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I n total, 29 individuals have been charged with 133 counts. W T T e have sufficient evidence to proceed on all counts. he industry may wish to recover damages caused by the ban. he Ontario Ministry of the Environment KNEW the ban would affect the market place and the industry. Mo n d a y , J un e 2 1, 201 0 G o od Mo r n i ng , Many of you have been wondering about what stage the proceedings are at with the CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST THE MEMBERS OF THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT AND ACTIVIST
       n total, 29 individuals have been char- ged with 133 counts.e have sufficient evidence to pro-ceed on all counts.he industry may wish to recover da-mages caused by the ban.he Ontario Ministry of the Environ-ment KNEW the ban would affect themarket place and the industry. I    W  T  T     Monday, June 21, 2010Good Morning, Many of you have been wondering about what stage the proceedings are at withthe CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST THE MEMBERS OF THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT AND AC-TIVISTS . We have not been providing updates or outlines of our evidence due to con-cerns the information would be provided to the accused ahead of the FINALCOURT DATE of  June 28 th , 2010 . Threats from the activists or their lawyers have not been an issue as they have been given the option of  PLEADING TO A LESSER CHARGE or  PROVIDING EVIDENCE insupport of the charges in order of having the charges dropped against the indi- vidual. We have TURNED DOWN MEDIA requests for information until after  June 28 th , andare in the process of scheduling interviews. In total, 29 individuals have been charged with 133 counts.  A recent e–mail from the Public Prosecution Service of Canada stated ―   << The federal and provincial Attorneys General have a mandate tomaintain the integrity of the criminal justice system, including the prevention of prosecutions that are not supported by a proper evi-dentiary foundation. >>    We have sufficient evidenceto proceed on all counts  This statement was made because in an e–mail to Mr. Lowes stated ―   << The allegations you have made involve serious charges againstmany respected members of the community. >>  This has been pointed out by all three judges, a point that has not been lost on Mr. Lowes . The Prosecutors have asked we provide the balance of evidence to the Prose-cution’s Office   BEFORE   June 23 rd , ahead of the June 28 th hearing. We have clarified WE ARE NOT DROPPING ANY OF THE CHARGES ( we have beenasked if we would back down ) as we have SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to proceed on ALL counts. We have not filed charges in respect to the financials of the CHARITIES . It is our intent to EXPAND THE CHARGES at a later date on the evidence of  MISAPPROPRIATIONOF PUBLIC FUNDS . Anyone else from the industry that would like to provide statements should e– mail or fax them before June 23 rd 11 : 00 am , so they can be forwarded to the Crown . Please include your name, date of birth, residency, credentials, li-censes, company name, and detailed contact information. The statementsshould outline WHAT EFFECT THE BAN HAS HAD ON YOUR BUSINESS AND LIFESTYLE .Please include any issues you feel you need to point out. Please keep in mind Mr. Lowes will need to read the information into evidence on June 28 th .
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