another in a condition of slavery, even in a disguised form, punishable with rigorous imprisonment from five years to twenty years, and fine notexceeding fifty thousand Birr.(2) Whoever, in order to deliver him at his place of destination, carries off or transports a personfound in situations stated above, whether by land, by sea or by air, or conducts or aids suchtraffic, is liable to the punishment under sub-article (1)above.(3) Where the crime is committed against children, women, feebleminded or sick persons, the punishment shall be rigorousimprisonment from ten years to twenty years. Article 597.- Trafficking in Women and Children. (1) Whoever by violence, threat, deceit, fraud, kidnapping or by the giving of money or other advantage to the person having control over a woman or a child, recruits, receives, hides,transports, exports or imports a woman or a minor for the purpose of forced labour, is punishablewith rigorous imprisonment from five years to twenty years, and fine not exceeding fiftythousand Birr.(2) Whoever knowingly carries off, or transports, whether by land, by sea or by air, the victim mentioned in sub-article (1), with the purpose stated therein, or conducts, or aids such traffic,is liable to the penalty prescribed under sub-article (1) above.    Article 598.- Unlawful Sending of Ethiopians for Work Abroad. (1) Whoever, without having obtained a license or by any other unlawful means, sends anEthiopian woman for work abroad, is punishable with rigorous imprisonment from five years toten years, and fine not exceeding twenty-five thousand Birr.(2) Where the Ethiopian woman sent abroad, owing to the act mentioned above, suffers an injuryto her human rights, or to her life, body or psychological make-up, the sender shall be punishablewith rigorous imprisonment from five years to twenty years, and fine not exceeding fiftythousand Birr.(3) The provisions of this Article shall apply where similar acts axe committed against Ethiopianmen. Article 599.- Participation of Illegal Associations and JuridicalPersons in Crimes Specified in this Chapter. (1) Where the injury to liberty, whether by intimidation, trickery, coercion, abduction, illegalrestraint, enslavement, traffic or exploitation in one of the above forms stated in this Chapter, isthe work of an association or band formed to engage in, or engaging in, the slave trade, no matter in what form, such band or association shall be punishable with a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand Birr and its dissolution shall be ordered. This penalty is without prejudice to the punishment applicable to the criminal or criminals on the count of their personal criminal guilt.(2) Where the juridical person has committed the crime it snail according to the kind and gravityof the crime, be liable to the punishment proscribed in Article 90 of this Code. Article 600.- Default of Supervision or Control. (1) An official at any level of the governmental hierarchy who fails to take the appropriatemeasure expected of him for the control or prevention of traffic in or exploitation of slaves or related activities, within his jurisdiction, is punishable with a fine which, according to the gravityof the case, may be increased up to the special maximum prescribed under Articles 596-599.(2) Where the crime is committed negligently, the fine shall notexceed ten thousand Birr.
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