eXtreme Programming is Dead

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My talk at the monthly meetup of Agile Vietnam, Feb 2017. We usually know about XP practices but forgot its values and principles, so applying XP practices isn't effective. This talk describe what exact XP is and why it's dead of becoming the standards.
  • 1. eXtreme Programming is Dead HIEN NGUYEN @AGILEVIETNAM 2017
  • 2. XP u What EXACT eXtreme Programming is? u Why eXtreme Programming is dead?
  • 3. XP u What EXACT XP is?
  • 4. XP u Kent Beck created in 1990s while he worked for C3 u First project: Mar 6, 1996 u Kent Beck published the book Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, 1999
  • 5. XP Planning Game Testing Collective Ownership40—hours week Refactoring Pair ProgrammingSmallReleases ContinuousIntegration Test-Driven Development Simple Design Metaphor
  • 6. XP u Extreme Programming (XP) nominates coding as the key activity throughout a software project. This can't possibly work! u XP is a lightweight methodology for small-to-medium-sized teams developing software in the face of vague or rapidly changing requirements.
  • 7. XP u Values u Principles u Practices
  • 8. XP Values •Communication •Simplicity •Feedback •Courage Principles •Rapid Feedback •Assume Simplicity •Incremental Change •Embracing Change •Quality Work Practices •Planning Game •Small Releases •Metaphor •Simple Design •Testing •Refactoring •Pair Programming •Collective Ownership •Continuous Integration •40-hours Week •On-site Customer •Coding Standards
  • 9. XP timeline
  • 10. But XP is Dead ?
  • 11. XP is Dead? Too much focus on practices
  • 12. XP is Dead? Practices become standards
  • 13. XP is Dead? Somethings went wrong
  • 14. That’s all Let get me
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