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COMMAND OPERATIONS OFFICER File Name: Abernathy, Clayton M. Pay Grade: O-5 Call-Sign: Hawk Birthplace: Denver, Colorado, USA Unit assignment prior to GIJOE selection: SFOD-C (Command and Control), 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) (US Army) Post-Secondary Education: BS in Military Art and Science (United States Military Academy), MS in Military Arts and Sciences (US Army School of Advanced Military Studies), MS in Defense Analysis (Special Operations/Irregular Warfare)-Irregular
    COMMAND OPERATIONS OFFICER File Name: Abernathy, Clayton M.Pay Grade: O-5Call-Sign: HawkBirthplace: Denver, Colorado, USAUnit assignment prior to GIJOE selection: SFOD-C (Command and Control), 3 rd Battalion, 5 th Special Forces Group (Airborne) (US Army)Post-Secondary Education: BS in Military Art and Science (United States Military Academy), MS in Military Arts and Sciences (US Army School of Advanced Military Studies), MS inDefense Analysis (Special Operations/Irregular Warfare)-Irregular Warfare subspecialty (Naval Postgraduate School)   Relevant Training (Partial List): Air Defense Artillery Officer Basic Course; Short-Range, Hawk Missile, and Patriot Missile Air Defense Artillery Resident Training;Air and Missile Defense Captains Career Course, Basic Airborne School, Air Assault School, Ranger School, SF Unit Officer Qualification Course, SFQC IndividualSkills Phase, SFQC Collective Training Phase, SF Functional Language Training, Special Operations Forces Interagency Collaboration Course, Command andGeneral Staff Officer Course, Joint Special Operations Irregular Warfare Advanced Course, Combined/Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander'sCourse, Army Red Team Leader's Course, SERE Level-C Training, Individual Terrorism Awareness Course, ISAF SOF Operations Course, NATO SOF TechnicalExploitation Operations Course, CJFSOCC Staff Officer Course, CJFSOCC Planning CourseMiscellaneous Notes: Born into a prominent military family, father a highly decorated retired Army colonel, grandfather a former sergeant major with the AmericanExpeditionary Forces. Graduated 1991 from West Point at the top of his class. Went on several rotational deployments with ARCENT-SA's PATRIOT Task Force inSaudi Arabia before going Special Forces in 1995. Took part in numerous missions in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2008 as a member of the 5 th Special ForcesGroup. Served on part-time cadre at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, overseeing Red Team Leader exercises between2006 and 2008. A widower (wife succumbed to acute myeloid leukemia in 2007) with a son, Scott, born in 2001. Fluent in Arabic (Modern Standard and Iraqi),Persian (Dari, Farsi and Tajiki dialects), and Russian; conversant in French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Recently rated as being in the 99 th percentile among allactive-duty Department of Defense field grade officers in conventional, analytical, creative, and practical intelligence measures.   COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AGENT (INTELLIGENCE & SURVEILLANCE PLATOON CI TEAM) File Name: Arashikage, KimikoPay Grade: E-6Call-Sign: JinxBirthplace: Los Angeles, California, USAUnit assignment prior to GIJOE selection: A Company (Counterintelligence/HUMINT), 524 th Military Intelligence Battalion, 501 st Military Intelligence Brigade (US Army)Post-Secondary Education: BA in Economics (Bryn Mawr College), AA in Mandarin (DLIFLC)   Relevant Training (Partial List): Financial Management Technician AIT, Counterintelligence Special Agent Course, Basic Airborne School, Air Assault School,Defense Strategic Debriefing and Interrogation Course, Defense Against Sound Equipment Course, Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Course, Fast Ropeand Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction Master Course, Rappel Master Course, SERE Level-C Training, Individual Terrorism Awareness Course, NATO SOF IntelCourse, NATO SOF Technical Exploitation Operations CourseMiscellaneous Notes: At the age of 12, sent by parents to live with relatives in Tokyo in an effort to instill discipline and a sense of culture. While abroad,extensively studied her clan's traditional martial art,  Arashikage-ryu    bujutsu  . Returned to the United States after graduating at the top of her class from the SaitamaPrefectural Inagakuen Comprehensive Upper Secondary School. Joined the Army as a financial management technician after receiving her economics degreefrom Bryn Mawr in 2002. Re-classed as a counterintelligence agent in 2006, deployed to South Korea in support of USFK/CFC operations as a member of the524 th Military Intelligence Battalion. Fluent in French, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin (Standard dialect); conversant in Cantonese/Yue (Standard dialect).    U.A.V. PLATOON LEADER File Name: Armbruster, Bradley J.Pay Grade: O-4Call-Sign: AceBirthplace: Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USAUnit assignment prior to GIJOE selection: 3 rd Special Operations Squadron, 27 th Special Operations Wing, 27 th Special Operations Group (USAF)Post-Secondary Education: Aerobatic Proficiency Training Certificate (Tutima Academy of Aviation), BS in Electrical Engineering (University of Rhode Island), MS in Defense Analysis(Special Operations/ Irregular Warfare)-Combat Systems subspecialty (Naval Postgraduate School), Joint Special Operations Warfighter Certificate (JSOU)   Relevant Training (Partial List): Private Pilot Certification (Cindtronix Aviation), Commercial Pilot Certification (Cindtronix Avaiation), Officer Candidate School BasicOfficer Training, Air and Space Basic Course, Initial Flight Screening, USAF Specialized Undergraduate Training, Transitional and Operational Flight Training (F-15E Strike Eagle), USAF Weapons School (F-15E Strike Eagle), Air Liaison Officer Qualification Course, Flight Commander Course, Organizational LeadershipCourse, Expeditionary Leadership Course, Introduction to Special Operations Course, USAF Weapons School (MQ-1 Predator/MQ-9 Reaper), Squadron Officer School, Mission Commander's Course, Basic Airborne School, SERE Level-C Training, Individual Terrorism Awareness CourseMiscellaneous Notes: Started flying in high school, working three jobs in order to afford lessons. After high school, worked for a year as a bush pilot in Alaska toearn money for college. While enrolled in the University of Rhode Island, spent his free time training to be an aerobatic pilot, twice competing in the FAI GrandPrix. Joined the USAF after earning his degree in electrical engineering. As a member of the 391 st Fighter Squadron, flew F-15E Strike Eagles on combat air patrol, air interdiction, and close air support missions in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2005. Entered UAV pilot training and re-assigned to the 3 rd SpecialOperations Squadron in 2007, flying MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper UAVs on armed reconnaissance missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. An accomplishedamateur poker player, Armbruster has competed in numerous poker fund-raising events for various charities.   SCOUT-OBSERVER (H.AL.O./H.A.H.O. RECON TEAM) File Name: Arndt, Philip W. Pay Grade: E-6Call-Sign: Free FallBirthplace: Downers Grove, Illinois, USAUnit assignment prior to GIJOE selection: Regimental Reconnaissance Company, Special Troops Battalion, 75 th Ranger Regiment (Airborne) (US Army)Post-Secondary Education: BA in Philosophy (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale), MA in Comparative East-West Philosophy (University of Hawai‘i-Mānoa)   Military Training/Courses attended (partial list): Aviation Operations Specialist AIT, Joint Air Tasking Order Process Course, Joint Firepower Course, InfantrymanAIT, Basic Airborne School, Ranger School, Air Assault School, Ranger Assessment and Screening Program, SERE Level-C Training, Individual TerrorismAwareness Course, Basic Military Mountaineer Summer Course, Fast Rope and Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction Master Course, Rappel Master Course,Jumpmaster Course (Static-Line), Basic Instructor Course, Military Free Fall Parachutist Course, ISAF SOF Operations Course, NATO SOF Technical ExploitationOperations CourseMiscellaneous Notes: Started his military career as an aviation operations specialist with the 82 nd Combat Aviation Regiment, deploying to Bosnia with the 2 nd  Battalion in support of Operation Joint Guard (1997). After fulfilling his term of service, went back to school to earn his master's degree in comparative east-westphilosophy. Re-enlisted in 2004 and re-trained as an infantryman, eventually earning a slot with the 75 th Ranger Regiment. Deployed to Afghanistan, 2006. Highlyintelligent and strongly motivated individual. Fluent in Mandarin (Standard dialect), conversant in Cantonese/Yue (Standard dialect).    E.O.C.A./COMBAT DEMOLITIONIST (H.V.T. TRACKER TEAM TWO) File Name: Ayvazyan, Varujan Pay Grade: GS-09Call-Sign: TaurusBirthplace: Sultanbeyli, Istanbul Province, TurkeyEmployer prior to GIJOE selection: Terrorism and Violent Crimes Division, United States National Central Bureau of INTERPOLPost-Secondary Education: BA in Security Sciences ( Güvenlik Bilimleri Enstitüsü-Polis Akademisi Başkanlığı ), AAS in Chemical Technology (Essex County College)   Relevant Training (Partial List): Pre-Undergraduate Police Training Program ( Polis Akademisi Gölbaşı ), Basic Police Special Operations Course ( Özel Harekat Polis Okulu  ), INTERPOL International Police Training Program, Search and Security Foundation Course (ISSEE), Search and Security Advanced Searcher Course (ISSEE), High Risk Search Course (ISSEE), EOD Level 1 Course (ISSEE), EOD Level 2 Course (ISSEE), EOD Level 3 Course (ISSEE), IEDAwareness Course (ISSEE), IED Technician Course (ISSEE), Booby Traps Course (ISSEE), Program in American Language Studies (Rutgers University-Newark), English for Academic Purposes Course (Rutgers University-Newark)Miscellaneous Notes: Born and raised in Istanbul Province to Turkish-Armenian parents. Overcame cultural and racial barriers to become a ranking policeofficer with the Istanbul Police Department's Special Security office. Served with distinction in numerous police special operations against the PKK and other radical paramilitary organizations. Hired by INTERPOL as a dangerous devices technician in 2000, immigrated to the United States on a National InterestWaiver visa in 2001. Worked as a weapons intelligence analyst with INTERPOL's American bureau before being recruited to join a fledgling GIJOE in 2009.Fluent in Armenian (Eastern and Western dialects), Turkish, and Kurdish; conversant in Arabic (Iraqi) and Georgian. Acquired American citizenship in 2007.Avid practitioner and promoter of  kılıç kalkan (traditional Turkish fencing) and has performed public demonstrations of the martial art as part of the TurkishCultural Center in New York's “Performing Arts at the Terminal” show.   COMBAT OBSERVATION/LASING TEAM LEADER File Name: Barney, James J.Pay Grade: E-6Call-Sign: Grand SlamBirthplace: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USAUnit assignment prior to GIJOE selection: C Battery, 1 st Battalion, 319 th Field Artillery Regiment (Airborne) (US Army)Post-Secondary Education: BS in Physics (University of Wisconsin-Madison)   Relevant Training (Partial List): Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Maintenance Support Specialist AIT; Fire Support Specialist AIT,Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) Transition Course, Basic Airborne School, Ranger School, Joint Fires Observer Course, TacticalInformation Operations Course, SERE Level-C Training, Individual Terrorism Awareness Course, Basic Military Mountaineer Summer Course, Fast Ropeand Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction Master Course, Rappel Master CourseMiscellaneous Notes: Was a star quarterback for his high school football team, leading them to a state championship game appearance. Injuries preventeda similarly successful college football career, joined the Army almost immediately after graduation. Served as a TDME Maintenance Support Specialistassigned to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service before switching to a career in the artillery. Went on three deployments to Iraq between 2003and 2005 as a member of the 319 th Field Artillery Regiment (Airborne), where his natural aptitude for judging distances served him well in his role as a firesupport specialist. Soft-spoken and calm but firm, well-liked by peers and superiors alike. Owns an extensive collection of vintage comic books and sciencefiction paperbacks and magazines dating back to the 1930s.    SCOUT-OBSERVER/N.S.T.V. EXPERT OPERATOR (L.R.S. TEAM THREE) File Name: Blais, Robert M.Pay Grade: E-5Call-Sign: Cross-CountryBirthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina, USAUnit assignment prior to GIJOE selection: C Troop, 1 st Squadron (RSTA-Airborne), 91 st Cavalry Regiment (US Army)Post-Secondary Education: AAS in Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology (Guilford Technical Community College)   Relevant Training (Partial List): Cargo Specialist AIT, Rough Terrain Container Handling and Operation Course, Defense Packing of Hazardous Materials for Transportation Course, USTRANSCOM Global Transportation Network training, Cavalry Scout AIT, Basic Airborne School, Ranger School, Air Assault School, FastRope and Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction Master Course, Rappel Master Course, SERE Level-C Training, Individual Terrorism Awareness Course, BasicMilitary Mountaineer Summer Course, ISAF SOF Operations CourseMiscellaneous Notes: Both parents career construction and asphalt equipment operators. Declined stewardship of the family business and joined the Army at theage of 20. Served as a cargo specialist with the 7 th Transportation Battalion before re-classing as a cavalry scout. Deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 as part of theISAF's American contingent. Has excellent driving instincts and a natural mechanical aptitude honed through a lifetime in and around heavy machinery andvehicles.   COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AGENT (INTELLIGENCE & SURVEILLANCE PLATOON CI TEAM) File Name: Bowman, Thomas S.Pay Grade: E-7Call-Sign: MaceBirthplace: Denver, Colorado, United, USAUnit assignment prior to GIJOE selection: Expeditionary Support Branch, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (USMC)Post-Secondary Education: BA in Criminal Justice and Criminology (Metropolitan State College of Denver), AA in Arabic (DLIFLC)   Relevant Training (Partial List): Basic Recruit Training (Denver Police Academy), Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Qualification, MAGTFIntelligence Specialist Entry Course, Intelligence in Combating Terrorism Course, MAGTF Counterintelligence/HUMINT Course, Technical SurveillanceCountermeasures Fundamentals Course, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Course, Defense Strategic Debriefing and Interrogation Course,Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Course, NATO SOF Intel Course, NATO SOF Technical Exploitation Operations Course, NATO SOF Advanced IntelCourseMiscellaneous Notes: Worked for five years as a Denver police officer before joining the Marines. As an agent for the MCIA's Expeditionary Support Branch,has served on numerous missions abroad, most recently in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Fluent in Arabic (Modern Standard andIraqi) and Persian (Dari and Farsi dialects), conversant in Spanish.
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