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Short texts written by 2nd ESO students. The aim was to write a short ficitional, narrative text, using past simple, past continuous and linking words.
  THE LIGHTNING STORM One day my friend Eduard and I decided to go walking to the beach. It was very cold and cloudy. We dicided to go back home when suddenly we saw ligtning. We ran towards a tree. One lightning struck Eduard . I fell down Later Eduard stood up and he was perfect. In the end we arrived home and we played with my new computer game. We learned our lesson. The next day it was raining all day but Eduard didn’t go under trees. The story was terrible.  by Marc  My visit to Montseny Last year I went on holiday with my parents and my aunt. One day we went to visit the Montseny river. The sun was shining brightly when we arrived, but the water of the river was very cold. My parents were looking at the water fish, because there is a lot of variation of fish here. Soon afterwards we went to lunch I decided to explore the river area and the lakes. I went into the house where we were sleeping to put on my swimsuit. Then we went to bathe in the river. By then everything went well. In the end we found a very large waltz!!!!!!! by Martina  MY VISIT TO PARIS WITH MY FRIENDS Last year I went to Paris with my friends Martina, Elena, Joel, Gerard and Fischer. We went BY a plane. The trip lasted 2 weeks. We stayed in a hotel. It was very fun. We left things at the hotel and we went to take a walk. My friend Elena met a Frenchman. He was tall, with green eyes, muscles, nice... I think that boy was perfect I find that the perfect boy had a perfect brother. We talked to the twins while the others went to have an ice cream.   The others sat on a bench to eat an ice cream in a park. Gerard met a girl who came to talk, the girl was very nice, the girl was with a friend who was talking to Fischer.   On that trip we made new friends, we started talking to each other, they were all very nice. They showed us Paris, we took lots of pictures When we all returned home we got very good memories. by Mar  MY VISIT TO MUSEUM IN USTR LI Last month I went on holiday to Australia with my parents. One day we went to visit a museum. They was thunder and lighting but inside it was hot and dark. My parents were very scared because the lights wentas off. Soon I got scared and decided to explore. I went downstairs very quickly then I saw my father in a dark room. By then my parent were with me. In the end another visitor open a big door and then look outside we were very happy by Alexander
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