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The following prominent enviro–maniac– culprits and their environmental–terror– organizations are accountable for conspiring to change public policies that TERRORIZE and THREATEN the Green Space Industry. Their policies have led to the NEEDLESS, SENSELESS, and MALICIOUS prohibition of FEDERALLY LEGAL, SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE, and TOTALLY IRREPLACEABLE conventional pest control products. Furthermore, their policies have led to LOSS OF REVENUES, BUSINESS FAILURES, BANKRUPTCY, and UNEMPLOYMENT, inflic
       The following prominent enviro–maniac–culprits and their environmental–terror–organizations are accountable forconspiring to change public policies thatTERRORIZE and THREATEN the GreenSpace Industry. Their policies have led tothe NEEDLESS, SENSELESS, andMALICIOUS prohibition of FEDERALLY LEGAL, SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE, andTOTALLY IRREPLACEABLEconventional pest control products.Furthermore, their policies have led toLOSS OF REVENUES, BUSINESS FAILURES,BANKRUPTCY, and UNEMPLOYMENT,inflicting TERROR, DESPAIR, andDESTITUTION on THOUSANDS of hapless victims throughout theOntario GREEN SPACE INDUSTRY     FUCILE,   W ENDY ●   P RESIDENT . Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario ( R.N.A.O. ), an organization that conspired to prohibit  FEDERALLY LEGAL , SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE , and TOTALLY IRREPLACE-ABLE pest control products in the Province of Ontario . ●   B OARD M EMBER . Canadian Nurses Association . ●   I NTERIM D IRECTOR . Trent/Fleming School of Nursing . Wendy Fucile said ―   The Premier  [ of Ontario ] of Ontario is to be congratulated for heeding thecall of health and environmental organizations. Pesticides are poisonous.Pesticides are poisonous and governments have a duty to protect citizens,especially children. ―   April 22 nd , 2008   Fucile ’s organization said ―   Ontario's nurses are dismayed that the province's ban on pesticides, passed in the Legislature today, doesn't go far enough to protect public health. ―   June 18 th , 2008   Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario used the PUBLICAFFAIRS SHIELD organization Coalition for Pesticide ReformOntario , that was created to influence public policy regard-ing the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act . The follow-ing is an excerpt from a  2008 coalition statement that wassupported by  R.N.A.O.   ―   In a world of multiple chemical exposures, we must removeneedless risks from lawn and garden pesticides.    GLOR–BELL,   J ECA ●   P RESIDENT . Sierra Club of Canada .It will come as a shock to everyone that  Sierra Club ofCanada is an organization that conspired to prohibit  FED-ERALLY LEGAL , SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE , and TOTALLY IRREPLACEABLE  pest control products in the Province of Ontario . Sierra Club of Canada has published some cutesy prohibi-tionist slogans. Here are some examples ―   We love our family more than our lawn.Get your lawn off drugs.Everyone has right to be safe in his or her own house. Allowing the spread of poison for the sake of a lawn is a value judgement.We believe that most Canadian citizens would agree, it’s not worth it.  According to Glor–Bell ’s organization ―   Pound for pound of body weight, children consume considerably more pesti-cides than adults. Kids are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects be-cause their metabolic systems don’t process or excrete toxins the way adults’ systems do. Children typically play in grass and dirt, and put toysand hands in their mouths, activities that significantly increase their expo-sure to pesticides [ ? ] . Children from homes where pesticides are used have been found to have four times the risk of soft tissue sarcomas (cancer-ous growths) and between six and seven times the rate of childhood leukae-mia as other children [ ? ] .  
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