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A few months ago, I was leafing through a copy of the Empire rulebook and listening to my Ipod when Ennio Morricone's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly came on and I realized that there isn't a historic U.S.A. based army in warhammer, but there easily could be. So, I decided to write it myself. Here is the first version of the book. The history isn't done, and I haven't put nearly enough magic items, but I have put all the rules for all the units, and I even included a few special characters. I've play-tested most of the army, and it works pretty well for what I wanted; a shooting army that is actually better against enemy close combat then it is against enemy shooting.
  History:   An Age of Hope:   The year was 2304, and the Empire was rejoicing. Magnus Vonn Bildhofen(later known as Magus the Pious) had defeated the Hoards of Chaos and united the Empire under his benevolent rule. It was a time of peace and optimism; when people looked to the future withhope, not fear. From the moment he had been crowned, Emperor Magnus knew that his victory against Chaos was nothing short of a miracle from Sigmar, and he had long pondered how he could  properly show reverence to Him, as well as how he could celebrate those who fought and died against the Ruinous Hoards. His advisors offered him many plans and proposals, but none of them seemed worthy in Magnus’ eyes. After two years in office without finding a satisfactory plan, Magnus began to despair, being unable to properly thank his people and his God. It was at this time that a Nobleman from Marienburg (which at the time was still part of the empire) suggested that Magnus should found a new province and enlarge the Empire. Thisidea was well received by Magnus, for what would be a more fitting tribute to the founder of the Empire then to expand His land? It seemed to Magnus that nothing less could pay fitting tribute,and so he began work on plans for expansion. The First Steps:    Finding a new land to settle was not as simple as it sounds. The Empire isringed with mountain on to the east, west and south, and to the north is an inhospitable areaknown only as The Wasteland. Magnus briefly considered re-conquering the lost province of Sylvania, but he was not prepared to start a war so soon after the Empire had only just defeated Chaos. With nowhere in the Old World to turn, Magnus set his sights upon the largely unknowncontinent known to humans as The New World. Gathering all the information he could find,Magnus buried himself in research, paging through the diaries of Tilian pirates and Nordicexplorers, trying to locate a safe place to settle.Of course, such a grand project could not be kept secret, and it was not long before newsof Magnus’ plans reached the ears of the High Elves. The elves believed that there was nowherein the New World that even they could live in, let alone simple humans. After a council meeting of the Phoenix King and Princes of Ulthuan was called, it was ruled that the elves would not wastetheir time involving themselves in an impossible human task. But Teclis, the High Loremaster of  Hoeth, had dealt more closely with humans then any of the Dragon Princes, and knew of their ability to survive and thrive in almost any land. Although he was not technically a member of thecouncil, none would dare to interrupt him as he spoke to them. He reasoned that if the High Elvesaided the humans and they were not able to settle in the New World, the elves would loosenothing more then some meager supplies. If, however, the humans did somehow establish a province in the New World -known to the elves as Naggaroth- then the High Elves would gain anearby ally in their war against the Dark Elves. So the Council agreed to aid the humans, and  poured over their maps to find an area safe enough for human settlers. The Black Forest:   The High Elves had much greater knowledge of Naggaroth then any humans,although it helped them little. Naggaroth is a desolate, windswept place, with inhospitablemountains and desolate plains. The few areas of fertile land were jealously guarded by the Dark  Elves, and the fertile southern continent was overrun with twisting jungles and the savage Lizardmen. The High Elf cartographers finally settled on an area known as the Black Forest.The Black Forest was probably the safest place the Empire could hope to land; enemieswishing to attack by land would first have to trek across the treacherous Granite Hills, and if anyone sought to attack by sea they would have to pass dangerously close to Ulthuan, the great home of the High Elves. The Black Forest would also be ideal to settle without alerting the Dark  Elves, as they saw no reason to ever go into the barren place. Still, the great black trees that gave  the land it’s name proved that at least something could grow there, and no better options wereavailable.   The Orchid:   The High Elves sent their suggestion to Magnus the Pious, as well as detailed mapsto reach the Black Forest and the promise of a small body of soldiers to guard the humans until they were properly settled. Magnus was overjoyed upon hearing this, and commissioned a ship tobe readied for sailing.The only ship that was big enough to fit Magnus’ requirements was the Orchid, a largebattleship Man-o'-War that had been badly damaged in the Chaos War. The Orchid was much tobattered to be used as a warship, but was large and sturdy enough to make the trip across theGreat Ocean with enough supplies to found a Province. The Orchid was quickly filled withtalented craftsmen and skilled farmers, laden with supplies and crewed by the finest menMarienburg had to offer. And so in the year 2310, six years after he ascended office, Magnus re-christened the Orchid as an exploring vessel, and it set sail for new lands in the New World. The First Settlements:  After many months of sailing, the Orchid finally reached the Black  Forest, thanks in no small part to the aid of the High Elves. As promised, the Elves left thehumans a contingent of thirty strong spearmen, to offer aid until the humans could defend themselves.The Elves did not expect the humans to last a single year before starvation and sickness forced them to return home, despite Teclis’ claims. It was a considerable shock, therefore, whenthe first reports from their spearmen reached Ulthuan. It seemed that after months of toiling and labor, the humans had clear-cut a large area of the forest and even coaxed some crops into growing. The first small settlement had been built, and the people had named the province Foothold, as it would become the Empire’s foothold in the New World.The settlers were also pleased to discover that beneath The Black Forest lay rich depositsof sulfur and iron, and would be almost completely self sufficient from rest of The Empire. For six years Empire ships flocked to Foothold, carrying miners, woodsmen, blacksmiths, and anyoneelse who could aid in building cities. It was not long before the first real city was built in Foothold, and New Altdorf became Footholds capital. The Dark Elves:   So much ship traffic quickly drew the eyes of the Dark Elves, and it was not long before they had learned of Foothold’s existence. Malekith, the Witch-King of the Dark Elves,recognized the threat that Foothold could become, and resolved to stop the human settlementsbefore they could gain any more strength. A frontal assault was out of the question; Foothold wastoo close to Ulthuan for such direct methods. [I HAVEN’T FINISHED THIS PART OF THE HISTORY YET]To summarize what I’m going to put here later, the Humans are attacked by Dark Elves posing asHigh Elves. The humans distrust the High Elves and cut ties. Although they are not actually atwar, the High Elves and the settlers are no longer in contact with each other. The Rise of the Wizards:  Few wizards had been allowed to travel west on the Orchid  ,   but all of those who did noticed a strong increase in the winds of magic. They did not know it, but the proximity to the Great Vortex of Ulthuan greatly increased their latent powers. Soon, the news of this great power spread, and wizards all over the empire flocked to Foothold, in search of greater magic.These wizards refined their powers and became much more powerful then their easternbrothers. But with this power came corruption, and many of the mages felt that they should rule Foothold, and that the ungifted should serve their every whim. This discontent brewed for years,completely hidden from the settlers.  It was in the year #### that this rebellion came to a head, as wizards all across Foothold declared themselves the ruling elite, and demanded that the appointed leaders of the people stepdown and serve them. Many people tried to resist the wizard’s rule, but their magic was far to powerful, and all Foothold was subjugated to tyranny. In these hopeless times, one of the greatest heroes of Foothold, or indeed of all humanity would rise, and the land would be changed forever. The Hero From Sigmar:    After the wizards had taken the capital of New Aldorf, there was a great struggle as all fought for dominance over the others. Eventually, after much bloodshed, onemage rose to the top and declared himself the Wizard-Emperor. His name was Richard Balst and his power was vast. None in New Aldorf dared to stand against him. Many outlying towns,however, still stayed loyal to Sigmar and the Empire, and Richard turned his sights to subjugating them all. In the small town of Haven, the people were mostly unaware of the coming of the magesand toiled in ignorance. As the news of the wizard rebellion came to Haven, the people grewworried and did not know what to do. After a long council of the most important men in thevillage, it was decided that Haven would not submit to the wills of an evil mage. The people of thetown armed themselves and prepared to make a stand. It was at this time that Parris Bethanic,the only daughter of the town’s Warrior Priest, grew violently ill, often falling into violent spasmsand fits of screaming. The people saw it as a curse from the wizards and all the more reason to fight them! Parris was left in the care of her mother, as her father was to busy preparing for war.One dark, cold night, Parris awoke from her slumber with a start. She hurried to her mother and told her that Sigmar had come unto her in a vision, and that she was the last hope of  Foothold. Her mother thought this was just a symptom of her sickness and sent her back to bed,but Parris would not listen, she escaped her mother and ran out into the woods, singing praisesto Sigmar as she went.The news of Parris’ disappearance worried her father greatly, for he knew what evilslurk in the Black Forest. Yet he also knew that his duty was to his people, and he could not abandon his town in such troubled times. So, with a heavy heart, he told his wife to forget Parris,and to keep hidden from the coming battle. For six days his wife stayed in the church of Sigmar, praying to have her daughter back. She would not move to eat, sleep, or cease in her prayers. Onthe Sixth day the Armies of Balst arrived and she was physically carried into a shelter, for shewould not move on her own.The Army of Balst was large, yet he had to leave soldiers in each town to maintain order. As such, the defenders of Haven were able to hold the enemy at bay. But Balst had time on his side, and he could send as many reserves as were needed to take that town. He began a siege on Haven, patiently waiting for the defender’s supplies to run out. Yet even as food became scarce,even as the people were reduced to looting the dead for weapons and clothing, their messageremained clear: They would never submit to the rule of a wizard. Haven became the last bastion of resistance against Richard Balst, who viewed itsexistence as a personal insult. He resolved to wipe out the town utterly, killing every person and burning their homes to the ground. He drew forth a large army and prepared for the great massacre.The news of Balsts approach was gravely received by the people of Haven. They had been fighting for months, and could not hope to stand against an army as large as the Mage- Emperors. Some suggested they surrender, others thought they should flee. After muchdiscussion, the people decided it would be wisest to flee the town, and hide until they were forgotten. They hoped to get a message to the High Elves, or even as far as the Empire,requesting aid. As they gathered what meager supplies they had, a figure emerged from thewoods and demanded they stop.The figure from the woods was Parris Bethanic, and yet was something more. Though shewas bloodied and bruised, she stood tall and proud with a sense of strength that belied her young   age. Her eyes burned with unbreakable conviction and she spoke with absolute certainty as shetold the people that She had been chosen by Sigmar, and that She alone could redeem the peopleof Foothold. She told of how she had wandered the woods for days, without food and without  shelter, at the command of Sigmar. She was led into a grove in the woods and commanded to dig. After hours of exhaustive digging with her bare hands, she unearthed an ancient sword of unknown craftsmanship. Upon finding the sword, she was led back to her home, to save her  people from the sin of magic.The people were in awe of this, but none doubted for a moment that Parris was blessed.She commanded the people to ready their defenses and to purge their souls of fear. When thearmy of Balst arrived, they found the people of Haven still standing defiant, ready for war. The Battle of Haven:    Balst’s army outnumbered the people of Haven six to one, yet no one from Haven flinched as they approached. The Mage-Emperor’s army was expecting an easy fight against sick and starved foes; instead they were faced with inspired warriors who fought like theywere possessed. The Mage army could not was halted at the gates of the city, and despite their  great numbers, they could not drive the defenders back.Seeing this, Richard Balst decided to end this matter personally; he would obliterate therebellious town himself. Drawing upon his magic he flew to the front of his army, casting great bolts of hellfire into the melee. Many were killed by this onslaught of magic, both defenders and attackers, but neither side would give an inch. In his fury, Balst began to conjure a great meteor that would shatter Haven utterly. To his surprise, the spell would not cast, the winds of magicwere fleeing. It was at that moment that Balst saw Parris, and he knew that she was somehowresponsible. He tried to flee the battle, but his path was blocked by his own men. With nowhere torun, he could only watch in horror as Parris charged him, ancient sword in hand. With one stroke, she removed his head, which burst into flame as it flew. Balsts army was broken by this sight, and fled in a panic. Haven had survived, and the time of the Witch Hunt had begun. The Witch Hunt:    Parris called the survivors of Haven to her and told them that she could not  stay with them. She was needed in New Aldorf, to cleanse the evil at its root. She asked if anywould join her, and not one man refused. As one, the veterans of Haven set out to New Aldorf. Along the way, they were beset by many lesser mages their minions, ad with each battle,the reputation of Parris Bethanic grew. It was rumored that she would not bleed if she were cut,and that she could kill the unfaithful with a mere touch. After a short time, people began toabandon the mages and seek shelter with Parris. She accepted any who were prepared to redeemthemselves, and she killed those who were not. In less then a year, Parris had converted all of theoutlying towns to her cause. Only New Aldorf remained under the sway of the mages.The battle to take New Aldorf was one of the bloodiest battles the city had ever seen. Inevery street people fought, dark magic against unshakeable faith. It is said that Parris waseverywhere the fighting was thickest, dispensing Sigmar’s wrath with every sweep of her sword.The mages could not hope to stand against such an onslaught of divinity, and they were killed tothe last man. The Aftermath: Foothold had been saved, and Sigmar had returned. The people rejoiced, and it  seemed that all would be well. Parris spoke to the people, preaching to them about evil and  penance. Under her rule, many churches were built, and more Priests were ordained. Parris knew that victory could only come from absolute faith, and that magic was theultimate evil. So she gathered from across the land the most pious and ruthless people she could  find, and created the Order of the Witch Hunters. These Witch Hunters were charged withensuring that the people remained faithful, as well as rooting out and destroying all traces of magic.
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